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Simpleupdates Content Management System | How to Easily Create and Update Your Website

Updated on July 28, 2011

Easy create and update your website, no programming skills needed

What is Simpleupdates?

An automatic web software that can help you create and update your own website

Have you ever wished you could:

Easily keep your site current?

* avoid complex website code?

* have multiple people work on site updates?

* make updates from any internet connected computer?

* have a secure online members picture directory?

* have a simple photo gallery tool for your website?

* Utilize any website look & feel or design

* Unlimited number of users, unlimited number of pages.

You've found the solution: SimpleUpdates. It's right here!

"With Simple Updates I can update my website online from anywhere, anytime! I don't have to wait for someone else to do it for me!"

Simpleupdates is easy to use!
Simpleupdates is easy to use!

A feature-rich, database-driven, website management system

This feature-rich, database-driven, website management system is low cost and easy to maintain. You can be up and running with your website within minutes!

Take a look at what our satisfied customers have to say about the ease and power of SimpleUpdates content management system.

SimpleUpdates offers many features and it is available in 6 languages: English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Portugese and Italian.

Our packages include using SimpleUpdates on our servers, web hosting, professional technical support. You can have all these features for only $20/month!

Custom design and programming, additional support time is available for low rates ($55/hour)

Lucian Web Service has a partnership with SimpleUpdates ( to bring this excelent Content Management System to you!

Contact Simpleudates at for a FREE DEMO, and see how easy it is to update your website.

Visit us at .

* * *

Now, I want to review this with you and tell you why Lucian Web Service will be able to offer you proffesional web services. With an experience of 20+ years of programming, Lucian Web Service helped hundreds of businesses, Christian Organizations and Charities to have an impecable web presence.

We listen to customer needs, we are trustworthy, we work fast, we deliver quality graphics and web aspect, we make your website to be visible into search engines (SEO - search engine optimization). In two words: Try Us!

In today's world, in a multitude of choices, it's not randomly that you found us. Let us do the work for your website!


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