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Simple Guide to Root and Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Updated on June 12, 2015
Simple tutorial to root Redmi 1S
Simple tutorial to root Redmi 1S

How to Root Xiaomi Redmi 1s

This page is made to help you to know how to root a Xiaomi Redmi 1S mobile phone. This phone is one of the best low cost smartphones available. The phone is too powerful for a sub $99 device. This phone has MIUI ROM flashed into it which is much better than the stock android or the versions used by Samsung or HTC. MIUI can be rooted by the following easy method.

Some Words of Advice

  • Though the process mentioned here is very easy to follow, you need to get the help of an expert before doing it if you are totally novice.
  • Root may make your warranty void, though if you can always unroot it. I don’t also think that Xiaomi service people will care much whether the device is rooted or not.
  • The pone must be well charged before the beginning of the process. It should have been charged above 65% for being safe. Otherwise, if the battery ends during the process of updating the firmware, the phone can become dead.
  • Your files and apps will be safe after the root. But if you do not take any risk then you need to backup all the data of your phone.


This method of RedMi 1S root is successfully tested but still we must say that root may, due to some rare accidents, harm your device. You will have to take this responsibility at your own shoulder. This website or the author will not be responsible for any harm that may befall on your device during the root process.

Things You Need

  • A USB cable.
  • A working internet connection
  • A PC or Laptop
  • The Redmi 1S phone itself.

How to Root

1) At first, you need to download the zip file named “” on your PC.

2) Now connect the phone with the computer using USB cable or by any other method like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi file transfer. After that, transfer the zip file from the PC to the phone’s SD card. Do not put it into any folder.

3) Disconnect the phone from the laptop or PC.

4) Next, you have to boot into the Recovery Mode.

5) To do it, you need to open the Updater app on your phone. If you touch the options button you can see a drop down menu. You need to select the “Reboot to recovery mode” option from the menu.

6) When your phone will be restarted to recovery mode you will have to select the default language. If you are not proficient in Chinese, choose English.

7) Then the option “Install to System” need to be selected.

8) The process will take some time. After that you will have to confirm reboot.

9) Next, you will have to go to the “Security” option. Select “Permission and activate Root permission” there.

Now, enjoy your fully rooted phone.

Updater App
Updater App

How to Unroot

You have learnt how to root Redmi 1S. Now, if you want to unroot it for some reason you can do that too by following a similar method.

1) At first, you need to go to the “Security” option. Inside security, deactivate the root permission.

2) In the PC, you will have to download the zip file named “UnRootNative_Redmi1S”.

3) Now, rename the file as “”.

4) Connect your mobile with the PC by using USB (or other methods).

5) Transfer the zip file to the SD card of the phone. The file should not be inside any folder or sub-folder.

6) Disconnect the phone and by following the above mentioned method reboot it into the recovery mode.

7) You know what to do next. Yes, select the proper language.

8) Now it is the time to select the option to install the file.

Follow this methods to root the Redmi 1S. After that, you can enjoy many such apps which were not possible to install before. For instance, you can use an app to control the CPU clock speed of the phone. If you reduce the phone’s clock speed, the battery backup will be enhanced and also the heating issue will disappear. You can also use powerful apps like Tasker for complete automation. There are also many exciting custom ROM’s available which can be installed for giving the phone new looks and functions.

If you face any problem during the entire process or if you have any query regarding it, you may ask me in the comment box. I’ll be always ready to answer your questions.


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