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Top 10 new memes

Updated on May 9, 2012

The (Fairly) New memes that everybody loves!

Ok, These are not new, as in they just appeared now , or last month. These memes i'm about to show you have made quite an impact over the last year.

In internet terms they are not new, however you might be amazed that some of them are only 8-9 months old.

In the Meme world a lot of them appear and then fade into oblivion, so I have chosen the ones who've remained.

Newest Entry : Zeddie Little - The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

2nd newest entry, Bad Luck Brian

Well, this is Brian and he's very unlucky... That's the essence of it.

This meme is used by writing a caption on the original template with the top part telling a story and the bottom part telling the outcome, which is always unlucky.

As of yet, the identity of the boy in the picture is unknown.

Examples & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size

# 10 Impossibru!!

As you can see it is a still-shot of an asian man with a bizarre expression on his face and a caption reading "Impossibru" , which as you may or may not know is the Engrish equivalent of "Impossible".

This meme is used mainly as a reaction image. It expreses ones surprise, or disbelief, or even fear.

It's also hip to Photoshop it onto an existing picture , thus making the whole scenario impossibru!

More examples of Impossibru & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


The man in the photograph is Ayumu Kato, who is of course a Comedian.

He became one of many celebrity victims in the popular hidden-camera prank show Panic Face King. it is a sort of a Japanese version of Punk'd

Although the meme was introduced in 2010, it got it's fame in late 2011.

Ayumu Kato on the Panic Face King

# 9 I Lied!

It is a Rage comic saying that he lied (keeping it simple).

More examples of "I lied" & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


The first instance of 'I Lied' was in a comic posted by Redditor Coveiro titled "I was way evil back then" on May 10th, 2011. The thread reached the front page of the f7u12 subreddit and accumulated 8,753 up votes prior to being archived. A revised version of the face that became common in other rage comics began with the second 'I Lied' thread made by Coveiro on May 14th, 2011.

This image is supposed to be the first glimpse we got at Mr. I lied.

It got really popular as well in late 2011 and is still going strong.

# 8 Sweet Jesus!

The Sweet Jesus meme, or as it first was, “Sweet Jesus Have Mercy” , is a rage comic expressing a great amount of joy.

It is generally used to express greater joy than the Me gusta meme.

While Me gusta may be used to express something that only you may like, Sweet Jesus is used when something is universally adored.

More Examples of "Sweet Jesus" & Usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


The face comes from the Troll Bait exploitable comic made by user "Strongside" of the Facepunch studio boards on March 5th, 2009

This right here is the original --->

The smile was flipped upside down, and the left eye pupil was moved to the far side of the eye to make the "sweet jesus" version. This version was first posted to Reddit by user "Volco" titled "Sweet Jesus Have Mercy!" on February 5th, 2011.

So it's only been around for like one year, but if you are a Rage face lover (like me), you have the feeling that it has been here much , much longer.

# 7 Okay guy..

Since all the other rage faces ALWAYS have something to say, agree, or disagree, here comes "Okay guy" just to say okay.. to whatever you throw at him.

More examples of "Okay guy" & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


The picture right here is supposed to be the origin of the Okay guy.

I'm sad to say I do not know the exact date it originated, however I can assure you it reached the mainstream in 2011 as well.

# 6 True story

Who doesn't love Barney Stinson from the ongoing sitcom "How I met your mother" , played by Neil Patrick Harris.

The Image is sometimes accompanied by the "true story" statement, and of course it indicates that the story, told with rage comics, was true.

It's always been debated that some stories are just too ridiculous to be true and it is sometimes thought that the "True Story" meme is used just to give it more credibility. Anyway even if it's just there to fool you that it's a true story.. it does make you pause.. and think about it.

More examples of "True story" & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


On February 2nd, 2011, Redditor acodemaster posted a thread titled "My submission for the 'True Story' Panel - Neil Patrick Harris" that included the screengrab from the show. Several Redditors viewing the thread replied with alternative versions of the image, including this one that ended up as the winner. It hit the mainstream sometime after and for the last year it has bedazzled us with True stories.

And this is where they got the catchphrase "True story" from.

# 5 Obama Rage face

This one is self-explanatory. It's a picture of the US President, Barack Obama, and a capture that reads "Not bad"

This rage comic is used as a positive reaction, a pleasant surprise or an outcome of an event that surpassed one's expectation.

