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Top 10 Graphics Tablets | Graphics Tablet Brands and Reviews

Updated on August 23, 2017

Graphics Tablets 2014 | Options, Reviews, and More


If you are looking for a graphics tablet, you will want to know which ones are the best for drawing. You want to be able to get a tablet that can improve the quality of your work for the lowest price possible. Well, you have found the right place—in this article, you will be able to find the tablet best suited to your personal needs, whether you are a professional designer or or a passionate hobbyist.

I personally know that finding a suitable drawing pad can seem intimidating. But while people often assume a drawing pad will be expensive, there are dozens and dozens of inexpensive devices that will work if you are looking for basic functionality. The only expensive drawing pads are specialized for professionals who need something top-of-the-line. This article will review tablets within a wide price range, from some very cheap pen tabs to some professional ones that may be a bit pricey. The majority of the tablets you will find on this page are affordable and well-suited to most needs.

Which tablet is the best for you largely depends on what you will be using it for. For example, a tablet for art will be different than one for document editing. This page will discuss and consider the different features available, so you can choose the one that best for your needs and budget.

If you are already familiar with the different features, scroll down to the top 10.

What Is a Graphics Tablet?

A graphics tablet can also be referred to as a graphics pad, drawing tablet, or digitizing tablet, so don't be confused. The device is the same. So, this handy little apparatus is an input that can be used instead of or in conjunction with a mouse or trackpad. Your typical tablet consists of a flat surface on which you can draw with the included pen, stylus, or puck. Some tablets come with a handy wireless mouse or a pen holder, but in reality all you need is a pen and the tablet itself. Sometimes, even people who are not artists choose to use a tablet because of its practicality!

People who prefer to work by hand, rather than by mouse or keyboard, are drawn to these devices. You can use them to edit anything from pictures to documents, in the office or at home.

Next, you will find explanations of some common features of graphic tablets.

Different Features


Here is a breakdown of the different features available in graphics tablets. It's important to know the options available because, while all the tablets on the top 10 list are good, the best one for your needs will be the one with the most suitable combination of features.

In this section, we will cover tablet sizes, interfaces, pens/styli, accessories, and sensitivity.

If you are already familiar with the different features, skip directly to the top 10 list.

Graphics Tablet Size

One of the most important factors you will need to consider when choosing the right tablet for yourself is its size. For hobby users and your average artists, some common sizes are six by eight inches and four by five inches, but more developed artists and illustrators may require a larger work surface. While it is tempting to think the bigger, the better, be careful: The price rises with size.

You should only choose a bigger tablet for purely practical reasons. For example, it is crucial to make sure the work surface size is appropriate for the range of your hand motion.

If you work with minimal hand motion, a smaller tablet will be better for you. If you are used to drawing or painting in bigger, sweeping motions, then you need a larger work surface. It is as simple as that.

Up until recently, the dimensions of graphics tablets have corresponded with the 4:3 aspect ratio of traditional computer monitors. But as of lately, some companies (e.g. Wacom and Aiptek) have begun producing tablets that are better for working with widescreen monitors or even multiple monitors at the same time. Although it is neat to have your tablet dimensions correspond with the aspect ratio, it is not necessary. The tablet software works similarly to trackpad software, resolving this issue so that it does not interfere with your experience.

Graphics Tablet Interface


The interface is how your tablet connects to the computer. Most tablets have a USB interface, which is excellent because it is supported by virtually all computers. However, if you own a computer that does not support USB, you will need to choose a tablet with a serial interface.

Bluetooth is another option for connecting to computers. Currently the only manufacturer that produces Bluetooth tablets is Wacom, with its Graphire Bluetooth that connects to your computer without wires. Wacom also makes handy wireless accessory kits to support its devices, enabling you to get rid of messy cables.

Pen/Stylus and Accessories


When you choose a tablet, consider the dimensions and weight of the pen because you need it to feel comfortable in your hand. Check if the stylus needs a battery, because that will make it heavier. Some pens are not tethered—while this allows for greater freedom, it also means you will need to be extra careful not to misplace or lose them.

