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skyp portable

Updated on March 21, 2009

Skype Portable for a USB stick or portable drive.

As mentioned in the introductory statement, putting Skype on a USB stick is relatively easy and requires really no programing skills. This way you can catch up with your Skype contacts, and if you have Skype message service retrieve your messages. Now I've only tested it for the Windows version, so there may need to be some adjustments for Mac/Linux users.

1. Obtaining the newest version of Skype (I have used both version 3.0 and 4.0 - latest version on the USB stick). Install it on your computer, in your normal way.

2. Now begins the surgery, locate Skype.exe. Unless you directed it somewhere else it should be C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe

3. Select or highlight Skype.exe and then copy - Click edit and select copy or right click mouse and select copy.

4. Create on your USB stick, a directory/folder called "Skype". Open the directory by double clicking on it, and paste your new copy of Skype.exe into this directory

5 Create a directory/folder called "data" in the same directory where you put your Skype.exe

To create folders/directories Click File - select new - select Folder or right click inside explorer area and select New - select Folder. Name it accordingly.

In this case example an older version of Skype was already being used, so we are updating.  But even without the previous version all the steps are the same.

6. Open up Notepad. Type or copy and paste the following line in your notepad:

skype.exe /datapath:"Data" /removable

7. Now save your Notepad file, by opening File, select "Save as", browse over to your USB stick and save it in the Skype directory/folder on it as "Skype.bat"

Your Skype USB directory should look something like this by now if all was done correctly.

There was some extra stuff, and would of distract you.
There was some extra stuff, and would of distract you.

To Run your USB Skype.

When you insert the USB stick in any Windows based computer, just select the directory Skype, open it and select the Skype.bat and either double click or open it.  The Bat will open a DOS box and start your Skype.

If the computer you are using already has Skype on it, your version will be the one running; with whatever your settings are that you choose.  So now you can take your Skype with you, use it to chat, call, or catch up on messages, or file transfers.  Have fun

Now if have a SanDisk or USB stick with U3 on it. 

1. Just select your install options and locate Skype on it, or download from the U3 site.

2.  Select Install, and it will install in the U3 portion of your SanDisk.  Your now set to go.

Both versions have been tested.  At the Unversity library I have been able to retrieve my messages and return phone calls.  So it has been handy.

Skype Version 4.0 Running

Skype version 4.0 running from the USB stick.
Skype version 4.0 running from the USB stick.


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