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Portable iPad Speakers - Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speakers For Ipad 3 and Earlier

Updated on July 3, 2013

Portable speakers for tablet computers add an extra little bit of oomph to your gaming, or let your pump up the volume on your favorite tunes or enjoy movies and video content with friends. The very nature of tablet computers makes them the ideal on the go entertainment system but without good audio you lose a lot of the enjoyment factor from many of those entertainment features. The internal speakers are adequate for most activities but a good pair of portable iPad speakers is essential if you are going to get the most out of your device especially when it comes to sharing music from things like Pandora streaming radio or your iTunes library with your friends and family.

There are really two or three main styles of portable mini speakers for iPad to choose between and the differences between them really only break down to form and functionality. Wireless bluetooth portable speakers for iPad tablets are the best kind because they are truly the most portable option with less wires and other accoutrements cluttering up your purse or backpack. With these you just synch and they'll play back your audio within the standard bluetooth range of 10 meters. The other main style is typically cheaper but these non-bluetooth speakers plug straight into the headphone jack socket and yes, that means more wires and your device has to stay with the speakers.

For on the go use, I prefer rechargeable iPad speakers rather than ones which require a wall socket or which run on AA batteries simply because I hate wasting batteries or needing to carry spares around just in case. The average charge is around 8 - 10 hours on a rechargeable iPad speaker system of this type which decreases by a few hours at the top volume levels but is still more than enough for most purposes. Some do use plain batteries though and they'll be a few of those here too, the main advantage to these is that they do tend to last at least double the length of time before the batteries need to be switched.

There can also be a marked difference in audio quality, so it really depends on what your price range and desires are. The iHome model featured further down this page comes in at less than $20 but really only adds a little bit of an increase over what the iPad already offers from its own internal speakers, whereas the Bose model has a somewhat hefty $300 price tag but delivers superb sound both indoors and out. Of course, there are many models in between these ranges like the excellent Jambox which will suit the needs of the more budget conscious shopper.

iPad speakers will generally work with all of your other mobile devices too, so this one investment allows you to enhance the audio output of your laptop computer, iPod, Apple iPhone or Android phone or other tablet computer. Some come with the ability to be used as a speakerphone as well.

The products featured here have all be well reviewed and positively received by their owners. Not all of them will suit your exact purposes but I have taken pains to avoid junk products so there's less room for disappointment. Enjoy the selection.

Portable Wireless IPad Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers For Tablets

When you are out and about the last thing you want to have to take along with you are more wires and cables. They get tangled up in your backpack, purse or pocket and are easy to lose as well when you are out of your home environment. Wireless iPad speakers which utilize the bluetooth capability of this and other similar tablet device make compact portable speakers a more desirable option for both inside and outside of your home environment.

No wires, means no messy untangling before you can get access to your enhanced sound experience but it also has other advantages too. The big one for me personally, is that my device can be up to 10 meters away from the speakers themselves which is great, because in most instances, I don't want to be sitting right in front of them or have to get up out of my chair to go over to the iPad to select a new playlist, adjust the volume etc. Wireless bluetooth speakers for iPads mean I can be sitting with my tablet up to 33ft away without breaking the connection and that's just plain convenient.

Portable iPad speakers are great for travel whether its heading abroad, visiting friends locally or heading out for a day at the beach. They are also great to have around the home even if you have an iPad docking station with speakers because these are so easy to take from room to room whilst you do chores for example. Take your music or audio book into the kitchen whilst you cook whilst leaving the iPad out of harms way in another room or take a bath, again leaving your device outside where its safe from steam and splash damage...throw the speaker in a ziploc to protect it.

Top Rated Portable Bluetooth Speakers For Apple iPad 3 And Earlier Models

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Nylon (Old Version)
Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Nylon (Old Version)

Bose has a well deserved reputation for producing top quality audio products and these portable wireless speakers are equally exceptional. They are ideal speakers for iPad users who want rich, robust sound with convincing low notes which are so often lacking in speakers of this size. Combine top quality audio with a sleek and stylish design which is both lightweight and attractive and you have the perfect portable speakers for iPad tablets and other mobile devices.

The Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker is designed to be portable speaker. It is small and lightweight enough to fit inside your backpack or laptop bag and features a flip open cover with closes to protect the speaker while you travel and opens up to provide a stand when you are ready to put it to work.

It will synch up easily with all your mobile devices whether this be Apple or Android based tablets, phones and MP3 players, or your laptop computer or other bluetooth enabled gadget and it has the ability to keep up to six of these in memory at any one time so once paired, its always ready to go.

