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What's so Good About the Pinterest Customer Service?

Updated on August 1, 2019

Also known as, "Reasons Why Pinterest Customer Or Member Support And Service Is Awesome".

Have you ever tried contacting the customer or member support of Pinterest (a visual bookmarking and social networking site)? How did it go? What happened?

If you have any questions about this platform, should you bother messaging them? Will they actually answer you or will they just ignore you?

Pinterest logo
Pinterest logo | Source

Find out exactly what happens when you try to contact Pinterest and get a step-by-step tutorial guide on how you can message them in case you're having problems with your account.

Let me share with you exactly what happened when I tried to contact Pinterest. You can also see a list of the questions I asked and how the site answered them and if their response was satisfactory or not.

How to Contact Pinterest Support?

If you need some help with Pinterest or if you're experiencing some issues with the site, the first place to go to for answers is their Help Center, located at

They actually provide a very detailed help section including tutorial guides on how to use the platform (for example: how to pin and repin, etc) and even troubleshooting tips in case you're having some problems (for example: you're unable to load the website).


  • If you need a tutorial on how to use Pinterest, you should look at the ones listed on the site's Help Center rather than look elsewhere
  • Why? It's because the guides there are the latest ones and they all talk about the latest version of Pinterest
  • The other guides on other websites might be outdated and obsolete already
  • For example: I wanted to know exactly how to repin pins. Many of the tutorials that I found talked about a "repin" button and even included screenshots of this button.
  • But this button no longer exists on Pinterest. Now, in the year 2018, if you want to repin something, you need to use the "pin it" button (you can find the proper and correct instructions for this on the Pinterest Help Center)

What if you still need help?

What if you read through the entire Help Center already and you still need help? What if none of the posts there answered any of the questions that you have?

If this is the case, the next step is to try to contact Pinterest. At the end of every article on the Help Center, you can see the words "still need help? Get in touch with us" with the second sentence containing a link to the contact us form of the site.

For reference, here's the URL link: Go here if you need more help.

Do you need some help with Pinterest?

See results

Log in to Pinterest to get all the help you need

Pinterest will prompt you to log in to your account so they "can help you better". But you can choose to "continue without logging in".

If you select the second option (for reference: the URL link to that is this:, you will be redirected to this page with this URL link:

"What do you need help with?"

You will be asked the above question and you will have to choose from the drop-down list that they provide.

For example, you can select "I can't log in", "I need help with my pins, boards or home feed", etc. If your problem isn't listed there, just choose the one that is most relevant to your issue.

Feel free to ask Pinterest for help

Need some help? Feel free to ask. Pinterest actually cares about its members and will respond to your questions. They're very helpful, to say the least
Need some help? Feel free to ask. Pinterest actually cares about its members and will respond to your questions. They're very helpful, to say the least

After making your selection, a new drop-down list will show up prompting you to tell Pinterest a little bit more about your concerns.

Again, just choose the one that is most relevant to your question. After choosing, you will see the answer to your selection along with some links that might be of help to you.

What if I still need more help?

But what if that didn't solve any of your problems? If you still need more help, just click on the "I still need help" button.

Pinterest Contact Us Form

The contact us form of Pinterest will finally show up. Here are the fields that you'll need to fill out:

  • title of your message or question
  • description of your problem or issue - this is where you will explain everything that might be wrong with your account and where you can ask questions about your pins and boards, etc
  • you can also attach a screenshot if you want to but this isn't required

  • there is a drop-down list that prompts you to "choose a device". This refers to the technological gadget that you're currently using to access Pinterest. Choices include Computer, Kindle, iPhone, etc
  • you will also see a "choose a browser" drop-down list. This one refers to the internet browser that you're currently using to log on to Pinterest. Choices include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc

  • you will need to include your first and last name though this can be your Pinterest username or the name that you listed on your account
  • you also need to type your email address so you can get a reply to your questions
  • you will need to include the URL link to your Pinterest account, which includes your username. The format is this:
  • if your account is a business one, just check the provided checkbox


  • Unfortunately, you can't contact Pinterest if you don't have a Pinterest account
  • Why? While you don't have to log in to use their contact us form, one of the things they will ask you when you're answering said form is the link to your Pinterest account including your username
  • This is a required field and you won't be able to submit your query if you leave that field blank

Submit your message or question to Pinterest

After filling out all the required information, just click on the "submit" button. You should receive an email from Pinterest.

This message will list some common questions and answers about the visual bookmarking platform.

You'll then be asked if their automated email solved your issues or if you actually want a real person to respond to you.

When I got that email, I chose the latter option. So, if your problem hasn't been solved yet, choose the second option. After that, all you can do now is wait.


  • Don't forget to respond to the automated email that you'll get from Pinterest
  • If you want a real person to help you out, be sure to say so

Wait for Pinterest to reply to your message

How long should you wait? This might depend on a number of factors (for example: if there are others who also contacted Pinterest and want a real person to help them, then it might be a while before you will get a reply to your own query).

Personally, I don't really mind the wait. I can wait as long as I actually get a response to my query and as long as the reply actually addresses my questions.

