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Updated on March 30, 2012 | Source

Going out for jogging with the ear phones sounds like a real mess …don’t you think? Here’s something very interesting. As the name suggests, the new headset from Jabra is for outdoor sports lovers. It can withstand dust, water and its shock proof…. and provides secure and comfortable fit during exercise. It’s worn on both the ears .The headset doesn’t have a protruding microphone; instead the earplugs are connected with a cable as shown in the picture.

controls on the right , light and easy to use
controls on the right , light and easy to use | Source

The controls are wholly placed on d right ear plug. Pairing the device is much easier than ever as it can take voice commands. It also has powerful bass sound and built in fm radio, AM3D power bass and virtual surround sound for an enhancing music experience. While connected to a handset over Bluetooth, we are able to use the sport for answering calls as well as to enjoy music. It’s definitely one of the best concepts of the year.

perfect fit
perfect fit | Source


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