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Cybercrime, stay safe on the internet

Updated on July 22, 2013

What is cybercrime?


Crime is an act or omission of a person by which he breaks the law and that act or omission is punishable under law. The punishment may be imprisonment or fine or both. It may be against of a person, property, business or government. And the person who has done this called criminal.

Basically any crime or illegal activity committed with the help of computer or internet can be called cyber crime. It is also called computer crime.
With the development of technology criminals adopt the new techniques and Cyber crime is basically extension of traditional crimes with the help of these techniques.



Easy crime in nature

A crime of any nature is not good of any society. It always make a bad effect on the society.A report based on studies said that there are about ten cyber crime takes place within one minute. The cyber crime affects easily People, property, business and Government or organisation.

The question is why it occurs very easily?
Answer is the nature of cybercrime is very easy that is why occurs very often and easily. There are numbers of ways for doing a cyber crime. If any person want t do a traditional crime then it required a lot of things and the risk is also very high on the other and a person who want to do a cyber crime, the only need is there, a computer and skills of the person. If he is able he can do this from his home.
Suppose that a person want to hack your email password, he uses a password hacking program with the help of some personal information of your's and he has done this.


The effects of cyber crime on society

Any type of crime is harmful for society either traditional crime or cyber crime. The cyber criminals basically attack on information of a people or organisation. The nature of cyber crime is virtual but its effects is always natural.

Cyber crime effects our society by four ways.
1. Cyber crime against people
A person is a easy target of cyber criminals. There are many ways by which a cyber crime has done against the person. This includes hacking of your email account, social account , download your protected data, post something behalf of you which may be decrease your online identity.
2. Cyber crime against property
By this way criminals target your personal data related to money and property after that they do fraud and gain illegal profit.
3. Cyber crime against businesses, and
By this way criminals hack the server of a company and destroy the data by which a company suffers the loss. Sometimes they do some financial loss with the help of the data.
4. Cyber crime against government or organisation.
Government and organisation also a target of cyber criminals. They can hack the sensitive data of Government from official websites and misuse it.

Is available international law is sufficient for Cybercrime?

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Value of computer and internet in our life

The grow of computer and the Internet are very fast in these days. The forms of a computer change day by day, and it become smaller. There was a time when it was not easy to move a computer from one place to another place. Even so, due to speedy development now it is available in the forms of Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. They are very easy to carry. Due to this development, we use a computer very frequently. We do our important work with the help of computer. On the other word, we can say that our dependency on a computer increases to the level where we cannot live without a computer and the Internet.

Then the question is if we not in the position to leave the computer and internet then how will we protect ourselves from the cyber crime?
The answer is that you don't need to leave the computer and internet but you need to change the way by which you use a computer or internet and stay safe on computer and internet.

Stay safe


How to stay safe on the internet

It is true that the cybercrimes occurs very easily but due to this we cannot leave to use the computer and internet. Here I mentioned some ways by which you prevent yourself from attacks of cyber criminals. They Are-

1. Always use a high quality Antivirus software.
2. regular scan your computer with the help of Antivirus.
3. Keep your computer update.
4. Always keep your firewall on.
5. Always choose a strong password.
6. don't write your password at anyplace only memorize it.
7. Change your password in regular intervals.
8. use different password for different websites.
9. Don't share your personal important information like, credit card number or bank account to any person.
10. Never open an email attachments without proper scan.
11.Beware from phishing, don't respond or click on any message who offers you an unbelievable service or thing.
12. In the case of children, parents should have to give proper guidance to children and watch what they do on the Internet.
13. Last but not least, always report the proper authority when you know that you are the victim of cybercrime.

These are some step by which you protect yourself from cyber crime but these steps may be not sufficient without your proper awareness

Social, Smart, Secure. Tips for Staying Safe Online

what to do after being a cyber crime victim?

If you are a cyber crime victim then you should not sit silent. You should fight against cyber criminals.

Follow these steps when you know you are also a victim of cyber crime.-
1. If cyber crime is against to your money then first contact your service provider like bank or credit card company etc. request to block transaction from your account.
2, Keep the details to transactions if possible.
3. If cyber crime related to hacking of your online account then contact authorities of your online service provider and request them to revert back your online account and data.
4. Save all necessary data and records relating to hacking including I.P. address of the computer from where your account hacked.
5. Contact the proper authority who is able to deal cyber crime and report him about the cyber crime.
6. Last but not least, always follow your case and ask him about progress because you are the victim and your awareness is very necessary.

International scenario on Cybercrime

As we know cyberworld has no border thus cybercrime is also borderless. The man from Europe may commit crime in America. That is why there is need to be a powerful international law against cyber crime. In this perspective, international community trying to make a powerful international law against the cyber crime. These types of law come into the existence by way of the international treaties and conventions.

This is why the international convention on cybercrime in Budapest held in 2001. It is also known as Budapest Convention. The convention agreement was sign by thirty countries including Japan, Canada and USA. The agreement authorize to make a international cyber force to investigate cyber crime. But this is only a beginning, we have to go very far from here.


No doubt internet is a awesome invention and very useful for every man. It has became a important part of our life and we cannot leave this anyway. But there are a lot of trouble presents with this facility. Cyber crime is most dangerous among them. Also the rate of cyber crime increases day by day. The best defence is always be careful when you are using internet, use your common sense. your awareness can help you against cyber crime. If you act smart and follow security measure then the internet is always helpful to you


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    • ladydeonne profile image

      Deonne Anderson 

      6 years ago from Florence, SC

      Cyber Crime is a direct off shoot of our continued reliance on the internet to store our valuable information related to our finances and our other business and personal matters. Our whole lives are an open book in Cyber Space. In order to deter cyber crimes, we need to be more attentive and deligent. We need to make informed decisions as to what we are discussing and what trails we are leaving as we go about our business on a daily basis,


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