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Refurbished Waterproof Camera

Updated on July 1, 2013

Choose a Refurbished Camera to Save Money

An underwater camera is a great way to capture photos at the beach, at the lake, at the swimming pool, or anywhere you worry about exposing your camera to the elements. There are many great waterproof shockproof digital cameras available today, including waterproof cameras with GPS and other features. So what's better than a waterproof digital camera? A refurbished waterproof camera. A refurbished product has to meet the same standards as a new model, but they are offered at lower prices. Here's a little more information on refurbished underwater cameras and where to find one.

Image credit: Fuji Finepix XP10

Finding a Refurbished Underwater Camera Online

Where to Look for Great Deals

Buying a refurbished underwater camera (also known as reconditioned or remanufactured cameras) is a great way to save money and it also offers two big advantages over a used underwater camera. First, most refurbs come with a manufacturer's warranty. Second, they usually come in the original packaging with all the manuals and accessories.

So where do you find one of these great deals? Some manufacturers sell refurbished products through their own online store, but you can also find them on other sites, including two of the top shopping sites on the web - Amazon and eBay. Here's where to look.

On Amazon, refurbished products can sometimes be a little tricky to spot because the search results pages usually only show two options - new and used. For search results, refurbished products are lumped in with the used items. On product description pages, however, refurbished goods will have their own link under the top image. (See screenshot with the arrow.) You can also use the left-hand navigation to filter results to show refurbished goods.

A Camera By Any Other Name...

Refurbished waterproof cameras may also be called reconditioned or remanufactured.

eBay is another great place to find deals on millions of products, including refurbished waterproof digital cameras. These are usually clearly marked in the search results. Just look for the "refurbished" link.

On eBay, you'll have the option to look for Buy It Now products, which you can buy for a fixed price, or to look for auctions, in which you can bid against others to try to get the lowest price.

Here are some cameras currently available on eBay for a search for "refurbished waterproof camera."

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Take Great Underwater Shots with a Refurb Camera!

Take Great Underwater Shots with a Refurb Camera!
Take Great Underwater Shots with a Refurb Camera!

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    • nhotdeals profile image

      nhotdeals 6 years ago

      Got a Fuji FinePix on EBAY Refurb works great.