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The SamuraiMarine Blog

Updated on October 24, 2013

What is the SamuraiMarine Blog

The SamuraiMarine Blog was started by me in 2004 for no other reason than I like to share my opinions and thoughts with people.

Over the years I have kept feeding the beast and writing new items. While I have not gained any notoriety or fame, I have found it very cathartic and uplifting run. I have had a few items reproduced over the years and even had some published in some local print.

My hoped are that sharing this site through Squidoo might introduce my work and efforts to a new market and also allow me a place to share the other works that I am going to start publishing through the Kindle Self-Publishing market.

In addition to my writing, I would like to see what other have to say, both about their sites and work as well as anything they might have to say about me and my work. One thing I have learned over the years is that writing is not a "done deal", no matter how you think you are doing or how good you think you might be, there is always something new to learn and ALWAYS room for improvement.

So this is my invitation to you to join me on this adventure. I will try not to make it boring and I will even offer some of you, if interested, a chance to share in the fun.

What is the SamuraiMarine Blog all about?

What was my intent?

When I started the Blog, I was still a little clueless about what the whole "Blogging" thing was about. So I, like I do with most things in life, researched it for almost a year before I started my first real attempt on the Google Blogger site. Those humble beginnings are still there for everyone to see at the following link:

From here you can see that I was a little green with my style and efforts. But I had the drive and tenacity to keep going, because after three years there, I made the leap and started my own, real, site at:

Originally I was going to dedicate this site to politics and current events. But then I noticed something... There are already so many of those types of sites out there, and they are so common place, that I was certain that mine would just get lost in the moraine. No one would think anything of "just another political site" that some hack wanted to get started.

This prompted me to take the advice of the, then, most important person in my life, my Wife. And make the site about life. Write about a little of everything and maybe even a little about nothing at all. So that is what I did.

What does the SamuraiMarine write about

In a word? Everything.

While there may be lean times when I am suffering sever writer's block, there are other times where I just have a case of literary diarrhea, where I cannot seem to get enough out in the time I have to type.

Reading through my past articles, you may find everything from religious thoughts to technological commentary and thought on social issues. I have learned that sometimes it is helpful to me to get my thoughts out on this medium to help me understand things. There have even been cases where I would start to work on a subject and then, half way through the article, I discover something about it that I previously did not know. And thus through my writing, I discover something about the topic, or about myself, that I did not previously know.

I have also placed requested for topics or ideas on my Facebook page. While no one has ever stepped up and given me something to write about, I always make sure that the offer is there. For that too helps me keep some challenge to this love. If someone gives me an idea to write about something I may not be comfortable with or on top of, then I, once again, get to learn something new about myself.

Life is all about challenges. Someone once told me that if you do not challenge yourself, you do not grow or truly live. I firmly believe that with every ounce of my being.

What were/are my biggest challenges

When I talk to other people about writing, I find that there are a few types of responses. And these tend to be a mixture of dismissal and encouragement. I have discovered many people that are very helpful with ways to help you become a better writer and what to do and not do. Likewise I have met almost an equal number that treat you like something they stepped in that was left in the front yard by the neighbor's dog.

So one of my biggest challenges was finding a support base, so I leaned heavily on my family. They are the single most important support a person can have when you decide you want to write.


Most of the times the stories and thought to write about have no problem finding their way to me. They just happen to cross my mind and I commit them to memory for later. This is why I carry a digital recorder with me everywhere. I find that even in this age where we can write an entire novel on our smartphone, there is still a lot to be said for good old recorder to hear your own voice.

Then there are the stories that happen that we all need to hear or write about at some point. September 11th, 2001 was one of those times, and while my site was not operating at that time, I decided to write something on the 5th anniversary of that day. And later, I would write a piece in the defense of Islam, this was a challenge because I knew I would get heat for it, and I was not disappointed.

Lastly, there are the miracles that need to be written about. In April of 2010 my wife and I found out that we would be having our first child. So in November of that same year I started a 10-week series called "Countdown to Fatherhood". This stands out as my best work of all and I will still go through and read it from time to time.

They are challenges for different reasons... in some cases in that they might offend others and in other cases, because it might be hard to put the thoughts and feelings into words that others might appreciate. But each of these challenges helps you become better with the next item you write.

A little self promotion

As I mentioned earlier, my most challenging and exciting work on my site was when I counted down the last ten weeks before my son was born. I shared that on my site and then created another version, with more detail, and published it through Amazon.

If you are so inclined, I would appreciate the business.

Countdown to Fatherhood: Learning to be a Dad on the fly
Countdown to Fatherhood: Learning to be a Dad on the fly

I kinda like this story, mostly because I wrote it and I lived it.


Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I have written

Please take some time and read and share your comments. Do not be shy.

I want to hear what you have to say... I want to know if you have a question to ask. Hit me!

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