So, yes, I did have to wait for a reply to my message. But, when I got the email that has the answers to all of my questions, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

While waiting for a reply, you can do lots of other things like read books, watch movies or listen to music. Don't think too much about it and just be patient. You'll likely be surprised when you get an email from Pinterest
While waiting for a reply, you can do lots of other things like read books, watch movies or listen to music. Don't think too much about it and just be patient. You'll likely be surprised when you get an email from Pinterest | Source

How is Pinterest customer or member support?

If I can only use one word to describe Pinterest customer or member support, I will saw "awesome!" because that's the truth.

I really appreciate and value good customer service so I'm happy and pleased that Pinterest offers such exceptional services.

It's such a contrast to some of my less-than-stellar (read: really, really lousy and not at all awesome) experience with the support of other sites, businesses and companies.

Questions about Pinterest

Here's the gist of what I asked Pinterest in my contact us message. I won't list the entire thing because, like I said, it's really quite long:

  • I asked about repinning
  • I asked if they could check my account and confirm if I repinned the pins there correctly (yup, I'm new to this site)

  • I asked how I can know if I repinned properly or what is the indication that I successfully repinned something
  • I asked them to clarify how the number of repins is calculated - this is because, when I repinned something that had a lot of repins already, I don't see a repin number on my own pin
  • I also asked about the small box that appears at the end of a pin on Pinterest - sometimes, this box shows a person's Pinterest username and the board where they pinned the pin but, at other times, this box shows other information, which can be confusing

I also asked about the meaning of these terms and phrases:

  • "Pinned by pinner"
  • "Pinned from [site name here]"
  • "Uploaded by"
  • "Added by [Username here] via [someone else's Pinterest username]"

Is the wait worth it?

  • Yes, in my opinion, it was worth waiting for Pinterest to respond to my questions
  • Why? It's because, when I wrote my message to them, it was NOT short. I really asked all the questions I wanted to ask about Pinterest, mentioned all the things I needed to know about, and explained the situation in detail
  • When I got the reply from support, guess what, it was long and it actually answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns and issues. And this showed that they really took the time to read through my message and then made the effort to answer and help

Reply from Pinterest help support

Yes, you will get a reply from a real person if you contact Pinterest and they actually take the time and effort to give you real and satisfactory answers to your questions. The answers that I got to my questions were long, detailed and very helpful.

Let me list some of the info that I got but I won't list it word-for-word because, just like how my message was super long, the reply I got was super long too (but it was definitely appreciated).

The email message I got from Pinterest in answer to all of my questions was very thorough. They really responded to everything I asked about and didn't just send me an automated message or some short note that explained nothing
The email message I got from Pinterest in answer to all of my questions was very thorough. They really responded to everything I asked about and didn't just send me an automated message or some short note that explained nothing

First, I'd like to quote the opening response I got to highlight how helpful and nice Pinterest support is:

"Hi Freya,

Thanks for writing in- and sorry you've been having trouble! I'll do my best to help answer your questions... I examined your account, and it looks like you created those repins correctly!"

They even took the time to check my account. Anyway, here are the rest of the info and answers that I got:

  • you will see "Pinned from [site name here]" if you repin something "that's already linked to a website" - the reason for this is to make sure that the pins are all correctly attributed to their original source
  • If you see "added by [your Pinterest username] via [Pinterest username of the person you repinned the pic from]”, then this is an indication or signal that you successfully repinned a pin
  • about the repin count - every time you repin something, you will see a new version of that pin so all the stats (like the repin count) of the original pin will not show up in your pin. This is to make sure that Pinterest can count the stats accurately and properly

Meaning of the Pinterest terms and phrases

Here's the meaning of the rest of the Pinterest terms and phrases I asked about:

  • "'Pinned by pinner' - this is a Pin (or repin) that was uploaded, not Pinned from a website. You'll see this before clicking into a Pin.
  • 'Uploaded by' - this is a Pin (or repin) that was uploaded, not Pinned from a website. You'll see this after clicking into a Pin."

Answers to more Pinterest questions

How to find the original pinner of a pin?

"The best way to find the original Pinner from the options above is to click into the Pin, and look at the account in the 'Via' section."

What's with the small box I asked about?

This is apparently a Rich Pin. The Pinterest support provided some info about what these are, what they're for and even provided some helpful links.

Here are some of those helpful URL links:


The message ended with "Hopefully this helps!" along with the name of the Pinterest Partner Support who helped and answered my questions.

Pinterest Feedback

Aside from getting the email that answers all of your questions, you will also get an automated email that asks you to provide some feedback regarding your experience with the Pinterest customer support.

You will see two links - one that says you're satisfied and one that says you're not satisfied.

Normally, I wouldn't really bother with this sort of thing or I'd just put it off to some other time, but, since I was really pleased with the response I got, I went to the first link (the one that says you're satisfied with the service).

The link will take you to a page where you can also provide a written feedback of your experience. This is optional but I filled it out anyway (you know why :-)).

Questions? Share your experiences

Feel free to share your experiences about Pinterest's member support or customer service in general. And, if you have any questions about this, feel free to ask :-)

(Quick note: I'm not getting paid to write this favorable review of Pinterest's customer support. I wrote this because I'm really happy and pleased with the support I got from Pinterest and how they helped me. Wouldn't you want to share such experiences too? :-))

How would you rate the customer service of Pinterest?

3 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Pinterest Support

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© 2015 Freya Yuki


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