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How to set up the wireless router

Updated on April 2, 2012

Router Hardware Setup

With the technological advancements in media and entertainment, all new devices support wireless internet technology. We all (in U.S.) have easy and cheap access to cable or DSL internet connections. We are also aware that we can setup a wireless router to share this connection without wires to multiple rooms and with all family members.


Wireless routers are more a need than a luxury here. Those who are new to these things, would spend large sums of money on getting a technician to set up their new router. However this article is going to help you save money on hardware set up costs. If you have questions related to software setup of router then post a comment here.


So here are the steps to setup your wireless router hardware:


I am assuming you would have either DSL modem or cable modem, so

  1. Disconnect your DSL/Cable modem from power line

  2. Disconnect your computer network/Ethernet cable from DSL/Cable Modem

  3. On back of the router you would notice 4 ports together and one port on side next to power inlet or antenna (see image below). Usually the side port would say WAN or internet connection. The others would be labeled 1 - 4 or LAN.

  4. Now take another Ethernet cable (usually blue or yellow) and comes with your router box, and plug one end in cable/DSL modem and 2nd end in the side port (labeled internet connection)

  5. So now connect the network/Ethernet from your computer to any port of the ports on your wireless router (labeled 1-4).. Generally manufacturer's document would recommend preferred port (mostly no 4)

  6. Now power up your DSL/cable modem, wait for 2 minutes and power up your wireless router. you would notice a series of blinking lights first on your cable/DSL modem and then same thing on your wireless router. give them time till number of blinking lights become stable on both equipments

  7. Now that you have connected the router, go to your computer and open internet explorer

  8. Type (or home or the IP address suggested by your manufacturer)

  9. This will take you to wireless router setup screen that will help you setup security items for the router including a security password so that your neighbors can not use your network.

Also most routers would give you option to limit the mac address of connected PCs, only selecting channel a or b or g or n. All such details are captured in router manuals. My favorite ones are online manuals generally available from wireless router manufacturer's website.


Ask me questions on hubpages, if you want to know about a specific router brand or any technical concepts or clarifications

rear view of a netgear router wgr614v6


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