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the biggest spammers in the world.

Updated on May 4, 2012

Who is the Biggest Spammer?

Everyone who has an email account receives spam mail that the computer detected as fraud and not safe to entertain. The definition of Spam is junk mail or junk newsgroup postings and also known as unsolicited e-mail according to Webopedia.

A study revealed the top countries that have a lot of percentage of global spam sent. Does this mean that our e-mail address are available to just anyone and how does these companies or individuals really get a hold of our e-mail addresses. Below is a list of countries that has a high percentage of global spam sent:

1. India has been given the Dubious Honors of being the biggest source of spam in the world dethroning America, India has 9.3%

2. U.S has 8.3 %

3. South Korea has 5.7%

4. Indonesia and Russia has 5% and

5. Italy has 4.9%

The biggest Spam gangs or Spammers as of May 2012 according to The Sapmhaus Project:

1. Herbal king-India: It is a spam program for snakeoil Body Part Enhancement it deals with frauds involving porn and luxury goods.

2. Bad Cow- Russia federation: founded by an America/Russia criminal Leo Kuvayev he is now in jail and dealt with porn payment collections, fake pharmaceutical etc.

3. Quick Cart Pro-United States: it has connections with Russia, Philippines and Canada. It deals with fake pharmaceuticals and many fictitious identities and aliases.

4. Peter Severa/ Peter Levashov: is a partner with Alan Ralsky and other spam gangs.

5. Canadian Pharmacy- Ukraine: it has been running a pharmacy spam operation for a very long time and probably based in Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine the location is unknown.

These above-mentioned gangs are only a small number of the big spam operations in the world.


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