Certain pens also have an erasing end, which is a pretty cool feature. Some tablet manufacturers offer several pens, so you can program each with different settings (e.g. brush strokes, widths, etc). All in all, there are plenty of additional optional accessories, but the most important thing is that the pen and the work surface suit your needs.

Graphics Tablet Pressure Sensitivity


Pressure sensitivity is a very important feature when choosing a suitable tablet for your needs. It refers to the sensitivity of the tablet to pressure on its surface. Currently, most tablets have 256, 512, 1024, or 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity—the higher the sensitivity, the less pressure it takes for the tablet to begin registering a mark made by the stylus. You can change the settings so that different aspects can be controlled by the amount of pressure that you use. For example, you can choose for the line thickness, transparency, color, and so on to vary with pressure.

The more sensitive your tablet, the better your experience, because it will feel more natural and authentic, and you will have more control over your strokes. However, don't feel as though you must automatically opt for the most expensive option you can afford. Most fare just fine with a tablet with medium specs.

The Top 10 Graphic Tablets According to Their Prices and Features

Now that we have a basic idea of what features we need, here are the 10 best-selling tablets available.

Top 10 Graphic Tablets Chart (Reviews Below)

Rank in List
Active Area Size
Pen/Stylus and Accessories
Pressure Sensitivity
Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet
8.5 x 5.4 inches / 21.6 x 13.7 cm
USB; wireless kit available
Cordless, battery-free pen with eraser
1,024 levels
Around $143
10.6 x 18.8 inches / 26.8 x 47.6 cm
USB; wireless kit available
Cordless, battery-free, tilt-sensitive pen with eraser
2,048 levels
Around $1,900
Wacom Bamboo Connect
5.8 x 3.6 inches / 14.7 x 9.1 cm
USB; wireless kit available
Cordless, battery-free pen, no eraser
1,024 levels
Around $200
8'' x 6'' DigiPro WP8060 USB Graphics Tablet
8 x 6 inches / 20.3 x 15.2 cm
Cordless pen (requires one AAA battery) and wireless mouse
512 levels
Around $31
VT PenPad
6 x 4.5 inches / 15.2 cm x 11.4 cm
Cordless pen (require one AAA battery), no eraser
1,024 levels
Around $40
Wacom Intuos5 Touch Small Pen Tablet
6.2 x 3.9 inches / 15.7 x 9.3 cm
USB; wireless kit available
Cordless, battery-free pen with eraser
2,048 levels
Around $140
Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet
12.8 x 8 inches / 32.5 x 20.3 cm
USB; wireless kit available
Cordless, battery-free pen with eraser
2,048 levels
Around $450
Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet
8.5 x 5.4 inches / 21.6 x 13.7 cm
USB; wireless kit available
Cordless, battery-free pen with eraser
1,024 levels
About $70
VT Realm Pro Graphic Pen Tablet
8 x 5 inches / 20.3 x 12.7 cm
Cordless, battery-free, tilt-sensitive pen
2,048 levels
Around $180
Monoprice Graphics Tablet
10 x 6.25 inches / 25.4 x 15.9 cm
Cordless pen (requires on AAA battery), no eraser
2,048 levels
Around $60

Prices fluctuate; let the figures in this chart give you a rough estimate, but look up the products you are considering online to find current costs.

1. Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet—Practical and Affordable!

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet (CTH670)
Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet (CTH670)
As a proud owner of one of these, I have nothing bad to say about it. It is affordable and reliable and offers you everything you may need. Since the relaunching of Bamboo tablets, we have not only gotten our hands on much sleeker-looking, revamped devices, they are now also much more impressive and responsive than their predecessors. These tablets also come with a very healthy software pack (that includes Photoshop and Artrage), and they don a very MacBook-esque silver finish. Main specifications: - 1024 pressure sensitivity levels - Dimensions of 13.8 x 8.2 x 0.4 inches - 4 Express Keys - Compatibility with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OSX 10.5 and above

2. Wacom CINTIQ—For Serious and Professional Users

Wacom DTK2200 Cintiq 22HD 21-Inch Pen Display Tablet, Black
Wacom DTK2200 Cintiq 22HD 21-Inch Pen Display Tablet, Black
This is probably on the wish list of many artists who cannot yet afford it. It's definitely my dream tablet. The on-display drawing with maximum pressure sensitivity levels would enable each and every one of us to unleash the best art we contain within. Cintiq is a HD interactive pen display that lets you do your drawing directly on its high definition LCD screen. With 2028 levels of pressure sensitivity, working on it feels entirely natural. I warmly recommend this to those of you who can afford this gem.

