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Solar Power Supply for Uninterrupted Power Supply for Your Homes to Do Away with Darkness

Updated on November 22, 2019
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The author is postgraduate in Botany and experienced in IPR handling as well as agribusiness management with an MBA, lives in a farmhouse.

Sunlight as the prime energy source

In the future, if you are looking for some new place for living, apart from the availability of water, road connectivity, parking space and good neighbours, think of what is futuristic and more important. That is the sun-lit roof for roof-top solar harvesting. You can harvest solar power for two things. One is for heating the water and another is for generating electricity. Yes, you can be the owner of your powerhouse.

It is not only for the new place. In the existing place also you can think of having one of this kind. Just like drinking water security and food security, renewable energy & power supply security is getting more and more importance these days.

So how is your plan to bring the sun to your living rooms to stay away from the darkness permanently? Unlike the hydel power turbines converting the mechanical energy into electricity or the thermal power plants converting the heat energy into mechanical energy and electrical energy or the atomic reactors converting the chemical energy into electricity, the solar power is a silent yet powerful source of energy. What you require here is your determination and availability of sunlight. Direct sunlight must be available for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. The solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity because of the electrochemical reactions in response to light. The requirement is the light, not the heat. Most important thing is that the solar photovoltaic panels have to get exposed to the sunlight completely, not giving any room for the shadow to cover the panel in any of the corners, on any place. If the shadow falls on the panel in any part of the plane, what happens is that this circuit gets broken and the productivity completely diminishes, because of the shadow. So look for a place where you can get sunlight throughout the year. The identified place must be a static one and should not hinder later on, for dusting and cleaning of the panels or vulnerable to wind or other mechanical problems.

Outdoor solar photovoltaic panels
Outdoor solar photovoltaic panels

Technical aspects of solar power supply

Importance of UPS

Those who have already installed the inverters for emergency power backups maybe knowing the importance of uninterrupted power supply at homes. Power supply is bothering for everyone in the present-day life because without electricity nothing is virtually possible. Traditional power supply systems facing many problems and are dependent on multiple factors in the event of power failure. In developed countries, the power supply is becoming costly. In Asian countries, the situation is highly vulnerable and power supply problems are part of life for everyone. Uninterrupted power supply makes life very comfortable. It helps in controlling the climate inside the home utilizing the fans and the coolers, food cooking systems, washing and cleaning systems, computers and connectivity, various types of entertainments and of course lighting the ambience.

Capacity requirements

If you wish to have a solar electric supply for your home first have a calculation about the requirement of power capacity. An incandescent lamp or a TV, tube light, or a computer will require about 40 watts of electricity per hour. A ceiling fan also may require the same amount of electricity. Wall mount fan or table fan will require 100 watts. A mixer grinder will need 600 Watts of electricity machine will need about 200 Watts of electricity. As compared to this the LED lamp will need only 10 Watts of electricity. you may understand what is the importance of changing the incandescent lamps with LED lights. LED lights are a boon for the photovoltaic power systems. Changing the tube lights and incandescent lights with LED and changing the CRT televisions with LED-backlit LCD televisions save a lot of electricity. If you change the conventional refrigerator with hi-tech inverter compatible refrigerators, which save a lot of electricity to suit the solar systems. Make a thorough calculation and determine the power requirement.

Suppliers of reliable equipment

Then find out the solar power services available in your location and obtain the service. Do an installation, which will be optimum for your power requirement.

Robust supplies

For a family of four to five people, a solar panel of 180 square feet and an inverter of one kilowatt will be sufficient, in a location where 8 to 10 hours of sunlight is falling on the panels.

  • Have massive input of power with sufficient solar panels.
  • Have a robust power storage system to hold and generate power.
  • Have a medium but premium output inverter system for long-duration power supply.

There are different agencies which are providing solar electric power installation services. Green energy revolution and supporting the alternative energy resources for overcoming the burden on traditional power supply systems various governments are providing promote you and support you places. Find out the details of these well in advance, so that you can utilise their support, provided you are fulfilling the guidelines laid out by them.

Line-interactive and hybrid systems have limitations. Therefore, it is the best idea to have a standalone system dedicated to one's own house.

Solar photovoltaic panel of about 40 sq ft area
Solar photovoltaic panel of about 40 sq ft area
Solar panel simulation testing results
Solar panel simulation testing results
180 AH  tubular plate lead acid batteries
180 AH tubular plate lead acid batteries


Once the solar system installed it is almost trouble-free. Since the power storage is done with the batteries, which need occasional maintenance services. Subsequent overheads are also dependent on the quality of these batteries. Other components of the system are completely dependable and are not quickly depleting over time. Good solar panels are having a life of more than 20 years.

Most people ask is the solar power supply system is very costly. Outwardly it may figure out costly, but, when we compare it to any other uninterrupted power supply systems, these are highly competitive and cheaper. But certainly, it is costlier than the traditional power supply. But remember, the value of the requirement arises to overcome the troubles faced because of the traditional electrical power supply systems. It is to release you from the tangles faced by everyone over the years and fed-up with the drawbacks. So when you compare the convenience with cost these are certainly affordable for greenery development.

Compare among the available options

Comparison is always good for taking up the correct steps. Since now there are many players in the market, you may get a comparative statement from the competent service providers to decide which is the best one for you. Well planned the strategies can help you save overheads on a long term basis.

Start-up encouragements

The Indian government has signed an agreement to install solar electric power supply for the United Nations Organisation headquarters. It is appreciated all over the world for taking such a bold initiative. The entire globe is now looking forward to harvesting the maximum out of the naturally untapped sources of energy. Be it water, wind, biogas or organic resources or agriculture, wherever you consider shaking your hands for it, you will find a lot of options to go green and save the Earth from future power crisis.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Halemane Muralikrishna


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