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Operating Systems VS. Software Applications

Updated on April 11, 2013

The operating system is an interface between computer hardware & the user. It allows user to interact with computer system in user friendly manner. The application programs allow users to perform various tasks in efficient manner using the computing power of computer. The operating system provides the development tool to allow for integration of application programs with the operating system.

The operating system can have the integrated applications along with their development.

For example, Microsoft Windows has some basic application programs such as Notepad, Paint, Word pad etc. built into the system. Similarly, the operating system in old mobile phones or low cost phones has applications built into the system. All these provide limited functionalities. Any integrated application has following issues:

i.Any changes required in the application program require changes in total operating system.

ii.The change in operating system can only be done by the developer unless it is an open source system such as Linux.

iii.The above gives less flexibility in development of new applications.

iv.This can lead to monopolistic situation for original developer, who can charge unreasonable prices.

v.The OS developer may not take up further development if he gets good business without doing anything.

The separation of the application from operating system gives following advantages:

i.It allows for flexibility of developing application without changing the total operating system.

ii.It allows for development of application by third parties leading to more creative user friendly application being developed.

iii.The third party development of application programs allows vast type of programs being developed catering to various segment and type of users.

iv.The original developer will be required to compete with third party developers thereby keeping the cost low as well as development in line with market.

v.The competition between the application developers will lead to development of better as well as cheaper alternatives for end users.



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