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Reverse Engineer SWF (Flash) Files To FLA -- SWF to FLA FREE Download!

Updated on October 16, 2011

Reverse Engineer SWF (Flash) Files to FLA - Completely with No Loss of Quality!

Reverse engineering SWF files to recover the source code FLA file has been a dream since the inception of Flash. Well, stop dreaming because it's possible and it's easier than you think. This is how easy it is:

1. Drag and drop a SWF file into a flash decompiler.

2. Push the "Export FLA" button

3. Open the resulting FLA in Flash & do what ever you want with it.

Using the Sothink SWF to FLA file tool, you can reverse engineer SWF files into their source FLA format with with 99% accuracy and no loss of quality. Try it Risk Free!.

Reverse Engineer Your SWF Movies Into Their Source FLA File

Reverse engineering an SWF file to FLA has never been easier! Simply choose the file you need to convert and click a button. One click and you have a source code with all ActionScript directly on your hard drive!

All your SWF files are ready to be edited any way you want. This SWF to FLA file tool will show you everything the Flash movie is made of. You can easily split a Flash movie into its elements and save every one of them in various formats for further editing and using for your own needs.

You can easily split your Flash movie into all it's elements whilst maintaining layers, movie clips, graphics, components, video, and audio files etc for editing them to meet your needs.

You can export SWF objects into these formats:

Images - into JPG, PNG or BMP file formats

Sounds - into WAV or MP3

Video - AVI, MPEG1 and FLV


Other objects - into SWF, FLA, etc.

Convert SWF to FLA file - (Free Download)

Lost The Original FLA File? Recover it Easily!

When you think of the time that it takes to develop a Flash movie, how much do you think it is worth to be able to get that movie back with a click of a button once it's been lost?

Not only can you use this tool to recover lost FLA files that you created, you can use it to compare source code in a flattened text file or decompile a SWF that was created in Flash 5 Generator to understand the resulting structure.

Free Download: decompile swf tool.

Reverse Engineer SWF Files, Convert SWF to FLA Fully and Extract All Elements!

The Eltima tool (which is compatible with Flash CS3 (9.0) and ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 completely) has the following list of features:

Reverse engineer SWF to FLA 6.0 or 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0 completely and quickly.

Decompile Flash Movie (swf, exe) successfully.

Supports exporting the Flash movie file (SWF or exe) in FLA format, compatible with Flash 6, Flash 7, Flash 8 and Flash 9.

Reverse engineer, display and extract all Flash movie elements in groups, such as Shape, Morph Shape, Image, Sound, Font, Text, Sprite, Button, Frame and Action.

Can extract the shapes, sounds, images, sprites, fonts, texts and ActionScript from a Flash movie.

Can extract the video file from a Flash movie and export it in *.flv format.

Supports converting SWF that contains video to FLA.

Shows the Script code neatly within the program and can export the ActionScript code while reverse engineering the swf to FLA.

Supports exporting ActionScript in .as format and supports expanding the sprite frame by frame.

Includes font linkage in the converted FLA.

To avoid the movie font is missed in other computer, Eltima SWF Decompiler can convert all found letters to shapes and save them in Library so that you can get the same font result on any computer.

Has a built-in Flash viewer to view and play the Flash movies you select.

User-friendly Explorer-like interface.

===> Reverse engineer SWF flash files & recover the original FLA source code. (Free Download).

SWF to FLA File : Screenshots

Check out some screenshots and features below:

==> Export any elements of SWF into FLA or other formats in seconds

==> Convert SWF into FLA in case you've lost the original file

==> Make full reconstruction of SWF file even if you don't have its source code

The process is quick and fully reliable. Choose the format you want to export the elements of SWF into, select the destination folder and in a few seconds you will get all the chosen objects extracted and saved. Flash Decompiler performs complete conversion of SWF files into FLA ones, making the file editable in native Flash environment.

==> Do the global search over ActionScritps in SWF/EXE files

==> Understand how SWF files are structured

Flash Decompiler offers the unique opportunity of viewing and global searching of ActionScripts within a Flash movie. You can also copy ActionScripts directly from the interface. After you convert any SWF file, you will have its source code FLA with all the ActionScripts directly on your hard drive. Thus, having all the ActionScripts, you will have the opportunity to study how SWF file is structured and learn some new Flash tricks.

==> Edit SWF files without conversion into FLA format

==> Do changes to the way SWF files look like

Flash Decompiler offers quite a useful option for modifying any SWF on the go without the need to export its elements or convert it into FLA. "Edit SWF Objects" feature enables you to change sounds, texts, links, lines, colors and gradients in SWF on the fly and get the desired result in seconds.

With SWF Editor you can do the following:

- Edit links;

- Edit texts;

- Edit lines, colors, images and sounds in SWF files.

In every new build we will add functionality to SWF Editor.

Convert SWF to FLA - (free download)


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