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Stupeflix Video Maker

Updated on August 4, 2015

Video Creation Made Easy

All you need to do is add your media and Stupeflix does most of the "editing" for you. You can add text and music to your movie and download it when you're done. All you need is the Stupeflix Editor and you can choose how much work you want to put into it - you can choose transitions and colors, or you can have Stupeflix do it for you.

Stupeflix gives life to digital content by turning it into engaging videos. Stupeflix is a fast and powerful video service with the most affordable and scalable solutions for fully customized video templates. It's as easy as Windows Movie Maker with some extra bells and whistles and for a few bucks it is super easy to publish online!

Video Creation - Flash, Facebok, Flickr, Picasa or Upload Your Own Photos


Stupeflix Studio: Easy Video Creation

Stupeflix Video For Education - Stupeflix in the Classroom

"Creating the slideshow video was easy. I just right-clicked on the pictures on the wallwisher, added the photos to my iphoto library and then uploaded them to Stupeflix. Stupeflix allows you to add text that appears below the picture, perfect for my purposes. I also realized you can add photos using the URL. I clicked on export and my video was completed in a few minutes. I paid the $5 fee for the HD full-length version. As I watched the video I noticed a few spelling errors and had to pay again to fix them. I contacted Stupeflix to tell them about my spelling errors and they responded quickly and offered me a refund since it was the same video. They even found me on twitter to tell me about the refund. Their customer service rocks!"

Stupeflix is a great free tool for students to use to create video montages of images. Stupeflix is a good alternative to old-style, boring slideshows. The captioning and editing tools are easy to use which makes Stupeflix a service that most students above the age of 10 could use and.more importantly, enjoy using.



Award-winning Animoto lets you instantly turn your stunning photos and video clips into beautiful videos - not stale slideshows. Animoto produces TV & film-quality music videos using your photos in just minutes. Simply upload your images & video clips, then choose a song as the soundtrack to your video. Animoto will then analyze every nuance of the song, producing a totally unique video each time. No two videos are ever the same. Videos can then be e-mailed, downloaded, exported to YouTube, burned to DVD, and placed on your website, blog or MySpace.

Create a Wedding Video - Take Photo and Video and Make an Awesome Wedding Show

Free Video Creation - Premium Video Options Available


Hear From One of the Stupeflix Founders

Stupeflix Business Video



GoAnimate is a platform that allows people to express themselves through animation without having to learn to draw or install any software. There are plenty of templates or you can create your very own. Characters are plentiful and completely customizable. You can even add your face or photo to a cartoon. Cartoons are shareable across a number of sites including Facebook. Via a licensing deal with CBS Consumer Products, Go!Animate is giving millions of STAR TREK fans worldwide the ability to create their own STAR TREK animated adventures.

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    • techmathhelp profile image

      techmathhelp 5 years ago

      I make my videos using some free pictures and PPT.