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Hyperfire HC600

Updated on September 29, 2012

Reconyx HyperFire HC600

The Reconyx HyperFire HC600 is a hot new infrared digital game camera with one of the fastest triggers you've ever seen. In this lens, I'll tell you about the features and benefits of the HC600, and then we'll take a look at some videos.

Reconyx game cameras are definitely the top of the line. They appeal to professional hunters and guides, and those who just have to have the best of the best. They carry a pretty steep price tag, but if you talk to other Reconyx trail camera owners, they will tell you that they are worth every penny of it.

Reconyx's slogan is "See what you've been missing", and for good reason. Their fast trigger speeds and RapidFire technology make then a primary choice of experts and zoologists. Reconyx game cameras have recently been used to discover what was previously thought to be an 'extinct' monkey in Indonesia. They have also been used to spot 30 endangered snow leopards in 16 different locations in the wilds of Afghanistan. When getting a quality image and not missing the shot is critical, Reconyx is the clear choice.

A Little History About Reconyx

The Reconyx company has been manufacturing infrared digital game cameras since 2002. They are located in the outdoor paradise and great state of Wisconsin, and their game cameras are manufactured right here in the good 'ole USA. They are seen as an industry leader in the digital game camera market, and have a reputation for both quality and performance. They have one of the fastest triggers in the industry, and their cameras are feature-rich and very configurable.


HC600 Specs

Image Capability

The HyperFire HC600 is a 3.1 megapixel digital game camera. It will capture images in full 1080P widescreen resolution. During the daytime these images are in full color, and at night they are in black and white via infrared. The new Reconyx Ultra HD IR lens will give you images that are more sharp and more clear than previous models of Reconyx cameras.

The infrared capability of the HC600 allows it to capture images in pure darkness with no visible flash. The infrared emitters light up the game without the need for a strobe flash. Reconyx's No-Glow High Output Covert Infrared Technology is completely undetectable by game. It does not have that red glow while the infrared emitters are illuminated. Many people believe that the red glow of infrared scouting cameras will spook deer, but no need to worry about that with the HC600.

The pictures are stored on standard SDRAM memory cards. They can be SD or SDHC formats, but stay away from the cheap memory cards to ensure the best performance. The HC600 will accept a memory card of up to 32 GB in size. A 4 GB memory card will allow you to store approximately 10,000 images, so a 32 GB memory card would allow you to capture approximately 80,000 images.

Quick on the Trigger!
Quick on the Trigger!

Quick on the Trigger

So you know that Reconyx is fast, right? Well how about a .2 second trigger speed. So the HC600 can start firing off pictures at .2 seconds after game enters the detection range, and it can fire them off at 2 frames per second. So you can have a high definition 1080P movie of game activity as it occurs.

The passive infrared sensor is capable of detecting game up to 100 feet, but the detection range is really determined by environmental conditions. The motion sensor has two horizontal detection bands, and six vertical detection zones. The detection is based on heat sensing. An object with a temperature that is different than the background temperature must be present in one of the zones for triggering. Unless the camera is in TLV mode.

There are a number of trigger settings; pics per trigger, picture interval, quiet setting, etc. But there is also a time lapse video option. Yes, the HC600 is a TLV scouting camera as well. It can fire off pictures at predefined intervals for as far as you can see. This is a great option for monitoring game activity in fields or other open areas. This feature makes the HC600 a great security camera as well, for monitoring your hunting camp or buildings on the farm during the off season.

Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 Videos on YouTube - See it in Action !

Check out some of these great YouTube videos created from images captured by the Reconyx HyperFire HC600. This will give you an idea of exactly what this camera can do. Keep in mind though that the image resolution is often reduced when images are placed into a YouTube video, so you can expect your images to look better.

Many hunters and outdoors-men commonly debate which is better: Infrared or Strobe Flash digital trail cameras.

The debate always focuses on which one tends to scare the deer more.

What do you think?

Do you prefer Infrared or Strobe Flash digital game cameras? - Tell us what you think!

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