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Science Communications Disseminating Discoveries Worldwide

Updated on October 16, 2019
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The author is postgraduate in Botany and experienced in IPR handling as well as agribusiness management with an MBA, lives in a farmhouse.

Science news

Science and technology communications are the major promoters of scientific research and development. The role played by the international science media are immense over the years with the main role in revolutionizing the world.

Here's a glance of science media on science news magazine sites, starting from purely science media to academic resources for the kids. The list is very long so that the science information thirsty souls keep on dwelling on these, absolutely without boredom.

Science Magazines are becoming global and overcoming carbon footprint by going online. Readers gain information and knowledge by regularly following the website links. For single-point access to many scientific news communications and update your knowledge through a mere visit to these sites as frequently as possible. Some of the websites are updated regularly on periodic intervals. Some news magazine sites are getting updates on a real-time basis, as and when news matters arrive. Here is a selection of various news sites given for the benefit of the readers. These are not included, on the basis of visitor hits or on the basis of content. Neither it is an alphabetically ordered, nor categorized on the basis of content value. These are randomly selected to feed the science information seekers to enhance their knowledge.

Science periodicals displayed in a reading room
Science periodicals displayed in a reading room

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American News Resources on Science

Nature News

Nature - The science research journal, nature communications, nature news, videos, podcast, etc. lead among the science news communication arena on the web. The news covers subjects, mainly, biological sciences, earth & environmental sciences, health sciences, physical sciences and other subjects. Nature News is the news section of the International Journal of Science - The Nature. It is also a news blog mag type of site. The root site has news videos and podcasts.

National Geographic

Science through the eyes of the explorers, videographers and photographers with a difference. It is also popular among the TV channel viewers around the world. The vertical yellow rectangle has created a brand in the field of science, environment and geography subject coverage with separate kids site. It carries one of the best nature photography and adventure video for years.

Scientific American

It is the website of the science magazine, of science, news articles and information. It contains major categories such as science, mind, health, tech, sustainability, education, video, podcast, blog and publication. These columns are updated regularly as and when information is available. Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the scientific phenomena.


It is one of the topmost science news sites now. It has news, career sections. It also carries videos on science, which are very informative and educating. AAAS has different journals such as Science, Science Advances, Science Immunology, Science Robotics, Science Signaling, Science Translational Medicine and Science Partner Journals. Science carers are a very good section for higher education and research aspirants.

The Daily Galaxy - Great Discoveries Channel

It is a science news update blog on stellar constellations and astronomy. It contains external advertisements. However, it is a simple good website to know the latest news on science and space. The website is getting updated on a daily basis.

Science Daily - Your source for the latest research news

It has main menu categories, science, health, tech, environment, quirky, etc. It is a picture news mag type of site giving news updates on science subjects.

The website is updated continuously. News is in a category-wise or day-wise arrangement for easy glancing.

Popular Science

It is a popular science blog mag and also a shopping site on technology gadgets and sci-fi equipment. It contains different category-wise sections one below the other. Awe-inspiring science reporting, technology news, and DIY projects. Skunks to space robots, primates to climates. Written on a popular science mode, articles are interesting to read. Probably the DIY section alone will attract the readers.


It has science, American culture, gear, ideas, business, security and transportation categories in the main menu. It also has news videos. The Grear section reviews the upcoming technologies with pros and cons. Wired has a print edition, which can be subscribed either as a soft edition or a print edition.

Live Science

Trending, climate, archaeology, tardigrades and aliens sections in the menu. This also has videos and photographs well organised. It has menu leading to the different sections such as news, tech, health, planet, earth, strange news, animals, history, culture, space & physics. It has an astronomy-related wallpapers section.

Big Think

It has discovered, video, podcast, newsletter sections in the main menu. It has trending news column to the right. The discover section has Popular, Surprising science, Personal growth, Mind & brain, Sex & relationship, Technology & Innovation, Culture & Religion, Politics & current affair sections. Videos section has scroll sensitive autoplay videos starting with trending to less important ones.

New Scientist

It is one of the world-famous news magazines. It has the main menu on News, Technology, Space, Physics, Health, Environment, Mind, Video, Tours, Events and Jobs. It also has good amount of videos as well as advertisements. It has a special section on scientific heritage tour opportunities, programmes and events details as well as job opportunities in science.

Discover - Science for the curious

It is a photo mag type of site with a matrix design. It has sections on health, mind, brain, biology, space, blog, podcast and videos. Its news staff is interestingly arranged on a drop-down screen for each of the interactive menus with photos and article headings. It also has a print edition, which can be subscribed online.

California Agriculture

California Agriculture is a quarterly agricultural journal reporting research, reviews and news on agriculture, nature and human resources in California. It is published by the University of California, USA.

Indian Science News Resources

Science Reporter - NISCAIR India

Full-text articles online from research journals published by CSIR-NISCAIR, New Delhi can be downloaded from this open-access server site. It serves around twenty full-text journal articles downloadable without restrictions.

STEAMindia Reports

News Related to Science, Technology, Environment, Agriculture and Medicine in India. Articles are mostly by freelancers, therefore occasional updates.

