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Top 10 Extreme iPod Docks

Updated on September 18, 2014

Get a dock that BLASTS you apart from the crowd!

Why carry around all that music in those pretty little devices if you can't plug them into something that will sound really cool!Why be average? Go Big or Go Home! We are gonna take a look at some really cool iPod Docs that will set you apart from the crowd!The problem I've found is there are so many choices ... with most just not cutting it on the sound quality. So which one do you get?I'm going to break it down for you. We are not going to discuss the average sound system... we are going for the top 10 most Epic!

Road Rocker - Ion's Compact Bluetooth Speaker System

1.The Ion IPA14 Road Rocker!

Perfect for tailgating, parties, camping, and road trips! This powerful portable sound system rocks with bluetooth connectivity. That means you can take it anywhere with you and wirelessly connect your device!This is so cool. Now, not only can you connect your device, your friends can stream their play list with ease.It has a built in rechargeable battery that gives you up to 50 hours of music. If you can't connect the device with bluetooth... no worries, it has an 1/8-inch input and cable. It's compact but still has an awesome two way speaker system with both woofer and tweeter. It rounds out with a 1/4-inch input that will let you connect mics and instruments. When it's plugged into ac... you can charge your devices using its USB port.The Road Rocker works with your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and even Android devices. It has a handy cradle on the top to rest your device on.

Jabra Solemate Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Take this durable portable anywhere!

2.Jabra SOLEMATE Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Second on our list is this handy portable. With 3 front facing speakers (two tweeters and a powerful subwoofer) and a passive bass radiator...this little guy rocks with up to 8 hours of play time between charges.Take this little guy with you just about anywhere. Tuck it into your travel bags, beach bag, or back pack.Connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth, USB cable, or 3.5mm audio cable. The bluetooth range is very good by the way.It comes with a cool protective sound bag so time on the beach is much safer!It's appearance wins hands down. It's industrial design looks cool anywhere. It has a solid feel and comes with a strap to use while carrying it.

Crosley Radio iJuke Jukebox (Paprika) - Stunning Retro Dock!!

3.Crosley Radio iJuke Jukebox (Paprika)

Your game room is incomplete with out this fine piece of audio eye candy! With authentic LED lighting this is sure to be a conversation starter!You have a full remote control for the sound. You can't control the lights with the remote but they will switch between a stage show mode, constant on, and off. They really light up the room!There is an auxiliary input as well as 4ohm external stereo speaker outputs. The output is switchable between the iJukes internal speakers and the external connections.The sound of the internal speakers is big... It will easily fill the family room with your favorite jams! And did I mention...this looks so cool!

Behringer iNuke Boom Junior - Want huge bass? This is for you!

4.Behringer iNuke Boom Junior

Behringer, known for it's top quality audio equipment, has out done itself with something even the most discerning audiophile will love!The iNuke Boom Junior's name is appropriate. The sound simply nukes you. Two speakers in the front that each have a 1 inch tweeter and a 3 inch midrange with an internal MDF enclosure sealing them off from the Woofer. Oh yeah..that's a downward firing 5.25 inch woofer - Boom!The sound quality is just superb! Clean strong base, solid mid range, and crisp treble... I like the fact that the unit even gives you a remote with bass and treble adjustment.The "Junior" ... well this is a 1:23 scale model of it's powerful 10,000 watt 700 pound senior, the iNuke Boom.The Junior has a 30 pin connector as well as a 3.5mm and RCA line inputs. So connectivity is not an issue.The stand on top is even lighted! Pretty cool.

Kicker iK501 Digital Stereo System - Outstanding sound at a great price!

5.Kicker iK501 Digital Stereo System

The Kicker is small enough to easily move between rooms and will still deliver a big sound. It has 3/4 inch tweeters with 5 inch woofers and to top it off a 6 inch square reflex subwoofer.One rotary knob is your control for all the Kickers features.... bass /treble adjustment, volume, aux input and power. It has a standby mode that will allow you to charge your device when the unit is not playing. It's back lit making it a snap to use at night.It comes with a wireless remote that makes menu navigation easy.The kicker comes with 6 different mounts giving you the flexibility to attach various generations of iPodsIt has 1/8 aux input and RCA stereo outputs allowing for more sound flexibility. It even has a composite video output that lets you play your iPod video on an external TV!The Kicker is a small box that delivers a big sound punch. You won't be sorry you picked this one!

Where do plan to use your new dock?

We have gone thru the top 5... lets take a quick break and decide where you will use your new dock?

I'm going to use my new dock....

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Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Huge Hi-Fi sound ... from a small compact device

6.Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Graphite Hex

The Jawbone BIG JAMBOX gives you ultimate Bluetooth connectivity in a highly portable device! It's tough stainless steel construction makes it the perfect choice for portable personal listening.The precision tuned drivers combined with the dual passive bass radiators immerse you in sound. With exclusive live audio technology it's like you are center stage in a concert. The spatial realism of the 3D sound brings unusual clarity and depth to your music.You get a whopping 15 hours of battery life that will more than cover a candle light dinner for two or a fun day at the beach.But wait ...there's more! This little guy has a built in microphone that gives you hands-free calls!And you can plug it into Jawbone's website to get the latest software updates, apps, and other exclusive content.At 2.7 pounds this little guy weighs in with ultimate portability, great sound, and some really unique features!

Focal XS Satellite Speakers with Dock for iPod - You want powerful speakers! Here you are!!

