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PDF to eBook

Updated on November 19, 2015

PDF to EBook

Books to epub on the Amazon Kindle
Books to epub on the Amazon Kindle | Source

PDF to eBook

If you are an author, publisher, freelance writer, or any other type of writer, you have probably heard a lot about eBooks and PDF to ePub. We want to give you more knowledge about the eBook market. Today, it is not just enough to take your PDF to ePub - you need to take your PDF to eBook. Though it sounds like basically the same thing, ePub is only an eBook format. There are other formats. ePub is only a fraction of the eBook market. You need your book, brochure, poetry, or any other type of writing not just as an ePub, but on all eBook formats. Read on to learn more about why you should convert, PDF to eBook style.

What is the difference between ePub and eBook?

We've already covered that there is a basic difference, but we want to explain it a little more. First of all, like you have read, ePub is currently the most common type of eBook format. That does not mean it's the only type. There are many other widely used eBook formats such as HTML, PDF, Mobipocket, and more. For example, any Amazon reader (the Kindle) so far is not ePub compatible. It is geared towards mobipocket. There are tons of eReaders out there, and even though most accept ePub, for some it is still not the most user friendly. When you are going through the eBook conversion process you need to keep in mind that PDF to ePub will get you far but PDF to eBook will take you farther.

Do you see the diffrence?

Do you see the difference?

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Book to eBook on iPad

This is a picture of a book recently converted to epub format and now viewable on the iPad
This is a picture of a book recently converted to epub format and now viewable on the iPad | Source

Why convert a book?

If you already have a book that you need to convert to eBook, or even if you are just wanting to create a eBook, here are some reasons why you should take that step of PDF to eBook.

Portable-This benefit makes it so your eBook can go and be sold anywhere

New Trend- They are new and are becoming a trend so eBooks are in high demand

Inexpensive- Now you don't have to go through all the costs of printing and publishing, therefore increasing your profit margin

Green- No more paper. You're helping the environment...yet another trend

Easy to Market - Online marketing and distribution is more successful, easier, and less expensive

Digitizing your Book for Digital Devices

Your book can be on when of these Digital devices below when you take your book to ebook. It is really important to know that Apple and Amazon use two very different formats and you will need your book to be digitized in both the ePub for the Apple iPad, and .Mobi for the Amazon Kindle. Between these two stores alone the consist of 80% of where readers buy their eBooks.

When should I go Book to eBook

You need to get in this market today. The eBook market is new and growing quickly. When you convert PDF to eBook today, you are not only entering the market while there is less competition, but will be able to master it while new writers enter it farther down the road. You will know all the ins and outs of eBook conversion, distribution, and promotion as most writers are just entering. You have more to gain and nothing to lose when you enter now.

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Got an eBook now what?

You have taken your PDF to eBook, meaning it is available on all eReaders. You will soon find that even though you have entered the market and had success but want more. The only way to do that is to take advantage of other eBook services. Now you need to distribute and promote your eBook. Since your eBook is not just in ePub, it will be easier to distribute and promote. You can do a lot of this yourself but we recommend getting help from experts in eBook distribution and promotion. Making mistakes in these areas can cost you a lot of readers, time and money. I would recommend

Where to Sell an eBook

The PDF to eBook Log

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    • profile image

      julieannbrady 5 years ago

      I am to this point now where I am contemplating selling eBooks. In the past, I've prepared thousands and thousands of PDFs, so I am good with that format. Just deciding if eBook is the right route for me.