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Facebook And You! Don't Fire Me Bro!

Updated on June 6, 2014

Venting Your Frustration

To post, or not to post? That is indeed the question. We all take part in some way, shape or form, via twitter, instagram, pintrest, tumbler, etcetera. Human beings are social creatures. We need to express ourselves. however, some may not take kindly to your expression. be wary of how you tell the world how we feel. You might think It is only fair right? Better out then in right? wrong. What you say about an overreaching supervisor or Under performing co worker can get you fired. Living in the information age comes with great responsibility. we must err on the side of caution. Lets look a little closer at this modern age phenomenon.

Free speech?

Still reading? Good. Here is the scoop! The united states constitution only protects your rights to free speech in public places and venues such as schools, hospitals, police stations and amusement parks! However, in the case of your employer, They have their own constitution and power of attorney. Which you have most likely voluntarily signed upon hire. Nowadays prospective employers sneak in as much fine print as possible, in order to prevent any lawsuits or bad publicity from hindering their business. Almost every company, both small and large, Have statutes on internet usage at the work place. Once you leave you are free to do as you please, right? wrong. If what you post on your own time is brought to the attention of your employer, things will get really messy on both ends. This is not an entirely new concept. Facebook and social media firings have been around for years now. Their legitimacy and handling however, are left at the discretion of your employer.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Power At Your Fingertips
Power At Your Fingertips

In Retrospect

In this day and age, it is safe to assume that anything you say can and will be used against you, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Should that stop you from posting how you feel? not necessarily. We all must be mindful of our opinions. What that means is, If you post something vulgar, profane, unprofessional, or distasteful, Make it as vague as possible. No personal names or locations. No hints or acknowledgement of any person, place or thing. You have every right to feel the way you do. It is very difficult to stand firm in your beliefs and maintain your integrity when the world and employers alike want to strip you of your individuality, to conform to preset standards. Jobs are scarce and pay is less then fair. That does not mean you have to sacrifice your moral compass. You are entitled to fair and equitable treatment, despite your beliefs and opinions. Society forms their own opinions of your actions. You will be surprised by the support you receive if and when you reach out. Many other people have been in this exact situation, their stories might sound similar to yours.

Tell The World Your Story

Share Your Experience!
Share Your Experience!

Final Thoughts

As is my understanding, the world is unfair and unnecessarily cruel. We live in a society where free thinkers and those who think critically and question the status quo are scrutinized and isolated. We must understand this fundamental truth, We are not alone in this. We choose what values we instill through our everyday actions. We make mistakes, i know. But, we learn from them and move forward towards a positive future. Getting fired for something as trivial as a Facebook post can be disillusioning, perplexing, and out right embarrassing. We live in highly competitive and uncertain times. The actions we take speak volumes about our character. I regret nothing. At the end of the day, we have to live with the choices we make. we should never sacrifice our integrity for the sake of profit. share your experience and lets move forward as a society.

You Are Not Alone

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    • HenryQuiles profile image

      Henry Quiles 3 years ago from Reading, PA

      Let your voices be heard! Don't let them stifle your opinions!