7.Focal XS Satellite Speakers with Dock for iPod

Powerful speakers in a very stylish design... this system delivers! Your 2-way satellite design has a 70 Watt subwoofer and two 30 watt satellite speakers. They have both 3" mid-range drivers and 3/4" tweeters.It's not just a stylish design... those satellite speakers are raised off the desk to eliminate sound reflections... they point the sound more directly at the listener and this results in superb clarity.These speakers really produce a professional undistorted studio sound! Tonal richness, definition, spacialization, and power combine to create a fabulous listening experience. They can be used as your iPod speakers as well as your computers main speaker system.They have a really cool remote that rests conveniently out of the way on one of the speaker legs. You can recharge the iPod while on the dock and totally control it with the remote.Besides the dock it has a USB and 3.5 mm aux in connections.If you want a truly classic looking, professional sounding iPod dock... this one is it!

Klipsch G-17 Air Wireless Sound System - Taking wireless to the extreme!

8.Klipsch G-17 Air Wireless Sound System

Klipsch, known for quality audio stuffs, has taken wireless to a higher level with the G-17 Airplay Speakers! Airplay is WiFi connectivity! Connect your iPod, iPhone, Mac, Pc... just about anything. They make it so easy by providing a host of set up tools including an iOS app and a web app.This sleek looking polymer cabinet has USB and 3.5mm connectivity... but really why? The point of this speaker is wireless connectivity, made super simple. You actually can interconnect up to four throughout your home to create a whole house sound system. Imagine coming home and switching on your playlist from your iPod while your still in the car on the driveway! Go in and your tunes are playing in the kitchen, family room, downstairs, and even in the bedroom! Pretty cool. Because they are wireless you can set them on a bookcase or mount them up on the worries!It's got a basic remote that handles volume, mute, power... and on Apple devices it will do track selection.But how do they sound? Hay Klipsch remember! They have two 3/4" aluminum diaphragm drivers attached to square Tractix Horns. The two woofers are 2 1/4" long-throw IMG. Providing a whopping 60 watts of bi-amplified power that any audiophile will groove on! I think you will really like the rich distortion free sound that this dock generates.The grill is removable ... I think they look cool either way!

Libratone Lounge Standard Wireless Speaker - Awesome size ... Awesome sound!

9.Libratone Lounge Standard Wireless Speaker

It's like having a bit of Scandinavian coolness right there in your living room! This dock is amazing! It's really, really big! Almost 45" x 14" x 9". It is made mostly with wood and has a beautiful high gloss finish up top. It is wrapped in fabric that comes in a variety of colors! Just pick your color and sit it on a shelf or mount it on the wall. It will defiantly make a fashion statement!Of course your not buying it for fashion alone! How's the sound? Well, it's pretty awesome! Instead of the basic speaker concepts where they are aimed forward, the Labratone's speakers are reflecting. They disperse the sound in multiple directions, bouncing it off walls. This gives the listener a more realistic sound experience. There are two midrange drivers and two tweeters. It has an 8 inch downward firing woofer. The bass is not an overly powerful thumping one, so crank it up and don't worry about getting a call from next door. The mids are great and the highs are very clean. Overall a very good sound!It's minimalist design allows for a single on/off button that glows when the unit is connected to a wireless network. Yes... wireless. It's Airplay capable and is very easy to set up. It does have a 3.5 mm jack and a mini-Toslink optical digital audio input which allows you to connect a TV. It has no remote control instead relying on a full featured app available for iOS as well as Android.If you want a very classy looking, sound enveloping iPod dock.... The Labratone Lounge is the pick!

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 - 120 Watt Amp designed for portable party!

10.Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12

This iPod dock is a modern rendering of a classic 1960's transistor radio. Style is expected from Bang & Olufsen and boy do they deliver with this sleek design! From the tough aluminum casing that allows colored fabric to show thru... all the way down to the classy Italian leather strap, this dock is ready to be taken out for a party! It even has a cute non slip insert for your iPod on the top.It is airplay capable, and also has 3.5 mm; a USB; and an ethernet input. It's portable battery life is about 4 hours in Airplay mode, (8 hours wired connection) and it comes in a wide variety of colors. It has a set up app, making it a snap to get started. There is also an app available from B&O that gives you over 13,000 internet radio stations.Coming in at about 6 lbs with it's size about 8" x 5" x 9" is a portable thing of beauty. With the 120 watt amp driving the two 2 inch 30 watt mid range speakers and one 4 inch 60 watt woofer you will have all the sound you need for the party. True you don't have separation of speakers... but this is a portable sound machine. In that regard, it does it's job very well.

The Short List - Top 10 iPod Docks - Go Big Or Go Home!!!

Let's Summarize the key points of our best picks.

ION Road Rocker Compact Portable Speaker System with Auxilliary USB Charger
ION Road Rocker Compact Portable Speaker System with Auxilliary USB Charger
Portable - streams bluetooth - 4 drivers 1 tweeter - 1/4 and 1/8 inch inputs - Rechargeable battery with 8 hr play life
Crosley CR17 iJuke Mini Jukebox
Crosley CR17 iJuke Mini Jukebox
Eye candy - dazzling light display - external stereo speaker connection - table top / bar size - 2 4" paper speakers
Focal XS Satellite Speakers with Dock for iPod and MP3 Players (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Focal XS Satellite Speakers with Dock for iPod and MP3 Players (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Stylish - Professional Audio - remote magnetized, attaches to stand - 70 watt subwoofer / 30 watt satellites
Klipsch G-17 Air Wireless Sound System (High Gloss Black, 1)
Klipsch G-17 Air Wireless Sound System (High Gloss Black, 1)
Airplay wireless connectivity - 60 Watts of sound - wall mountable - Elegant construction - crisp highs and strong mid bass

Which one do you like the best?

Ok... you have seen them all... read the reviews... watched the videos... time to decide!

Which Extreme iPod Dock do you like the best?

See results

Have you purchased one or more of these great docks? Let us all know your experience. Can you compare them with anything we might know of? Why do you like yours the best?


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