Batteries are a nuisance to replace,expensive and bad for the environment and that's why you should always look out for wireless rechargeable iPad speakers and the Bose system here meets those requirements admirably. For sounds on the go, you can expect around 8 hours of continuous playback before the rechargeble internal battery is going to need some extra juice but it comes with a wall socket adapter too if you happen to be close to an outlet.

The speaker features volume and power controls on the top of the unit with the rest of the control functions like managing playlists, streaming Pandora etc. being controlled through the device itself. This means no remote cluttering up your backpack or getting lost as you travel about.

If the color doesn't suit you then you can buy case covers to change it to suit your own personal taste.

The Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker is a very nice product from a company known to produce very nice products but it does come at a price to match. If this is too rich for your blood, there are some very decent alternatives here on this page although for sheer sound quality in a speaker of this size, you aren't going to find much better than this.


Bose Soundlink Review

Quick Video Review Of The Jawbone Jambox In Action

Portable Bluetooth Micro Speakers - Great Sound At A Great Price

Logitech Mini Boombox for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops - Black
Logitech Mini Boombox for Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops - Black

This wireless mobile speaker for Apple iPad, iPhone, Android enabled devices and other bluetooth enabled gadgets is ridiculously easy to set up and is ideal for taking to a friends house or for when you travel. the small footprint sits in the palm of your hand with ease and really is a go anywhere solution for all your mobile sound amplification needs working with all of today's bluetooth gadgets like iPhones and many tablet computers. No Bluetooth, no worries because you can connect through the 3.5mm audio jack too.

Despite the small size of this micro speaker for iPad tablets and other devices it is surprisingly loud and its owners are equally as impressed by the clarity of the sound produced as well even at the higher volumes. No its not going to have the audiophiles with their 5 figure sound systems drooling but for the average user, it provides impressive playback quality.

The size of this compact iPad speaker makes it ideal for taking out and about with you, whether its for providing background music at the beach party or picnic, or just for kicking back at a mate's house or chilling beside the pool and because these are wireless iPad speakers you'll not have to worry about a tangled mess of wires every time you move them from location to location. It has a 10m or 33ft wireless range so you can move your device a pretty fair distance away from the speakers without losing connection.

Logitech claims you can get around 10 hours straight of playback on a single charge via its internal rechargeable battery pack and customers back up with claim themselves which is pretty impressive again considering the how small these are.

Volume and playback is controlled through your tablet etc. or via the backlit touchscreen controls on the speaker itself. It is also able to function as a speakerphone which adds just another layer functionality which is the icing on an already very tasty looking cake.

These link up to the vast majority of phones, tablet computers, laptops etc. with ease and are available in black or red to suit your style requirements.


Budget Mini Portable Speakers For iPad - For When Price Most Definitely *IS* An Object

Sometimes you want the kind of audio which can fill a room or sound great in the great outdoors whilst camping with friends and that's where the more pricey system shine. Some of us just want to boost the sound output a little for enjoying a movie or two or cranking up the volume on some of our favorite games and for those purposes, a more budget friendly alternative might suit your needs. Be aware of course, there is a marked difference in both the volume and quality of sound output by these pocket speakers when compared to their somewhat bigger and more expensive counterparts in the mobile speaker market but for general use, they might be just what you are looking for.

iHome iM60LT Rechargeable Mini Speaker - Blue
iHome iM60LT Rechargeable Mini Speaker - Blue

There are a bunch of portable micro speakers for iPad tablets and similar devices within this budget price range but for a really good bang for you buck the iHome iHM60 speaker is the one you should check out before all others.

It's very small, very lightweight and folds up to an even smaller footprint for when you are carrying it around. No, don't expect Bose quality sound out of these little critters but for general everyday use, these are a great accessory to have shoved in your pocket or backpack when you are travelling around.

There is something of a lack of bells and whistles with these speakers, for example, there's no volume control (although arguably that's a superfluous feature anyway when you just control it through the connected device) so don't be expecting any fancy features here although there is a speaker-out jack so you can chain speakers together as desired.

These are battery powered and recharged via USB so no need to carry spare batteries everywhere with you.

Overall, for the price, these are nifty little speakers for iPad, Kindle Fire, laptops, iPod and phones aimed at boosting sound above the tinny internal speakers these devices come with but not much else. Don't expect to throw a party using them but do enjoyed boosted sound at a low price.


