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The Fairy Ring - Timeless Music by Mike Rowland

Updated on September 13, 2014

As a Natural Health Practitioner I have to play calm, peaceful music in my healing room every day for my clients to create the perfect tranquil environment in which to totally let go.

As you can imagine, listening to the same music day in and day out will get pretty frustrating for me and I've gone through a whole stack of CD's that are supposedly peaceful and relaxing and that freak me out after listening to it twice. Some of them are just downright irritating.

Not so with Mike Rowland's The Fairy Ring. As I did my studies for the healing modality that we do, this music was playing in the treatment rooms as a tape still (that really nails my age!). My own copy of the tape got so gooey from turning it over in the cassette deck with massage oil on my hands in our own treatment room for years afterwards, that we finally chucked it and looked for a CD (and CD player).

It is now in digital form on my tablet which I ended up using after my CD player also finally gave up the ghost, and I still don't tire from the most amazing melodies and enchantment of the piano and soft orchestral instrumentals of The Fairy Ring.

I ended up going back to a mix I made six years ago of music that I can listen to every day, for hours on end and The Fairy Ring is at the top of the list.

As background music it's inspiring.

As uplifting music it's awesome.

As just plain beautiful, it's a must have.

If you love tranquil piano music I'm sure this will be right up your alley.

We don't get an awfully big variety of anything in South Africa and I don't often see other CD's by Mike Rowland around here, although I've looked, except once, so now that I'm online again, and have just discovered that Amazon has a whole schkebangle of his music, I'm putting them on my Wish List...RIGHT NOW!!! (Oh yes, there's probably stacks on YouTube as well...just hang on....taking a side trip quickly...yup...see down below!)

If you are a massage therapist, practitioner or someone working with blind or autistic children, this music is a must as it helps to create the most amazing calming and inspiring atmosphere. If you haven't already heard it, try it. You'll be glad.


Here are some more Mike Rowland options that I've since found and added to my playlist, and I've included another one that's also on our playlists that you might find inspiring, by Terry Oldfield. He's Mike Oldfield from Tubular Bell fame's brother...which would make sense, he's awesome too!( I love Instrumental music!).


This is pretty amazing too!

Dream of Fairies & Angels
Dream of Fairies & Angels

This is also wonderfully beautiful music.


This is one of my other standby's and the most amazing flute harmonies with whale and dolphin sounds. The best I've heard by far of this type. Not intrusive, but totally there. Beautiful.


To whet your appetite, here is Part One of The Fairy Ring.

And just to be funky, I've included a scientific explanation by a nerd of the real fairy rings of mushrooms, although I'm sure the actual fairies still dance around fairy rings around the world and park off under the mushroom umbrellas if you look closely enough...

Do you like Instrumental Music?

See results

Do you like Piano Music? Do you like The Fairy Ring, or other instrumental types of music like it? Would love to know when you like to listen to music like the bath...with some candles ...lying on the the car?

Feel free to leave some fairy dust...


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    • SavioC profile image


      4 years ago

      I have always believed that can actually heal oneself . Thanks for sharing these , will try out Mike Rowland first.

    • MarleMac profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from South Africa

      @tazzytamar: That's great Anna! I'm glad it inspired you and I hope she has hours of joy with it as I've had!

    • tazzytamar profile image


      4 years ago from chichester

      I love this kind of music and am going to buy this album after reading you're review for my mother in law for her next birthday - thank you for the idea!

    • MarleMac profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from South Africa

      @Elsie Hagley: Thank you, Kiwinana! Looks like you need all the help you can get! Everyone seems to be sorting stuff with families in the last year or so, good luck and stay positive.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      4 years ago from New Zealand

      Very nice review. I will have to listen to it and try to relax, not very easy to do these days, I'm having a stressful time selling our farm of 45 years, with family disputes.

    • MarleMac profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from South Africa

      @MarathonRunning: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I've now gotten all his other music online and have upgraded my playlist with some more of his music. So awesome!

    • MarathonRunning profile image


      4 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      Thank you for this nice review! I listened the proposed track while reading the article. Very nice and soothing. I love this kind of music. Well, it`s the only kind of music that I`m listening nowadays because everything else seems to be to much so your proposition is very welcomed :)

    • MarleMac profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from South Africa

      @katiesnow: I also love drumming, it's amazing to do! Thanks for stopping by, Katiesnow.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love calming & soothing euphoric feeling from instrumental music and I also love drumming circles...they have a tranquil effect on ones soul


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