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Reset your IP address - Change it, Works EVERY time

Updated on June 27, 2012

Reset Your Ip address Guaranteed

Resetting you IP address can be difficult. There is lots of information on the Internet about how to do it. One of the methods that many people say is log onto your MSdos screen and type ipconfig /release and hit return. This will release your IP and get another IP from your Internet service provider.

I have found this method NEVER works for me. Some people have said turn of your modem, and leave it for 10 mins. Some people say leave it for 24 hours.

Again both of these methods never worked for me. I even left my cable modem off for 48 hours, and went cold turkey on the internet. Guess what!! It didn't work.

If your PC is connected straight to your Intenet Modem.

The only way you can guarantee your ip address will change is if you change your MAC address. Your MAC address is like a serial number for your network card in your PC. Your Internet provider tags your IP address to your MAC address so if you swap network cards in your PC, your IP address will be reset automatically. You can purchase some network cards cheap from Amazon link below.

If your Internet Connection connects to your router

Instead of having to replace your network card, if you connect to the Internet via a router, then you can just replace your router, and this will reset your IP address right away. Your Internet service provider tags your IP address to the MAC address of your router, and if you change the router, the IP address is automatically reset. If you need to buy a new router have a look at the ones below from amazon, they will work perfect.  


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