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My Favorite "Free" Apps for the BlackBerry Playbook

Updated on December 5, 2015

Free is always good. Apps are also good. Combining them is Great.

Now-a-days trying to get things on the plane is not that easy. The bigger they are the harder and sometimes more expensive they can be. Just ask anyone who has tried to get a computer through customs.

Sometimes you are just taking it so that you can check your email or use the word processor. The term been there done that comes to mind. For me this was before I had the Playbook in hand. In my case the laptop stayed home due to the extra costs involved.

What would have been handy back then is possible today. The BlackBerry Playbook is smaller and light weight. I could have had it in my carry-on bag with no issues. With it I could have connected using Wi-Fi to get my email's and used the on board word processor to type happily away creating documents.

More important there are additional free programs that I would have access to. Some are free and some are paid for but both just as useful. On this page you will be seeing some of my more favorite free applications. Please enjoy and if you can download them and enjoy as I have.

As a closing note a lot of the BlackBerry PlayBook apps are also available for the BlackBerry SmartPhones.

What would you do?

If you had the oppertunity to get a BlackBerry Playbook, would you?

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Bible App

Item Information Version: 3.9.2 Release: March 13, 2014 File Size: 7 MB

There are several useful tools that come along with this app.

1) 100's of different versions of the Bible.

2) Many reading plans.

3) A tool to copy scripture for easy reference.

With this application I would read scriptures on a daily basis. The main one that I had saved was Psalm 1:1-3

Another nice feature with this application was that it could read the scriptures for you. When I first got the application only a few books of the Bible had this feature. But as the updates were applied all books had the ability to be read to you.

Even with multiple version of the Bible available I tend to use the King James Version.

Check out Amazon for PlayBooks.

If you started reading and saw the Bible App are you wondering - what is a PlayBook. Well the answer is right here. You can check out the three different models right on Amazon. They are similar in price so picking up the 64 GB might not be a big stretch on the budget. The fun part is to check out the original price and how much you will be saving. Also remember that the apps that I am sharing with you are free and add that into your savings plan.


Item Information Version: 2.2 Release: October 23, 2011 File Size: >1 MB

I use this app for watching music videos.

With the search option I type in the name of the artist or group. This will bring up all the videos that are available through Vevo. In fact when using Google for videos I will sometimes find Vevo as the one that posted the song. So you can use Vevo both on the Playbook and on your computer.

One of my more favorite music videos is listed below. So please enjoy.

The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth - Bing Crosby & David Bowie

FirePlace Fire App

Item Information Version: 1.4 Release: August 03, 2011 File Size: 28516 KB

For the hot house plants out there - like me - this is a great visual app. You get to look over and see the fire going.

There is another advantage to this app. If you are thinking that there is an issue with you sound then load this app. There are authentic fire sounds included with this app. That might also explain why the file size is so large.

So this app will help in more than one way. You get the look of the fire and the sounds. You also get a way to test the sounds and volume on your Playbook.

Here we go folks - The PlayBook Fireplace App.

As you can see there is the visual and the sound of a nice fire in your fireplace. Now this may not be a big app. But it will loop and keep going and going. This comes in handy when you are working at your desk and just need to look up or listen to hear the fire going. There is another app that is bigger and longer but that is a paid for application.

Bouncing Balls App

Item Information Version: 1.0.1 Release: March 26, 2011 File Size: 176 KB

The goal of this game is to keep yourself from being squashed. OK a little more details maybe needed. Basically you have different colored balls coming down on the screen. You have the ability to take them out by hitting them with the same colored balls.The only side note to this is that they have to have a minimum of three balls attached together. Similar to space invaders with the added note that there is a very large weight coming down above the attached balls. At this time I have not made it past level five.

Crystal Balls Free App

Item Information Version: 2 Release: September 9,, 2013 File Size: 2 MB

Similar to the previous app the colors have to go into groups of three or more. The more similar colors the more points. In this case the ball you are using is going down not up and the balls you are aiming for are going up not down. Unlike the prior app you do not have to clear all the rising balls to go to the next level. Once you get to a certain amount of points you go to the next level. Each level however goes faster then the prior level so be aware that this will be coming your way if you choice to try this free app.


An App a day helps keep the doctor away

Pixelated App

Item Information Version: 3.5.0 Release: November 21, 2013 File Size: 102 KB

As you can tell by the picture this app is very colorful. The goal however is to get the box back to just one color in as few moves as possible.

What you will need to do is connect as many colors together as possible. This helps to bake the colored space bigger and fill up as much of the box as possible. Warning there are a limited amount of moves per game so you will need to do a little bit of thinking as you go along. To be honest I don't always make the cut.


Hangman App

Item Information Version: 4.7 Release: June 27, 2014 File Size: 3 MB

As the name says this app is hangman.


There are different subjects to choose from.

There are hints to help you you solve the puzzles.

When you choose a letter it will put a red x over is so you will know that the letter has been chosen.

If you like hangman than this may be a good one to check out. First it is free. Second when you miss a letter you get to see the character fill in.

Protect The Cheese App

Item Information Version: 1.0.1 Release: April 08, 2011 File Size: 733 KB

First this app is only the trial version. There are more levels if it is paid for.

Second when playing the goal is to get the "cheese" safely to the ground or onto a section that has been set up for the "cheese " to land on.

Most of the time to accomplish this task you will be removing other parts to get the cheese to roll or drop down.

From personal experience there are a couple for me that I have to do more than once just because timing is everything.

Idiot Test App

Version: 1.1,0.3 Release: December 12, 2011 File Size: 129 KB

The goal of this app is to collect keys.

First let me tell you the title is not what it seams to be.

Second this app is designed to make you think. In fact the first screen has two different directions you can go in. You will just have to figure out how. As you work through the different challenges you are seeking keys. Literally they look like keys. You must figure out how to get your hands on them based on what is on the screen.

New York Times Crosswords App

Item Information Version: 1.3.2 Release: July 20, 2012 File Size: 1845 KB

If you like to do crosswords than this is for you. Sorry I don't have a lot of details on this one. I actually have a friend who like this app and that is why it was installed.

Mahjong App

Item Information Version: Release: August 31, 2011 File Size: 1 MB

This is a matching game that my aunt and uncle turned me onto years ago. Yes it was with the actual tiles not on a computer. This is one that you can work on for a while and set aside then come back to. I know that's what I had done more than once. But needless to say this was one app that I enjoyed using over and over.

Just looking over these apps, the question is...

Which app do you like best

See results

I hope you can enjoy these apps. - Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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