Down to Earth

The blog site of Indian 'Down to Earth' fortnightly magazine, more on environment and sustainability, climate, etc. The DTE website also has Africa section. It is more on environment and related sciences. Some of the columns are by the environmental activists.

Indian Horticulture

Indian Council of Agricultural Research publishes different media resources on agriculture, horticulture, farming, etc. Indian Horticulture, Indian Farming, ICAR News and ICAR Reporter are the main publications. These are available on ICARs official website for download by the public.

Science India

Science including chemistry, biology, environmental science, mathematics, physics and general science articles blog.

Scientific India

News summary of the monthly magazine, 'Scientific India'. It has Home, Science, Health, Space, Technology, Environment, Mindblower, Entertainment, History, National Security & Defense, Social Issues, etc. sections.

Indian Academy of Sciences Portal

Open Access - Current Science - Resonance - Journal of Science Education

It is the site of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru, India. It has open access science journals online, such as Bulletin of Materials Science, DIALOGUE: Science, Scientists, and Society, Indian Academy of Sciences Conference Series, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, Journal of Biosciences, Journal of Chemical Sciences, Journal of Earth System Science, Journal of Genetics, Pramana – Journal of Physics, Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences, Resonance – Journal of Science Education, Sadhana, and Current Science, etc.

LEISA - Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture

A simple, working alternative to expensive, risky, harmful, chemical agriculture. It has articles written by agricultural scientists and farm journalists. It is a magazine on ecological agriculture, a one-stop treasure of practical field experiences.

Dream 2047

Dream 2047 is an R&D magazine from the Govt. of India. It covers the latest development in the field of science, technology and agriculture in India. Its issues are available online in pdf.


Span is a magazine from the Embassy of US in India. Science & Technology news from the United Nations is available online in a dedicated section. It has an online edition carrying important content.

Printed versions of Indian science magazines
Printed versions of Indian science magazines

Rest of the World Science News Resources

Science Focus - The Home of BBC Science Magazine

Frontier sciences, everyday sciences and nature are included in the site. It has a science focus podcast on a variety of science subjects, including the peripheral subjects.

Cosmos - The Science of Everything

Geology, mathematics and palaeontology are also included here in this Australian science news site. The topics include biology, geoscience, mathematics, palaeontology, physics, space, technology, archaeology, chemistry, space, climate, society, science fiction, etc.

Australian Science

As is proclaimed 'Australasian Science: Australia's authority on science since 1938' it has vivid subject materials on news and views. It has various columns such as curious kids, dig deep, etc.

Asian Scientist

It has top science news, pharma and academia and is a Singapore site. It has a print edition, the articles of which are also appearing here. Most of the scientific advancements are from Singapore and Japan.

The UNESCO Courier - Many Voices, One World

It is the e-book softcopy site of the magazine on science and earth corner, related issues and opinion. Building peace in the minds of men and women is the theme of this site.

Deutsche Welle - Tomorrow Today - The Science Magazine

It is a dynamic IP site with more video content and periodic podcasts on the latest science discoveries.

The Netherlands open access journals

Science open access resources for scientists, teachers, students, business people online.

Quest - Sabinet - Science for South Africa

Open access and free contents of African science resources. We can download the required articles online.

Sputnik News International

This is Russian science, technology and development news site for the world. Sputnik has dedicated science and technology news section under Tech column. It has the latest top stories, military intelligence, science video, society, trending news, etc. It has infographics and opinion and analysis sections. It has a dedicated radio section as well.

Euro Scientist

It is a blog site of European scientists, carrying out conversations by the scientific community for science. It has science in society, communication, responsible science, science and policy, innovation, funding, ethics, responsible science, podcast, etc. columns for online readers. It also has the latest videos and popular discoveries column.

Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Blog

This is a blog maintained by science writers for the knowledge of the global community. It keeps science communication as the systematic platform and shares various science communicators, their experience in various media and communication technology trends.

Project Gutenburg - free online resources
Project Gutenburg - free online resources

With media connection remain abreast

In the present day world of the Internet of Things and open-source content, we have voluminous data sharing on scientific information. Sometimes it also becomes difficult to know what is real and what if unrealistic. Therefore, only follow reliable sites like the above ones which care for value. There is a lot of information content available on Wikipedia, Quora, Hubpages,, Britannica, etc. on the web in the science subjects, which are also very useful. There are plenty of blogs by scientists and science writers on the Internet. However, it is hard to locate these online. In such a situation, search engines would find a solution.

Scientific journals

Direct technology driving forces are through scientific journals. These publish research results and findings with credible data and are valued by the expert reviews. There are hundreds of general as well as subject-specific journals published by organizations, government as well as publishing houses. Some of the research findings are accepted by the scientific community only if they are published in good ranked scientific journals, even for an award of science degrees and doctorate and post-doctoral research.


Highly valued, directly commercial and significant inventions are either patented or registered in the appropriate books of record. Such inventions change or revolutionize the world. Today's technology-driven development has got immensely benefitted by such inventions. These are first published in such authoritative communications and then make news in the science media. WIPO world patents, US patents, European patents, Japanese patents, India patents, so on, there are major patent granting bodies worldwide.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Halemane Muralikrishna


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