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Best Android Apps Development Tools

Updated on September 27, 2012

What is Google Android and Tools Commonly Used For Apps Development

The Android Operating system is a Linux based Operating system used on mobile devices and smartphones, developed by Google along with Open Handset Alliance. Since the start of the Android OS in 2009 it has always seen a positive growth in its sales and hence has become the biggest smartphone operating system.

Since Android is an open Source operating system and code has been released under the Apache License. The Android Open Source Project has been given the responsibility of maintenance and further development of Android OS. The Open source standards allows various developers to easily work on it and create tremendous apps which work on the OS error free and at affordable prices.

Android App Development tools

Apps on the Android OS are commonly developed using the Java programming on the popular Android Software Development Kit. Though there are many other popular Android Development tools available on the net as well like Native Development Kit for applications or extensions in C and C , Google App Inventor, which is a provides a visual GUI for app development and various cross platform mobile web applications frameworks helps even beginners to create great apps. These applications are accessed by users from Google Play(earlier Android Market) and can be downloaded either by paying some money or for free.

After the recent patent cases filed on Samsung by iPhone Android has also gone on back foot in seeking technological ideas similar to iPhone, rather Google Android is looking to create new amazing apps for users, along with features which can make the Android powered phone more user friendly and feature rich. With the launch of the new iPhone 5 Google has taken a sigh or relief thinking that it is not much of a threat, Google Android still leads the world's market in smart phones and any application developed on Android is sure to reach millions of users if it is innovative and helpful.

Android application development
Android application development

List of Android Apps Development Tools

Android Apps development helps programmers create new applications and softwares for the Android OS which can work on mobile devices and hardware running on Android OS. Android software development or Android apps development is the process by which new applications are created for Android OS. The popularity of Android OS has increased so much over the years that, more than 200,000 applications have been developed from April 2011 with over 3 billion downloads. Some of the popular Software development tools are given below.

Android Apps Development
Android Apps Development

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Android SDK is one of the most popularly used software development kit.The SDK has a set of development tools, which contains debugger, libraries, a handset emulator based on QEMU, also a help documentation for assistance, some sample codes, and tutorials to guide you through the Android development process.

The Android SDK provides you with API libraries and various developer tools necessary to create, test and debug amazing apps for Android OS.

The Android SDK can be used on various platforms including Windows, Linux and other operating systems from here =>

Android NDK
Android NDK

Native Development Kit

The Native development kit helps to compile the libraries written in C and other languages to ARM or x86 native code and can be installed using the Android Native Development Kit. This Native Development kit also helps in compiling a complete application allowing a developer to install it using traditional development tools.

The NDK tool allows you to create C/C++ programs for Android devices, the tool allows you to integrate the itself with the Android SDK (it is also known as the companion tool). The thing to remember about NDK is that it will not be helpful for all the apps.

More info about the NDK can be found here ==>

Android app inventor
Android app inventor

App Inventor for Android

Google App Inventor for Android was originally developed by Google to assist developers to create apps for Android devices. It is now maintained by MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The program gives a graphical user interface to create softwares for Android OS. It can be said similar to the .net IDE which has drag and drop interface. The tool can make use of the various hardware and programs available in an Android device like GPS, accelerometer and orientation data, phone functions, text messaging, speech-to-text conversion, contact data, persistent storage, and Web services, initially including Amazon and Twitter.

The MIT App Inventor's official site is here ==>

Android HyperNext
Android HyperNext

HyperNext Android Creator

This is a software development tool which is focused on novice programmers, allowing them to create their apps, despite the lack of their knowledge of Java language or the Android SDK. The tool is based on HyperCard, which treats software as a stack of cards, much like layers in Photoshop where only one card is visible at a time and hence is quite well suited for mobile phone applications which allow single window operation.

The main programming language used in this tool is called HyperNext and is lightly based on Hypercard's HyperTalk language. The programming language is much like English its many features allow you to create complex programs for Android devices. The interface of this tool is much like a Visual Basic environment you can get the tool from here ==>

Tetris game in simple project
Tetris game in simple project

The Simple project (Simple Compiler and Runtime)

During the 90's there was a programming language called BASIC which was quite popular because it was easy to learn and implement. The Simple Project aims to imitate the success and simplicity of the same. Simple is a BASIC dialect for developing Android Applications. It is best for programmers who are new to Android development. This allows you to quickly create complex codes, by the use of components supplied by its runtime system. The Simple program has two components the form definition which contains the components while the other part contains the code or the program logic. The interaction between the two happens when an event is triggered like a human touch on screen etc.

Event handlers react to those events and process the code related to that event. Much like any other programming language where a mouse click performs some event.

More information about the simple compiler and runtime can be found here ==>

Basic4Android development tool
Basic4Android development tool


Basic4android is a commercial android development tool much like Simple. It is quite similar to a Visual Basic and Visual Studio development environment. Basic4Android claims to be the most simple and powerful Rapid Application Development tool available on the net.

More info about the tool can be found on its official page here ==>

Showcase of some of the apps designed in Basic4android ==>

Adobe flash builder tool
Adobe flash builder tool

Other Android Development Tools

Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe Flash Builder tool is a software which is based on Eclipse development tool for creating mobile applications using Actionscript and the open source Flex framework from Adobe. The good thing about the Adobe Flash Builder is that you can create applications for iOS, Android, and Blackberry at the same time. It has cross platform development capability. The Adobe Flash Builder software is paid but you can try your hands on the trial version of the software. One thing you can assure with this software is a great support and improved versions with each update.

For more information about this tool from Adobe visit here ==>

Here is a showcase of the apps which have been created using Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe AIR

The Adobe AIR runtime also enables developers to create cross platform applications, and use the same code on iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet and Android Devices. This allows developers to use the same code on various platforms without the need of recreation and a lower development cost. The programming language mainly used in Adobe AIR is Action Script, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Battery Tech Android development tool
Battery Tech Android development tool

BatteryTech SDK

BatteryTech SDK which is a high performance mobile platform abstraction framework. It allows you to write C++ code for Android and iPhone applications. It can be used on both Mac and Windows.

More information can be found here ==>

Brightcove app cloud
Brightcove app cloud

Brightcove App Cloud:-

Allows you to create Android and iOS smart phone apps, on cloud, using Javascript, HTML and CSS. The core edition includes cloud based compilation of submission ready binaries which is free to use. Also available is a paid account which provides enhanced features support and other services.

For more information visit here ==>

External Resources More Tools

There are several other tools for mobile application development mentioned below

Zdnet site ==>

Some more resources mentioned on the Wikipedia page ==>

Mobile Apps Development Company ==> TechAhead Mobile Apps Development


Mobile Apps Development Company

There are numerous mobile apps development company across the Globe but TechAhead has the right resources and offers experienced developers who are dedicated towards development of some of the best Android and iPhone apps.

You can reach them at

Training Videos

Watch the training Videos available on Youtube for free Below is one sample video you can find more videos here ==>

A fun poll

Vote for Android iOS
Vote for Android iOS

Android OS Vs iOS which is your favourite ?

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