3. Wacom Bamboo Connect

Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet (CTL470)
Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet (CTL470)
Bamboo Connect and the dozens of software applications that come with it allow you to quickly sketch your ideas, add your personal flare to documents, edit papers, and write notes. The combination of the interface and the software package makes this tablet worth every penny. This graphics tablet dons an easy, ergonomic design and comes with a battery-free pen stylus that is light and easy to use. I recommend this tablet to those who enjoy giving everything their personal touch.

4. 8" x 6" DigiPro WP8060 USB Graphics Tablet

8" x 6" DigiPro WP8060 USB Graphics Tablet w/Cordless Pen (Black)
8" x 6" DigiPro WP8060 USB Graphics Tablet w/Cordless Pen (Black)
This tablet comes with a pressure-sensitive stylus pen with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and an eight by six inch working area, which makes it a perfect tablet for a beginner artist. It's compatible with most software programs, so you won't have to worry about that. In fact, this pen tablet offers a lot more than one would expect from a tablet in this price range, and I warmly recommend it to developing artists.

6. Wacom Intuos5 Touch Small Pen Tablet

Wacom Intuos5 Touch Small Pen Tablet (PTH450)
Wacom Intuos5 Touch Small Pen Tablet (PTH450)
This ergonomically designed tablet offers the maximum pressure sensitivity levels out there, and for a reasonable price. Although it has a smaller surface, most will be comfortable with working on it, because its size does not in any way impede the tablet's multi-functionality. You can easily pan, rotate, and navigate your artwork, and the tablet comes with ExpressKey settings and a lot of fantastic software. I currently use this tablet, and so far I am extremely satisfied with it, especially since the smaller surface really works much better for me. I would recommend it to anyone—it is a top-notch graphics tablet!

7. Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet

Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet
Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet
The Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet offers you a large space to work on and is perfect for users who use larger strokes and therefore need more space to draw and edit naturally. It is particularly good because of its simple design, Express Keys, light weight battery-free pen, and high pressure sensitivity levels. If you require generous space while working, this reasonably-priced tablet is exactly what you need.

8. Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet
Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet
This stylish silver tablet offers a large working space and a beautiful, sleek design. It also has multi-touch functionality, enabling you to edit, pan, rotate, and move with a single touch or gesture. The Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet is not called fun without reason. The great thing is that it is also well-suited and enjoyable for professionals. It is highly pressure sensitive and very simple to use. This tablet is a bargain.

9. VT Muse 12-Inch Artist's Professional Graphic Pen Tablet

VT Muse 12-Inch Artist's Professional Graphic Pen Tablet (Black)
VT Muse 12-Inch Artist's Professional Graphic Pen Tablet (Black)
VT Muse is a large surface precision tablet that is more than well-suited for professional artists, photographers, and designers. Its pressure sensitivity levels and great compatibility make it a good option for an artist of any level. It is very easy to use, with a simple, ergonomic design and a battery-free light pen; this tablet offers a lot for the price. It also has Express Keys, multi-touch functionality, and everything you will need for enjoyable drawing or editing experiences.

10. Monoprice Graphics Tablet

Monoprice 10X6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet
Monoprice 10X6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet
This tablet features the stunning pressure sensitivity of 1024 levels for an extremely cheap price. This is a real value product—it is reasonably big, very easy to use, well-designed, and fantastically reviewed. If you are a new artist or just testing the waters with tablets, look no further. You will not regret a single cent spent on this very solid and very cheap tablet.

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