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Portable Capsule Speaker-A Tiny Ipod Accessory With Amazing Sound

Updated on June 3, 2014

I was on vacation and forgot to bring my iPod speakers along with me. Since we would be spending a lot of time outdoors background music was going to be an important part of relaxation. I couldn't believe I didn't have my speakers. While shopping I picked up a tiny capsule speaker and to my amazement when I opened the top and plug them into my music was projected in a clear crisp sound perfect for outdoor entertaining.

This year I already purchase several of the x-mini speakers for stocking stuffers for the kids. They make a great little gift. They fit in a pocket and have self-storage to keep all of the cords together. The plug in for easy charging of the battery and can be charged in a very short time. The charge lasts for several hours of use and they are the most amazing little speaker I have ever seen.

I store my iPod in a little camera case and the speakers easily fit into the compact space. I carry them in my purse or backpack and I always have access to music wherever I go. My cousin was so impressed by the sound and the portability she order a set for herself after listening to mine. The plug in easily to an iPod, MP3 or 4, computer, and any electronics with an earphone port.

I also use them when I watch movies on my computer. They make the sound of my laptop project for everyone to hear throughout the room. I love the sound and the portability of the little speaker and don't know how I did without them. They have made travel and outdoor entertaining easy.

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You'll Be Amazed At The Sound

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    • Kruger-2-Kalahari profile image

      Mario Fazekas 4 years ago from johannesburg South Africa

      It will make a super gift! I use them when I travel - I'm a trainer and when flying I cannot lug my large speakers with. One speaker is fine but I take two with for better stereo sound and they work great for up to 30 people in a room!