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Portable Chargers-Don't Leave Home Without Them

Updated on March 12, 2015
Hello Kitty portable charger
Hello Kitty portable charger

Dr Martin Cooper and the evolution of the Cell

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Dr Martin Cooper and the first portable/cell phone.Cell phones then and nowThe old land-lineTelephone beginnings
Dr Martin Cooper and the first portable/cell phone.
Dr Martin Cooper and the first portable/cell phone.
Cell phones then and now
Cell phones then and now
The old land-line
The old land-line
Telephone beginnings
Telephone beginnings

1954 brought about an important addition not only to the Motorola company but the world as well; that addition was hiring Dr Martin Cooper. As a portable products/device developer he brought us the first portable handheld police radio in 1967 (Chicago police department). One thing that Mr. Cooper believed in was that communication should be as portable as we are. It would only follow that in April of 1973 Mr Cooper presented us with the first portable handset/cell phone. It was almost the size and weight of a brick but it worked none-the-less. It was a happy time when folks could drive around with their brick sized mobile phone in their car or walk the streets with it in a pouch on their shoulder or in a small brief case. We were living the life of the future (The Jetsons).

The mother of invention

Necessity is the mother of invention, after we have had fun playing with our new toys "More" would be what we wanted. We are still attached indirectly to a land line. We could not go all day or hours without plugging in. We do so much with our devices that do not end with answering the phone. We surf the web, read email, download and listen to music, watch videos....All of this uses power that our phones cannot support without plugging in to an outlet of some kind (sooner or later).
New device or not, no matter how powerful your battery, our portable devices run down and out of power faster than we may want them to. When was the last time that you fully charged your smart-phone, laptop or Ipad only to find out that the three hour charge that you thought you had only lasted an hour and a half after surfing the web on the go. When we use our electronic devices for more than texting or a phone call, they pull a lot of power in order to give us the performance we want. In so doing it shortens the battery life. A life that we may need when we are at a business meeting, traveling or just hanging out at the beach, gym, park...Being without a back-up in this day and age is no longer exceptable. When we are not near an outlet or power source failure is sure to follow. Our cell phones, laptops and Tablets do have a pretty good battery life but long days and constant usage can take it's toll and drains our devices.Once again technology has come to the rescue.

Portable chargers

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Portable Chargers

We now have portable chargers that do not need an outlet/wall port to connect to in order to power up our phones. A lot of the chargers that came with our phone/device are not chargers at all, but are adapters. Their purpose is to help provide a power source to charge our phones/ way of an outlet.Today's portable chargers are the power source (although they too must be charged first by way of an adapter and outlet), they are so small and convenient that they can fit into any pocket or purse. Have charger, will travel, you will not find yourself without a power source again.

These portable chargers are capable of loading energy into a secondary cell/battery by forcing an electric current through it.Solar chargers convert light energy into DC current, making it available to and for your device. What makes the solar chargers great is the fact that you need no outlet to power up your charger (just the sun).

Note: When ordering a portable charger on line be sure to check and see if an adapter comes with it.

For the outdoors-man or the die-hard survivalist, your gear will not be complete without a hand-cranked emergency cell phone charger. When there is no power to power your regular portable chargers, the hand crank charger is there to save you.

18 year old Eesha Khare
18 year old Eesha Khare

I Want Power Now

I can see the future from here, we are not tied to our land-lines, we have portable devices to talk, text, surf. We even have our take along tap-off power source. But once again, after we have finished playing with our new toys, we want more. Eesha Khare an 18 year old Harvard-bound teenager has won a $50,000 scholarship. Why you may ask, well Miss Khare stated that her cell was always running out of power. She decided to do something about it and invented a supercapacitor. A supercapacitor that fits inside cell phone batteries and is capable of charging a phone in 20-30 seconds. That's right seconds, no longer will you have to wait those long minutes or hours to charge your phone, you can have power now. Her invention is so great that it has the potential to work on car batteries as well. Yes, I can see the future and we will have power Now (seconds).

Make your own charger


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