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Top 10 Apps For Blackberry

Updated on October 18, 2014

A Brief Overview of the Top 10 FREE Blackberry Apps in the Market Today

Although there are not nearly as many apps to chose from, Blackberry has created several worthwhile applications that are not just worth mentioning, they are pretty useful. My top 10 list of Blackberry Apps have turned into applications I can't live without.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)


This stock blackberry app is one of the best instant message clients out there. You often hear lately how the only things that blackberry operating system continues to do well in are the native email client, and BBM.

Blackberry Messenger Video



These days it is essential to have a weather app on your phone, but there are so many to chose from. This free version of the weather client provides just what blackberry owners are looking for - quick access to a weekly forecast and the ability to view current conditions without opening the application.



I had to add one game app into the mix. Ka-glom is a game that verges on Tetris but with its own twist. This game can be higly addicting.

Open Table


This reservation app can save your dinner plans, true story! I recently went to a well known national restaurant chain on a Saturday night with no reservations. I sheepishly asked the hostess how long the wait would be for a table of two... 2 hours! I quickly downloaded this app and found that there were three reservations to chose from at the very same restaurant each within 15 minutes of each other. I booked one and beat the waitlist by a good 90 minutes!



No smartphone is complete without a facebook app. You will find that the Facebook app for blackberry doesn't have enough bells and whistles but it gets the job done. I ranked the facebook app at number 6 more out of importance than for its ease of use.

Facebook Video



The Gmail client for blackberry has become the most used app on my smartphone. It adds much more tools and options than your typical native email client that can import gmail to your inbox on this smartphone. There can be some improvements but they are minor and are probably better saved for an in-depth review.

Gmail Video



Slacker is my second most favorite free music streaming app next to Pandora. I love the interface, and the fact that you can cache your stations (with premium service unfortunately) but it seems to be lacking in depth and breadth of song choices. I find myself skipping through songs I have heard more often than I think I should.

Slacker Video



This is the ulitmate music streaming app on any smartphone without question. Pandora provides exactly what I am looking for in a music streaming app, and it is the main reason that I no longer download music onto my phone.

Pandora Video



I am a sports junkie and nothing scratches my itch better than ScoreMobile when it comes to getting all the latest games scores, highlights and updates. I found myself reading through the live blog tab of one of the NCAA March Madness games this year during a all too lengthy drive to the mall.

ScoreMobile Video



The Blackberry Twitter app is my second most used app on my Blackberry Smartphone. I was a proud user of Ubertwitter until the blackberry version was released. This is the most easy to use, and intuitive version of twitter I have found for my phone and it makes tweeting txt and pics incredibly easy.

Twitter Video


These are some very solid applications that you can find on Blackberry App-world, however I have found that there are very few solid apps that come after this list. The truth is that Blackberry does not have the robust app store that most smartphone users are used to. If you feel that there are some I have missed, feel free to leave your comments below.


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