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To Buy or Not to Buy A Refurbished Laptop

Updated on July 20, 2009

So, you are asking yourself why you should get a used laptop, right? I mean, come on, for sure everyone and his mother used the laptop and then returned it, most likely under false pretenses, just so they could get a new one. Oh, and let's not forget the "how could I buy something used, it must be new" attitude. Sure if you've got millions of dollars tucked away somewhere then by all means buy 100 new laptops. But if you did then you wouldn't be looking at an article about refurbished laptops. Well you probably wouldn't even be on the internet looking at laptops if you did because you would probably have an assistant to do that for you. 

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Yes, a refurbished laptop has been used by someone else, but here's the catch. Generally they have only been used for a short while, sometimes as little as a few weeks, before they were returned due to a faulty battery, or other related issues. Now, the defective units are repaired and then must be sold. What, you think these huge manufacturing companies have a warehouse where they stack their returned goods, or they have a monthly bonfire? No. Everything has to go. Think about it, even if they sell them at 60% of the full price they are still probably covering their costs and making a little extra as well. Since they work a percentage of these cases into their overall yearly budget which then is translated into their retail prices, I wouldn't shed a tear for them.

In any case, why not pay 60-70% of the price for something that is basically brand new. Or take the same amount of money you initially intended to spend and buy something a lot better with a lot more "firepower under the hood".

Now, there are different types of refurbished laptops out there. Of course the best ones are the factory refurbished laptops, which are units that have been returned for minor defects to the manufacturer, are then repaired and put back on the market.

Then you have used laptops which have been sold by the previous owner, have been upgraded and then again sell for a great price. This is a great options if you want to get your child a laptop but are worried about throwing out good money on something that tomorrow may have soda stains and food all over it.

Last but not least there are custom refurbished laptops which basically means you go to a company specializing in refurbishing laptops and you give them the exact specifications you require and they will come up with something for you at a decent price.

All three options are great, each in a different case. All you have to do is run a quick search and you will come up with plenty of excellent, cheap refurbished laptops and can have a good laugh when you know you paid a fraction your top of the range unit.

Although, if you are just not into the idea of refurbishment then maybe the cheap alternative for you would be a mini laptop but of course, less computing power. 


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    • profile image

      Maria Turner 8 years ago

      Why not buy a refurbished laptop if your budget is not enough. I got mine from They have the lowest prices on refurbished laptops.