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What's the New Roku 3 Price?

Updated on March 7, 2013

So, Whats New with the Roku 3 & What's the Best Price?

The New Roku 3 - Roku has just launch the third streaming media player the Roku 3! The new Roku 3 price is going to be well worth every penny considering what you get. This fully loaded media device will truly revolutionize your TV experience.

This model is their most powerful, fastest and most equipped media streaming device. It has a completely re-designed intuitive user interface also with an bunch of other goodies. You will notice that unlike the previous Roku models the Roku 3 has a built-in headphone jack right in the remote itself! All you have to do is plug the included headphones into the jack and Roku will automatically mute your TV speakers and direct the sound to your headphones.

This new model is said to be over 5x faster than previous models which means faster browsing, faster streaming and getting all the content you want much quicker. The new interface will also get you to what you want quickly with the new layout and re-designed interface. The new user interface accommodates those of use that have a ton of extra channels. You can quickly and easily navigate all of your channels with ease.

You will also notice that the channel store as well as the built-in search are conveniently located on the home screen. That means no more clicking through to the channel store and waiting. With a staggering 750+ channels to look through this feature can save you a ton of time. The new Roku 3 price will be competitive as well.

The new remote also has super cool motion sensing technology as well as game buttons built right in so you can play all of your favorite games with your Roku remote!



Roku 3 Vs. Roku 2

...What are the big differences

With the Roku 3 you get an entirely new experience. While the user interface will be put out to all Roku players in mid April with the 3 you will get it now.

The biggest difference between the Roku 3 and the other models is the remote and the speed. The new Roku has a completely re-designed remote control. The new Roku remote has built in headphone jacks. With your purchase you also get a pair of headphones. The cool thing about this feature is that once you plug into the remote Roku will automatically  mute your television speakers and direct the audio to your headphones.

This would be perfect if you are watching TV late at night and don't want to disturb your partner or kids. This is also great when you have more than one TV or computer in the room so that more than one person can watch what they want. The remote also has a new button design that is much more intuitive. The remote also has new motion sensing technology and game buttons so you can play all the cool new games on your Roku.

Another huge difference is the speed. They have completely redesigned the internal components to make it super fast. With my Roku 2 I was always getting frustrated when I tried to switch from one app to the other or switching from one show to another on Netflix. With the new Roku your browsing time will literally be cut in half. The processing speeds of the new model are amazing.

To recap the two major differences are the remote and the upgraded speed. The new user interface is amazing but keep in mind Roku will be rolling out the new interface to all the Roku's in mid-April. All of these new features make is well worth the new Roku 3 price of roughly $99.

Introducing Roku 3 and the new Roku experience!

Do you think the new Roku 3 price is worth it?

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