Clip On Personal Portable iPad Speakers

Some speakers are meant for sharing with a group, others are for yourself and maybe a couple of others and the latter is what these speakers are great for. These are designed to enhance your audio experience for better video and movie watching and great gaming. You're not going to crank up the volume and throw a party with them, but for boosting the iPad's audio output for personal use, they're a great buy

Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad/Tablet
Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad/Tablet

This is a great little compact speaker system which clips on to the top of the iPad in both landscape and portrait mode and even doubles up as a stand albeit at a somewhat shallow angle. Its small size makes it ideal for travel purposes and it will take up very little space in your backpack, iPad bag of other form of carry case. Slip it in your pocket if you like, its certainly both small and light enough.

The Logitech Tablet Speaker plugs into the headphone jack socket and securely clips on to the top of your iPad or other tablet computer. There are no trailing wires or other annoyances and its light weight means it doesn't unbalance the tablet and make it feel unwieldy when attached.

It's rechargeable too with up to 8 hours of battery life when fully charged which is more than enough for a couple of full length movies or a long road trip. There are no batteries to change here either as the internal rechargeable battery charges via USB using your iPad's power adapter.

This iPad tablet speaker system features dual speaker drivers on either end to provide stereo sound louder than the adequate but ultimately somewhat wimpy internal speakers of your tablet.

The really nice feature of this speaker system is that it clips on to the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom etc. securely using a rubberized clip which will not mar the surface of the device but holds it firmly in place as you walk from room to room. This makes it an excellent solution for travel purposes or simply for use around your home as you travel from room to room as its much better than lugging a speaker dock around with you.

Customers enjoy the convenience of this iPad speaker bar and for less than $30 you argue with the price either.


Mini Travel Speakers For iPad

If you're going to be travelling, then the smaller the better applies to everything you want to take along for the trip. Travel irons, kettles etc. are all mini versions of those you'd regularly use at home and the same applies to travel speakers for the iPad. If space in your backpack or iPad bag is at a premium then a small iPad speaker is going to be exactly what you need. The following mini tablet speakers for Ipad 3 and earlier versions are ideal for vacation travel or for taking along with you when you don't have the space for some of the larger portable models shown on this page. All have great user feedback and produce great sound within a small footprint.

Which iPad Speakers Are Best For Me?

The million dollar question

Which are the best portable iPad speakers? Well, that all depends on what you actual requirements are going to be. A pocket speaker is just fine for among up the sound a little on your iPad, laptop or phone but they're going to drowned out really easy in a noisy environment or anywhere with a lot of ambient background noise like the beach, or an outdoor activity, They're not the kind of speakers for throwing a party, more so, something which enables you to enjoy better sound quality at a moderately louder volume than what the iPad already delivers. Think of them as purely personal speakers for watching a movie or playing some music whilst you are using the device.

On the other hand, something a little larger like the Logitech Mini Boombox is a much better alternative if you want to

Creative D100 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Black)
Creative D100 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Black)

4 AA Batteries give you around 25 hours of play time which ensures you ample time for a long weekend away without the need for charging which is ideal for say, taking your tunes on a camping trip or elsewhere when charging might be something of an issue.

These portable mini speakers work with iPad 2 and other devices like Samsung Galaxy Tablets, mobile phones and other bluetooth enabled gadgets. They'll also connect to MP3 players through an AUX in port. They use bluetooth synching to connect wirelessly with a range of up to 10 meters which seems fairly standard for speakers of this size but is ample distance for most users.

As they are small and lightweight they are very portable and beg to be taken out on the road with you or moved from room to room as you do chores. Don't expect to see your windows rattling when you crank up the volume on these but they are more than capable of providing quality sound in any room of your house and they perform well outdoors too. Its full range drivers will liven up any outdoor activity from beach parties to picnics and your iPad games and movies will never have sounded so good.

Satechi BT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker System for MP3 Players, iPhone, Android Phones, and iPad
Satechi BT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker System for MP3 Players, iPhone, Android Phones, and iPad

This portable bluetooth wireless iPad speaker comes in a compact size and because it has no annoying wires and cables, it is easy to drop in your purse or pocket so you've got it on hand for whatever occasion may arise.

Long lasting built in lithium batteries provide up to 6 hours of uninterrupted playback after which they can be recharged using the USB port on your computer or via the USB wall charger.

As iPad pocket speakers go, this is another moderately good option which has been generally well received by its owners. Again, this is a pocket size speaker so don't expect miracles and consider that there are better options on the market if you are looking for room filling sound.


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