More examples of the "Obama rage face" & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


On May 24th, 2011, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama paid a visit to the Queen of England at the Buckingham Palace. During the presidential couple's first state visit to the United Kingdom, a peculiar photograph of the couple looking rather startled was taken by a Reuters photojournalist.

The Obama's summit with the British royal family was widely covered by the British news media and the photograph was featured two days later as "Picture of the Day" by The Guardian.

On the May 26th, 2011, Redditor joeyjoejoe99 posted a rage comic on the f7u12 subreddit called “Not Bad Obama".

Shortly after that it hit the mainstream and for the last 6 months is Everywhere!

# 4 Feel Like a Sir

“Feel Like a Sir”, also known as “like a sir”, is a catchphrase and rage comic character used to convey elegance, wealth and class.

It is associated with Victorian styles like wearing a top hat, monocle or various types of mustaches.

More examples of "Feel like a sir" & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


The earliest known instance using the character was posted by user "wberry" on Cuánto Cabrón on March 24th, 2011. In the comic, a female friend compliments a boy's house to which he responds "no big deal" transforming into the "sir" character.

Even a hacker group named "LulzSec" used a modified image as their official logo, with a glass of red wine added.

It hit the mainstream somewhere in the last 6 months and since then it's seen very often on Rage comic sites.

# 3 Neil deGrasse Tyson Reaction Or as you may know it "Watch out guys, we're dealing with a badass over here"

This is one of my personal favorite because Neil deGrasse Tyson is a renowned astrophysicist, and he took it very well when he found out he was an internet meme. There are pictures of him on numerous blogs with him doing the pose with fans.

The rage face has a simple meaning. It's used to mock boastful and arrogant statements that people proclaim on the internet.

More examples of "Neil deGrasse Tyson" & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


It all started from this video that was posted on june 3rd 2011, if you watch closely at 1:32 you'll see the reaction..

It didn't have much of an effect for some time but in late 2011 it exploded, every rage site was flooded with badasses and Neil deGrasse was there to shut them up.

# 2 You don't say?

This was originally set to be #3, however in the past few weeks it went into a frenzy, a Turbo-Warpspeed-Hallelujah, It's Everywhere. I dare you to surf a page of a rage site and not find a post including Mr. Nicholas Cage here.

As you can see it's a contour drawing of Mr. Cage with the capture "You don't say?" , and is mainly used as a sarcastic response to a very obvious statement or question.

More examples of "You don't say" & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


The image of Nicolas Cage was taken from a scene in the 1988 black comedy film Vampire’s Kiss, which revolves around a troubled literary agent’s descent into madness after convincing himself that he is turning into a vampire. His unique facial expression was taken from a particular scene in which Cage’s character Peter Loew torments his secretary in a disturbing manner.

The video was uploaded in mid 2009, but the meme hit the mainstream in late 2011 and is still going absolutely crazy.

# 1 Yao Ming face

Now this right here was proclaimed the meme of the year in 2011. It was used the most times, it became quite trying to find a rage comic without Yao Ming's meme.

It originally had the meaning of "Dumb B*tch" and "F*ck that guy* or, "B*tch please" , however it soon evolved in just not giving a damn. Right now it's used to describe a situation where you stopped caring, or you just don't give a sh*t anymore ( but in a good way ) or just "F*ck that, lol" . It is often accompanied in the end by the phrase " It was totally worth it".

More examples of the "Yao Ming face" & usage

Click thumbnail to view full-size


The drawing is based on a stillshot photograph of Yao Ming captured from a post-game press conference in May 2009. At 1:29 in the video, the athlete is seen making the face after his teammate Ron Artest leaves the site of interview.

On July 11th, 2010, a Reddit post was submitted by artist "downlow" which featured numerous drawings he had created for rage comics that were never used, including the Yao Ming drawing. In the same thread, downlow confirmed that the drawing was based on a screen capture of Ming from the press conference in May.

Since mid 2011 this Meme has been everywhere, everyone has called it the Meme of the year (2011), and when you think about it, it became famous less than a year ago.

Which do you think will be this year's Top meme?

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Your opinions, please!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      You don't say *You don't say face*

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Loool. My favorite is Yao Ming of course.

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      LeslieMirror 6 years ago

      Making memes is my new obsession! Thanks for the lens

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Fun and silly article to see.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      @neuromancer lm: I agree. Tyson takes it.

    • neuromancer lm profile image

      neuromancer lm 6 years ago

      Badass guy is the best :)