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Why I Chose The Samsung M3 Slimline 2TB Hard Drive (STSHX-M201TCB)

Updated on February 17, 2020

I recently purchased the Samsung M3 Slimline 2TB hard drive and I've been very pleased with my purchase. However, I want to state my unbiased to this product and tell you the reasoning behind owning this hard drive and my own expectations for this product.

Why did I need a new Hard Drive?

I use a variety of systems to connect to the Internet; Laptop, PC and Phone. Through all these 3 mediums, I've found that I've always had adequate space to fulfil my technological needs. However, I've just purchased a 4. The LG 47' Smart TV! As perfect as this TV is, the only thing it's been missing is a memory source to allow for recording/pausing TV. And as such, I decided I would need to buy an external hard drive.

How did I find the Samsung T3?

Like many savvy online shoppers, I like to get the best product for the least money. Therefore, I'm not afraid to admit that I browsed a good number (we're talking 30+!) hard drives reading reviews that customers had written about the product but also the specifications of each. Talking very honestly here, the Samsung M3 came out very favourably for me - and as such, it was a case of just determining the size of memory that I required for my needs. Here's why.

Why the Samsung T3 2TB Slimline drive?

First of all, Samsung is renowned for their quality electrical goods. I imagine there's more people in this world that have heard of Samsung than not - and most would know someone that owned something Samsung related. So their products usually come with a stigma for quality.

However, that wasn't all. In combination of all of the reviews that I read, here's a couple of the main reasons I bought the T3 hard drive:

  • USB 3.0 - USB 2.0 has been around for a long time now, with USB 3.0 becoming increasingly more popular. The great thing about USB 3.0 is that it allows for data transfer between device and hard drive to be MUCH faster than USB 2.0. We're talking 10 times faster! Having said that, the hard drive can be used with USB 2.0 compatible devices also - so as I'm in the market to use this hard drive for a long time, getting USB 3.0 compatibility was a no brainer for me.
  • SafetyKeyTM - Whilst for my TV I don't require any level of security for my hard drive, if I was to use it on a PC/Laptop, the built in functionality called SafetyKeyTM allows users to set a password to restrict access levels to the hard drive at their own leisure.
  • Durable black design - Having my hard drive as a key feature in the central room of my house, I needed a hard drive to be sturdy and not easy to break. Whilst it is a 'slimline' model, it still feels incredibly tough and wouldn't break in a hurry! Again, if I was to make use of this hard drive outside of my living room, I feel I have the security that I could transport it safely and without the possibility of losing my contents.
  • 2TB - For my use, I can record a HUGE number of TV/Films from the TV all onto this little device. Whilst I was debating whether to choose the 500GB or 1TB model - I opted again for the long term strategy of having more memory 'just in case'. However, depending on your own needs, 500GB could be just the ticket.
  • Compatible with other Brands - One concern I initially had, was whether my LG TV would accept a Samsung hard drive. Fortunately, there is no issue with brand vs brand, and the 2 now live together in perfect harmony!


I've only had the hard drive for a couple of weeks but yet, I've used it nearly daily and am yet to experience any problems at all. The size of the device is perfect, and fits discretely next to my TV without any fear of it breaking. And with the USB 3.0 in full use, combined with the masses of space that 2TB provides me with, I know that (like many others) I've found a winner with this hard drive.

SAMSUNG M3 Portable 500GB 2.5-Inch External Bare or OEM Drive STSHX-M500TCB
SAMSUNG M3 Portable 500GB 2.5-Inch External Bare or OEM Drive STSHX-M500TCB
As stated, I would highly recommend the Samsung M3 portable hard drive. If 2TB is too big in size (and pricey) the 500GB offers the same functionality, just smaller memory size

Here is my Samsung M3 Hard Drive in action with my LG Smart TV

Samsung 2TB M3 2.5-inch Portable USB3.0 External Hard Drive
Samsung 2TB M3 2.5-inch Portable USB3.0 External Hard Drive
Similarly, if you're looking for something slightly bigger than 500GB but less than 2TB, this is the one I would recommend

Do you own a Samsung Hard Drive?

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