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Computerized Hair Sony's Smart Wig

Updated on October 5, 2015

The Smart Wig

The Hair of the Future

Just when I thought that I have heard it all, I hear more. I don't know what pills technology is popping but they sure have given technology one heck of an imagination. Now I, like a lot of women do like my bad hair day wigs but the idea of wiring it up is another thing altogether. Imagine walking around with a wired device wrapped around your head. Will it work, is it safe and what purpose does it serve?
Sony filed a patent application for wearable technology. This application at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is for a wig. That's right, you have a smart phone, now you have a smart wig. They are truly trying to cut out a piece in the wearable technology field. There seems to be mixed feelings about Sony's new invention. According to my research there are those who see little to no commercial appeal for the smart wig. But we do live in a world where some people find the unique/odd very appealing. I guess only time will tell.

The Smart Wig
The Smart Wig

What can a smart wig do?

  • The first thing that the smart wig does is that it looks like a wig/your hair to give you that natural feel.
  • Sensors within the wig will be able to detect things like blood pressure, brain waves.
  • It will be able to communicate with other wireless devices (smart phones).
  • Navagation, as strange as it may sound it supposedly is going to be able to send pulses to your scalp to let you know which direction to go in.
  • For the blind it will help them navagate without the assistance of someone else.
  • Wig to wig communication, really how can you make this stuff up ?
  • Virtual reality hook-up for the gamer.
  • Possible wi-fi, bluetooth device connections.
  • Future talk is that it will intergate a video camera

I am not sure if all this sounds like a good idea or if it's just weird. The only thing that comes to my mind when I think about the smart wig is metal head.

Hair Technology

Communication interface, control units and other components are all within the wig itself. There will be little to no visible devices showing. So you won't look like a medal head but is it possible that you may feel like one ?
I'm not saying that this thing can't work but is there really a market for it. Can you imagine being on a date and your wig starts to vibrate or pulse ? I really don't need another device to tell me that my phone is ringing or I have a text because I have a phone for that. Maybe if I had no phone and the smart wig was capable of dialing numbers and writing text it would serve a purpose. Then again being the first one on your block with high-tech hair may be all you need to invest in it.
All smart phones today come with a navigation app already installed or one that can be downloaded. Even today's cars are either built with a navigation system or you can add one. I see no need for a third device or my hair telling me where to go. Although I must admit that it may serve a purpose with the blind. Wearable computing technology may be the future but I am not sure where the smart wig fits in our daily lives. At present it is still in the research stage but tomorrow may be a different story.

Sony Contributions:

  • Sony Contributions:
  • 1965 the video tape/cassette recorder, Ampex Technology helped on this pioneering venture.
  • 1979 came with music, the Sony Walkman, the first personal stereo available to consumers.
  • 1980 the compact disc, Phillips Corporation joined with Sony on this one.
  • 1982 the flat-panel display paved the way for today's flat-screen TVs/monitors.
  • 1982 the Camcorder, with the combination of the video camera and recorder became a single device for the first time.

Today we have the Sony SmartWatch, coming to a head near you "The SmartWig".


The smart wig and other smart devices


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