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Portable PA System for Easy and Convenient Setup

Updated on May 6, 2013

If you are looking to get a PA system, you might want to consider getting portable public address systems. Unlike conventional public address system, portable pa systems are suitable for both the use of indoor and outdoor.

The main unit of a portable pa system consists of a UHF radio microphone receiver that comes with a hand held radio microphone. These portable units normally will have a built-in 12v rechargeable battery (that can be replaced) that charges when the system in plugged into an outlet. On the accessories part, these pa systems will have a built in CD player and USB port that supports MP3 playback. For some extra cash, you might even have the iPod support function.

The most important thing that you must first look into before getting a portable system is whether it has an onboard voice priority circuit, which operated by a single push of a button. This function enables the music being played to be mixed discreetly into the background whilst announcements are being made over the microphone.

Portable Public Address System
Portable Public Address System

The whole unit is incredibly portable with wheels and a pullout handle for easy maneuvering, just like the trolley bags that you have seen or owned. To ensure the portability of such system, it has only one single unit speaker. To extend its functionality and enhancements, you can also get additional active and passive units from the large range of PA systems. We, however, highly recommend you not to get these enhancement units if they are not necessary. Lightweight speaker makes it easier to be move and transfer from one place to another.

Most portable public address systems that you can get from the stores come with a waterproof cover that protects your unit when operating in the wet conditions. Well, we can’t predict the weather accurately and that’s for sure.

Here are two systems that I would like to recommend to you:

Ion Audio iPA03 Portable Public Address Systems with iPod Docking

ION iPA03 BLOCK ROCKER Portable PA (Audio/Video/Electronics / Portable Audio)
ION iPA03 BLOCK ROCKER Portable PA (Audio/Video/Electronics / Portable Audio)

This unit weighs at 43.9 pounds. It has two way sound with horn. It runs on rechargeable battery that could last for over 6 hours. It is equipped with a level indicator that tells you when the battery will die out. A professional XLR microphone is included in this system. It also has retractable handles with wheels so that you can move it around easily. This unit can also be mounted onto a pole, which is to be purchase separately.

As its name suggests, this unit is equipped with an iPod dock that provides a quite rich full sound for the iPod. It also features RCA plugs where you can plug in portable CD player and which nevertheless sounds great. The karaoke function of this unit is an added bonus that's a lot of fun to be played with. Just que up the songs that you want and turn down the volume on the iPod and you are on your way to be a great singer. For guitar lovers, this unit has a plug in to use as a guitar amp.

This unit is quite versatile with lots of functions. It might be a bit pricey but undoubtedly, you will get a lot more for the extra little price that you pay for. This item is availabe at Amazon.

NADY WA-120LT Portable Wireless Public Address Systems

Nady WA-120LT/B Portable Wireless Public Address System with Lavaliere Mic
Nady WA-120LT/B Portable Wireless Public Address System with Lavaliere Mic

This unit features a built-in wireless microphone receiver, 20 watts amplifier, 2 input jack and 1 record out. It has treble, bass and built-in echo reverb controls that you can use to manipulate the sound. As like any other portable pa systems, it has a dual power options with either 8 D batteries or AC power. You can rely on the batteries option when you are using it outdoor. A wireless speaker is included in this system.

Overall, this is just a normal set of pa system without extra functionality. You can plug-in portable cd player in the RCA input plug for background music and the sound is just 'so nice' only. It is quite a small unit and moving it around is definitely not a harsh. At the price tag at around 125 bucks, this is definitely a good buy.

Portable public address systems are very common nowaday, as they are cheaper and more portable than wired pa systems. If you have a slightly higher budget, go for the first pa system mentioned here or else opt for the later one, if that can fulfill your needs. Check out this system here.

How to Hook Up a Portable PA System


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