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Speedy Pin Phone Card Company Review

Updated on May 19, 2012

Are Their Prepaid Calling Cards Reliable?

Speedy Pin has been in the phone card business since 1997. If you have done a search for phone card companies on Google, you will see that they have a strong brand name on the Internet.

And rightfully so because through all the years that they have been in business they have provided low priced quality phone cards to the their customers. I am one of those customers. There is a video below where you can watch me log into my Speedy Pin account.

I do this to show you that I have used their phone cards and still continue to do so. So this is not just any random review.

Who Should Use Speedy Pin's Phone Cards?

Anyone who makes frequent international phone calls will benefit from using a phone card. Phone cards were mainly found in conveinence stores before the advent of the online shopping on the Internet.

Speedy Pin has simplified the process of searching for high quality phone cards that are backed by a 100% product guarantee.

So who will benefit from using Speedy Pin's phone cards?

  • Business people who have to keep in touch with clients all over the world.
  • Students who have to call their parents for extra cash (And to say hello of course).
  • Men and woman who are in the military and want to hear the comforting voices of their loved ones.
  • Travelers who can't wait to tell their co-workers their latest adventures and exploits.

Whatever the reason may be, Speedy Pin's phone cards provide an easy and economical means of communicating with people where ever you may be.

Please Read This

The third column where you see the 1.1¢ rate is for when you call a cell phone. I'm pointing this out to you because many people think that the rate applies to land lines as well as cell phones.

So remember, calling a cell phone with a phone card will always result in a slightly higher call per minute rate.

Some Helpful Hints On Buying Phone Cards From Speedy Pin

Right below you will find a chart with phone card rates for calling Thailand.

Speedy Pin usually gives you 6 of the best phone card choices for you which ever country you desire to call.

Notice that the first three cards have a .69¢ Weekly fee (This is a maintenance fee that is deducted off the credit of your phone card in a weekly basis). But the bottom three phone cards have no such fees.

Now if you look closely at the first three cards you will notice that the call per minute rate on the first column shows the price range from 1¢ to 1.4¢.

The bottom three call per minute rates range from 1.9¢ to 2.7¢. But those cards have no fees at all.

So now you know that phone cards with the lowest rates come with the most fees.

So which phone card should you choose?

Well this all depends on your calling habits. Let's say that you call your Aunt Petunia in Thailand almost every day of the week. For this scenario I would go ahead and choose the first phone card. Why? Because I know I will finish off the phone card within the week. Therefore avoiding the .69¢ weekly fee.

Speedy Pin's Thailand Phone Card Rates

Watch Me Log Into My Speedy Pin Account

Speedy Pin Phone Card Guarantee

Here is a quote taken from Speedy Pin's website about their phone card's 100% guarantee.

"If a carrier is unable to provide a satisfactory remedy, customers must contact SpeedyPin within 30 days of the original purchase date to begin an inquiry. We will intervene on your behalf with the carrier to have a phone card or lost minutes promptly replaced, or we will provide you with additional minutes to make up for a defect unresolved by the carrier."

Benefits Of Using Speedy Pin's Phone Cards

Speedy Pin takes your credit card information seriously. After you have finished your credit card transaction, Speedy Pin will only release the phone card's PIN number to you after they have confirmed your identity.

There are two ways to have your identity confirmed. The first is you can do it online, by answering a few questions that only you should know. Another way is they will have a customer service representative call you to make sure you are the owner of the credit card.

With internet fraud running rampant it is good to see Speedy Pin doing their part to protect a consumer's identity.

Another benefit of using Speedy Pin's phone cards is their 100% phone card guarantee. So if you have any problems with your phone cards, you can call their toll free customer care service and state your problem and they will help you to resolve it.

To purchase long distance and international phone cards click here for Speedy Pin's Website.

Speedy Pin

If you have used Speedy Pin before, let us know what you think.

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    • Edwin Clark profile image

      Edwin Clark 8 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      Thanks phone card guy. I appreciate your remarks, take care!

    • profile image

      Phone Card Guy 8 years ago

      What an excellent writeup! This is by far on of the best writeups/reviews I've seen for phone cards (aka calling cards). Keep up the great work!