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How URL Cloaking Can Save Your Commissions

Updated on January 23, 2012

Have you ever thought what might be happening to any of your affiliate links?

As an affiliate, when you create your hoplinks you are leaving your Clickbank name embedded within the link for all to see - and for the unscrupulous marketer to hijack. A new recently developed product called Samurai Stealth Cloaker (SSC) addresses this problem. SSC is a script that cloaks your links via a well designed interface. There are three different types of cloaking that can be applied depending on your requirements. The main advantage of using a script is its effectiveness and portability, meaning that once the script is installed on the domain of your choice, you can access and manage the links from anywhere.

There are good video tutorials taking you step-by-step through each of the three types of cloaking, advising on which type to use. There is even a way to to 'bulk cloak' many links at once, so if you have numerous websites with hundreds or thousands of links the task can be done in a short time.

SSC was developed by Michael Andrews, who is well known as the owner of the popular automated learning wealth course - The Profit Lance System. He was experiencing stolen affiliate commissions himself, and realised something had to be done about it!

How Does Samurai Stealth Cloaker Work?

About the types of cloaking methods:


  1. Simple Redirect The fact that the link is actually an affiliate link is hidden which means that the visitor will not know the destination URL (or raw affiliate link) until they arrive at the destination page. This method is the simplest and the weakest at the same time. A separate HTML page is created with a META and javascript redirect that sends the visitor immediately to the destination page.
  2. Masked Frame The next level makes use of a masked (hidden) frame to conceal the final destination. The hidden frame is concealed in a frame which gives the visitor the impression that he/she is still on the same website. This protects the affiliate link as in a simple redirect, but also hides the destination address as well, so it is much better than the simple redirect.
  3. Stealth Usually, when you have sent the visitor through the affiliate link, you loose control over them, which means that they have been sent into the merchant's hands (which mostly is a good thing but sometimes it isn't depending on certain factors). With stealth cloaking you can keep control over them. This has several benefits which are:
    • so you can send them to your own sales copy page
    • send them directly to the merchant payment page
    • or send them to an optin-page (all after sending them through your cloaked affiliate link).

The benefits of cloaking are numerous, and can have a major impact on any serious affiliates pocket. This product is highly recommended.

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