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Neumann km184 review

Updated on June 11, 2012

Neumann km184 Ni Microphone

neumann km184 NI microphone is a big name when it comes to superior quality. Having a much smaller diaphragm facilitated neumann km184 to be the best miniature microphone available with a cardioid condenser. This neuman mic offers premium quality both in open stage, home studio and thus is best suited for any of these purposes.

Neumann km184 attributes

The neumann km184 has a nickel-finished touch in its body, the anti-reflection property of which adds much higher aesthetic value. With a 22mm diameter, 107 mm length and about 80 g of weight, neumann km184 has rightfully won the hearts of million music lovers.

Neumann km184: Acoustic features

The neumann km184 is a descendant of the very popular neuman mic KM 84 that has been used all over the world since the early 70’s. The neumann km184 might have the same capsule that the neuman mic KM 84 had, but it is changed slightly in the rear opening that brought a drastic change in the performance of the neuman mic. This technology was first introduced with the neuman mic KM 140 and had been succeeding ever since.

In addition, it includes a pressure gradient transducer that is responsible for the wide range of smooth frequency, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Therefore, it allows recording in a variety of situations, may it be indoors or outdoors. It improves the sound incidence for the 0° axis as well as the lateral or off-axis turning the quality is significantly better in comparison to the earlier neuman mic KM 84.

neumann km184: Electric features

The transformer-less circuit and balanced output has made the neumann km184 able to produce high-end results with almost zero noise floors with no coloration to output signal whatsoever. The dynamic range of neumann km184 has increased by 24dB than its ancestor neuman mic, the KM 84, primarily by degrading the self-noise level to 22dB only. The increased sound pressure handling capability up to 138dB aided the process.

The neumann km184 is the first-ever to use 48V Phantom power and has smooth operation advantages even at times when the equipment loses its balance as in DAT recorders.

neumann km184: Economical features

People who are searching for a better quality miniature microphone can opt for the neumann km184 blind folded. It is the perfect choice as its mechanical construction has been much more simplified than the complex neuman mic KM 100 system that is still a part of neuman mic product range. As it performs well enough in both indoor recording and outdoor stages, it can be the best companion for music enthusiasts.


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