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How to quickly generate dummy images for your code?? an introduction to

Updated on February 27, 2013

Why placeholder images?

Mostly in Designing and Testing,you require a lot of images of different sizes and formats.You would probably search for such an image,download it,save it and use it wherever required.But what if you constantly require dummy images ,and that too of different sizes and formats.It is not at all wise to search for such images every time,moreover you waste a lot of time over it.

Dummy images to be used temporarily are technically termed as placeholder images.To quickly generate placeholder images,you can use a service called,where you type the url and get your required image.Please read through to know how to use it and make your work easier.

To generate an image of a fixed size

Try out these urls for generating an image of a size that you require.

For an image of size 200*200,use

For an image of size 100*150,use

You can also us it in your code:

<img src="">

To generate coloured images

The format is:

The hexcode of colours are used to represent them.The first color represents the background colour and the second one represents the text colour.In the url,as you can see,the colour is always given after the dimension.In this way,you can generate images of any dimension and any colour.

Some of the hexcodes of colours are given below:








For more colours,refer the following url:

To generate images with text

The following url generates an image of size 200x200 with text "hello" in it.

To insert spaces,use the '+' wherever you need space.For example,

Paste it in your browser and see the result.You can also change the dimension as you wish.

To generate image of any format

You can generate images of different formats like gif,png,jpeg and jpg.Any of the following formats can be used.The image extension can be placed at the end of any option in the url.You can specify the required size and colour of your image in the following way.


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