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Top reasons why you should not use Adblock software

Updated on July 30, 2014
Say no to Adblock!
Say no to Adblock! | Source

Nowadays Adblock Software has become very popular.But do you know this application can simply ruin your internet browsing experience in the future? You can not feel the difference right at the moment, but in the future surely everyone is going to be affected Negatively. Now obviously you are going to ask, "how?". Some people might also say that they have been using the adblock application/extensions for many years without causing any problem to those sites, then how come they are doing any harm to the internet? Well, this article is going to answer all these questions with details.

Save the internet
Save the internet

Cons of Adblock Applications

1) Webmasters will run out of Fund: It's not easy to create a website, you need time and money to make a website. Even a non-profit website needs fund. That's why you will see the founder of Wikipedia requesting for donations. There are lots of cost such as yearly domain fees, hosting fees and maintenance cost. Besides, the useful content you get inside a website is generated by people who are working hard by investing a lot of time and effort, hoping they will make some profit to pay their utility bills. Now if you use an adblock Software, the website can not generate any revenue and that's how you hurt the website. Now you might reply , "Hey I am not going to click any advertisement anyway". Webmasters can still generate some revenue just by displaying the ads, so you should not block the ads even if you are not interested in them.

Now you might say that you have been using adblock applications for a long time without causing any problem. People who are cutting down the trees from Forrest also thinks the same thing. They thinks that many people are cutting down trees for decades but nothing happened to this earth! But is that really true? I think we all know about the greenhouse and how it can destroy the world if you don't take care of the environment. In the same way , more people are going to use Adblock applications and the revenue of the websites will decrease gradually. A time will come where most of the people would use adblock application and all the free websites will shut down. So, if you really like other people's work given to you for free, you should not use adblock software. Is that too much too ask?

2) People who can not work outside will suffer the most: Many people who cannot work outside because of their health or other conditions, but are capable of generating online contents, working as a content generator from home to support their family. These people will struggle to make money if majority of the people starts to use adblock application.

3) More people are going to be unemployed: The number of unemployed people will increase as many websites will run out of business. Unemployment problem is already a major problem in many part of the world.

4) Donation or premium user: High Quality website will either ask for donation or give access only to the premium users , who are willing to pay. So, if you really want all the good website to stay free and run forever, you should say "NO" to adblock like the grumpy cat did in the above picture.

5) Useful ads will be hidden : Although it's rare but sometime ads which are going to be useful for you, will be hidden because of adblock.

What should you do if you really hate annoying pop up ads?

Personally, I also hate popup ads or a website with too many annoying ads. To block the pop up you can use a simple popup blocker to get rid of the annoying popup ads. Almost all the genuine good websites do not use any popup ads. So, using a popup blocker will not do any harm. So, my recommendation is to use popup blockers only instead of adblock. If you are a big fan of adblock then please kindly do not use adblock for good websites which relies entirely on advertisement.

Feel free to give your feedback in the comment.


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    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 3 years ago from USA

      That's true - a site like HubPages functions best when the ads are on. It is what motivates the writers to keep writing and providing useful and entertaining content.