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stapleless stapler review

Updated on September 11, 2012

Did you ever think for a second how many staples are used by the world in a year? We use staples to bind from two to several hundreds of papers together. Sometimes we need to attach the pages together for few minutes or for few days. Then the staple is removed and send to the dust bin. Is it not wise to use staple less binding method for this type of situations?

According to Amazon more than one billion tons of steel is used for making staples in every year. This metal has to be mined refined and shipped to a factory to make these staples. If we use the staples for few hours or few days it is a waste of a limited resource and more importantly polluting the environment.

But luckily there is an Eco friendly way of doing it now. Use a staple less stapler.

The common features of this product are

  • Requires no metal staples
  • Works almost same as conventional metal based stapler
  • Ideal to attach cheques to the slips or vouchers where no staples can be used
  • Easy to recycle the paper as there is no need to remove the staples

Benefits that you will get

  • Never run out of staples
  • Saves more money
  • Express yourself as an environment friendly human being!

Following are the top rated stapleless staplers

1.Kokuyo Harinacs Japanese Stapleless Stapler

This product from Japan, may be the best staple less stapler among the lot. It can bind up to 8 sheets of paper together simply the double of the number of papers that can be done using an average staple free stapler. Also this is very durable and fastens the papers as a normal metal staple stapler would do. Although a bit high on price when compared to the others this is the most recommended staple free stapler.

2. Pencil Grip The Classics Staple Free Stapler

This one can fasten up to 5 sheets of paper together. This is the stapler I would recommend for kids due to its way of operation and design. No risk or damage to the kids at all. The kids will find it very easy and fun to use.

3. Plus Paper Clinch Stapleless Stapler

  • This can fastens up to 4 sheets of paper without a metal stapler.
  • Ideal for kids since there is no risk of damage through metal staples.
  • Shredder and recycle friendly: there is no risk of damaging the shredder or the recycle process
  • Ergonomically designed for one handed use

4.PaperPro Prodigy Stapler

If you still prefer a traditional stapler, this is the one I recommend. Very nicely designed and durable and it can staple through up to 25 sheets of papers with one finger. Averagely priced but worth the price. I am sure many of you have experienced jammed staplers very often, but the story of this one is different. It jams very rarely.


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    • IndikaT profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

      You are absolutely correct Victoria. These are going to be the products for the future! Thanks for commenting..

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 

      8 years ago from London

      The staple free stapler is a genius idea, much better for saving energy resources on the planet.x


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