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Passive Laptop Cooling Pad

Updated on September 5, 2011

A passive laptop cooling pad can provide a little extra laptop cooling power without using your laptop's power.

Why Choose a Passive Laptop Cooling Pad

When you have any modern laptop you will quickly begin to notice a worrying amount of heat build up inside of it. This is not unusual and is simply down to the fact that modern laptops do not have the laptop cooling capacity to cool their increasingly hot components.

For this reason laptop coolers are becoming increasingly common, what most people don't know is that you can also get passive laptop cooling pads which will not drain your laptop's battery life, will not create any fan noise, and is much more portable!

Passive Laptop Cooling Pad
Passive Laptop Cooling Pad

The Benefits of Using a Laptop Cooling Pad

There are some great benefits of using a passive laptop cooling pad when compared to a fan based laptop cooler.

  • Completely Silent
  • No Power Requirement
  • Does Not Hog Your USB Slots
  • Very Portable
  • Very Durable

Unfortunately there are also a few drawbacks.

  • Limited Cooling Capacity
  • Loss of Cooling Performance as Time Progresses.

If you have a laptop with serious overheating issues you may find a fan based laptop cooler much more suitable.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads

If you are new to the laptop cooling pad game, let me show you some of the best laptop cooling pads to give you unrivalled passive notebook cooler performance!

XPad Slim

The XPad Slim is a great passive laptop cooling pad that helps prevent overheating in your laptop by improving airflow with it's fantastic design.

While the XPad Slim does not do much to draw heat in to itself and away from the laptop, it is well designed to blow hot air away and bring cool air in. This simple technique means that your laptop does not recirculate hot air.

The Xpad slim can easily be stowed in your laptop bag, along with your laptop, and it's heat shield technology means that you can use your laptop on your lap, without suffering from third degree burns!

ThermaPAK Laptop Cooling Pad

The ThermaPAK laptop cooling pad works in a different way to the XPad Slim. Wheras the XPad just improves airflow, the ThermaPAK actually absorbs heat in to the crystals inside it, so it does actually provide a passive cooling benefit, drawing heat away from your laptop.

This pasive laptop cooling technology means that the ThermaPAK is slightly more effective at cooling than the XPad Slim.

Where the ThermaPAK falls down is that it can only cool for a limited amount of time. Once the crystals are 'full' they will not absorb any more heat away from your laptop. You can get around this by rotating between two or three ThermaPAKs, but it certainly lacks the long lasting convenience of the XPad slim

Belkin F5L033 Laptop Cooling Strip

The Belkin F5L033 is a highly compact laptop cooling pad, that is actually more like a laptop cooling strip. This simple laptop cooler provides improved airflow to the underside of your laptop.

Don't expect miracles from the Belkin F5L033, it will not provide much of a cooling benefit, however if your laptop does not overheat much it might be a great way to ensure your laptop fans have sufficient airflow.

Logitech Portable Lapdesk

The Logitech Portable Lapdesk is perfect for those who just want to use their laptop on their bed, on their lap, or around the home. While the logitech Portable Lapdesk does not really provide anything other than an obstruciton free surface, it's extendable mouse table is perfect for those of us who like to use our mice, and like to rest our laptops on our laps.

The Logitech Portable Lapdesk looks smart and professional, making it good for business too. While it's sturdy frame provides a strong resting point for laptops up to 15 inches in size.


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    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      I honestly did not know that laptop cooling pads existed, but they sound like a great product. Thanks for the resources!