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Saxophone Sheet Music and Backing Tracks

Updated on June 14, 2014

Are You A Saxophonist Looking To Build Your Repertoire? You Need Saxophone Backing Tracks!

I create my own saxophone backing tracks for personal use and have now also made available for others to download as well. These backing tracks also come with the saxophone music sheets for both E flat and B flat instruments. No matter if you have a tenor or alto sax or both, you're covered!

We all need to practise many things to gain control of the saxophone. Things like proper air support and breathing exercises, scales and many other fingering exercises. But if you play the sax and a friend or family member asks you to play something, you don't want to play them a major scale or related exercise.

The reason we started playing sax in the first place was to learn how to play some of our favorite songs, so here's your chance to learn some tunes that are great for the saxophone. So work with play along sax tracks and you make learning the songs much easier and way more fun!

What Are Some Good Saxophone Songs to Play?

I'm Glad You Asked!

As a professional saxophonist for over 25 years now, I've found myself in many situations where I needed to play many different types of music. Over the years I've also arranged and recorded my own versions of many saxophone songs which I now have as my own personal, custom made play along sax audio backing tracks that I can put on my computer, iPod or phone and have with me as an instant band to back me up at a gig or party. Very handy!

Some of these songs are what you might expect to hear as saxophone songs like "Tequila" or Yakety Sax" but there are many more as you will soon discover. Check out the full saxophone music downloads at

Saxophone Music Videos of Downloadable Backing Tracks of Vocal Songs you Know and Love - Baker Street | Careless Whisper | Killing Me Softly | Ain't No Sunshine

Baker Street - Learn the famous sax line from Baker Street plus the entire vocal melody too!

Careless Whisper - another song which has a famous and very recognizable sax line.

Killing me Softly - so soulful, great melody and perfect for saxophone.

Ain't No Sunshine - a 1970's classic

Us and Them - Pink Floyd's classic featuring a beautiful saxophone solo you can now learn.

Saxophone Backing Tracks For Instrumentals You Can Wow Them With! - Take Five | Sleepwalk | Samba Pa Ti | Yakety Sax | Peter Gunn | Pick Up The Pieces

Take Five - cool swing in 5/4 time

Sleepwalk - soulful instrumental from the early days or rock and roll

Samba Pa Ti - thank you Carlos Santana for a beautiful tune.

Yakety Sax - one every saxophonist should know!

Peter Gunn - raunchy rock and roll

Pick Up The Pieces - most famous sax tune from the disco era

Saxophone Songs List of Backing Tracks Available


Amazing Grace

Can't Help Falling in love

Over the rainbow


Nigh Train

Ain't No Sunshine

Us and Them

Take Five


Killing me Softly

Samba Pa Ti

Yakety Sax

Peter Gunn

Pick Up The Pieces

Honky Tonk

Hot Rod Special

Watermelon Man

Careless Whisper

Baker Street

Fly Me To The Moon

What a Wonderful World

Mack The Knife

In The Mood

And I Love Her


Unchained Melody

Just The Way You Are

Rock Around The Clock

Sea Cruise

Red River Rock

Johnny B Goode


I Feel Fine


A Day In The Life

Saxophone Backing Tracks List

This saxophone songs list is growing as I record new tracks so take note of this link and check it often:

saxophone backing tracks and music sheet downloads

Learn Killer Blues and Rockin' Sax Soloing Techniques

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How To Play Killer Blues And Rockin' Sax Solos With 7 Notes Or Less

This eBook course shows you how to play rock and blues solos with 7 notes or less!


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