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Top 10 "Try Not to" Challenges on the Fine Bros. YouTube Channel

Updated on January 1, 2018
Chriswillman90 profile image

Krzysztof is a 5+ year YouTube researcher who spends hours researching, analyzing, and uncovering YouTube trends, challenges, and media.


Try Not to Laugh YouTube Challenges

Try not to laugh is a trendy YouTube series of challenge videos popularized by the Fine Bros. channel that has since become an internet phenomenon.

The challenges involve reactors watching a series of YouTube clips to see how long they last before laughing or in some cases even smiling/giggling.

The concept has since expanded into new & interesting categories, but which ones truly stand out.

These are the top 10 "try not to" YouTube challenges, which ones are you willing to try?

10. Try Not to Laugh

Try Not to Laugh


You have to watch a variety of videos and either not laugh, smile, or giggle throughout each clip. You can play this by yourself or preferably with other people to see who can last the longest.

How to Play:

Usually there are 10 clips that are no longer than 10-15 seconds each but it's up for interpretation.

You can play the game in its simplest form and try to get through every video without laughing or get points per successfully completed piece of content.

How to Win:

You win if you can get through each video without cracking.

If you're using a point-based system, then the winner is the one who has the most points (obviously). You can even play it elimination-style to discover who can last the longest.

Helpful Tips:

If you're playing with a lot of people, then I'd recommend removing yourself from them while watching to avoid unnecessary distractions.

You can also do things like pinch yourself or bite your tongue/lips but you should look at the screen at all times.

Try to think of things that make you sad or angry to mentally distract yourself.

You can add water (hold in your mouth) to make things more fun and messy.

9. Try Not to Cry


Try Not to Cry


You must watch a series of videos and try not to cry or feel sad in any way. Unlike the "Try Not to Laugh" challenge, you may rate each video based on how it made you feel instead of using a point system.

How to Play:

You will watch very emotional clips that can last up to two minutes and rate how they make you feel at the end. They can vary in intensity and are often on an escalating difficulty scale.

Since the videos are longer, five YouTube videos is sufficient. The most common rating system is from 1-5 with one having little to no emotion and five for crying/tearing up.

How to Win:

Due to the rating system you have to rate each video as honestly as possible. If at any point you teared up, then it's an automatic five on the scale.

The winner is the one who has the lowest collective rating after all 5 videos have been played.

Helpful Tips:

I strongly recommend this game for couples or close relationships due to the nature of the videos and the level of honesty needed when judging.

If you're against displays of sadness, then I don't advise playing especially in a public setting.

8. Try Not to Get Mad

Try Not to Get Mad


You must keep your calm and stay cool & collected while watching videos of things that could make you angry.

How to Play:

Similar to "try not to laugh", you win based on how many videos you can get through without feeling angry. However unlike the laughing challenge, you must be honest with how you feel about each video otherwise it ruins the game.

How to Win:

The winner is the person who can survive without feeling angry or the one who has the highest point value, however; I feel elimination style works best with this challenge.

Helpful Tips:

Honesty is a must because it's difficult to assess how you feel in this particular challenge.

Try not to let the videos get to you by thinking about happy sentiments and something that makes you laugh.

One of the easiest "try not to" YouTube challenges you can play.

7. Try Not to Sing

Try Not to Sing Along


In one of the funnest versions of the challenge, this game involves the players keeping their composure and not reacting to catchy, poppy songs that are heard.

How to Play:

If you want to make this easy, then have the opponents not sing-along to any of the songs played. If you want to make it more challenging, then have them stay still and make no noise while listening or watching the music video.

How to Win:

Winning is easy if you can control yourself, but be warned that the songs played are meant to be incredibly catchy.

Helpful Tips:

This game involves a lot of willpower, but it's easy if you stay focused. This is the most family friendly version of the "try not to" challenges, so everyone can play along.

The clips shouldn't last more than 15-20 seconds and the best songs are ones that are both catchy and nostalgic.

6. Try Not to Move


Try Not to Move


No matter what you see on the screen you can't move a muscle, which may include flinching or reacting in any way.

How to Play:

In this very demanding version the only thing you have to do is not move, which sounds easy right?

Each video should be more difficult than the last, and I highly recommend including at least one with a "screamer" (jump-scare with a scream).

How to Win:

The winner is the person who has the strength to hold their ground no matter what.

Helpful Tips:

This version is one of the most punishing to play because the clips may include videos designed to make your skin crawl.

Versions with jump-scares are even more arduous to get through, and I don't endorse playing unless you have a high tolerance for that type of imagery.

As with most of these challenges, the clips you present is up to you so get as creative as you can.

Make sure you make it clear whether the content you display is too lurid in case children or those with heart conditions are playing.

5. Try Not to Feel Old

Try Not to Feel Old


Another subjective game that tests your nostalgia against the years you've left behind. You'll go through various images and videos of events that you're familiar with that will test how old you really feel.

How to Play:

This game is like the rest but instead of using only pictures or videos, you can use a combination as long as they relate to something you were familiar with.

Every image should be at five years old and after each showing, you must be told how dated the content in the image/video was.

How to Win:

This challenge has less to do with winning and more to test your nostalgia against your age. Will it bother you to know something you once loved is 5, 10, or 20 years old?

Can you sustain your shock knowing one of your favorite songs may be decades old.

Helpful Tips:

Be honest with yourself about how old something makes you feel.

If you're bothered by getting older or are afraid to face ageism, then you should stay away from this harmless yet potentially shocking challenge.

4. Try Not to Cringe

Try Not to Cringe


Can you stand tall when watching an awkward handshake, a terrible speech, or other acts of cringe-worthy behavior?

In this game you must test your feelings of anxiety by watching other people go through the most cumbersome events.

How to Play:

You can either play by rating each video on a scale from 1-5 or watch the clips without cringing at something awkward. If you choose the latter, then you can't look away or make sour facial expressions.

How to Win:

Under the rating system the lowest collective number wins via honest reactions. If you play the elimination game, then the person who doesn't react to the videos wins.

Helpful Tips:

While nothing terrifying or disgusting will be shown, feelings of awkwardness are very powerful and may be tough to handle.

You must be honest with your reactions and judge accordingly.

If you have a problem handling anxious moments or have anxiety yourself, then I'd suggest staying away from this "try not to" challenge.

3. Try Not to Aww


Try Not to Aww


Can you survive the cuteness? In "try not to aww", you'll watch a series of gratifying, cuddly videos or images destined to make you feel warm on the inside.

How to Play:

Your goal is to prove you don't have a soul by showing no heart when viewing videos of fluffy animals, smiling babies, and other moments intended to make you go aww.

How to Win:

You'll go through a selected amount of images/videos and rate them on a scale of 1-5. If you feel nothing, then you rate it a one but if you say "aww" or show a strong reaction, then you must rate it a five. The person with the lowest rated score wins.

Helpful Tips:

Another family-friendly game for all ages, so feel free to bring whoever you want to play.

You'll be testing your soul with this challenge, but if you think about terrible things then chances are that you'll survive.

2. Try Not to Get Scared

Try Not to Get Scared: Halloween Edition


Face your fears while watching clips of scary movie scenes meant to terrify you.

How to Play:

In this Halloween classic, you'll be watching snippets of famous horror flicks that will make you jump and scream. You'll rate each clip based on how scared it made you feel while viewing it.

How to Win:

If you felt nothing and had a low score, then you'll easily win. If you jumped or screamed at any scene, then you have to give yourself an automatic 5 on the scale.

Helpful Tips:

If you had horror movies or have heart problems, then Do Not play this game as it may be dangerous.

The scenes shown will likely be very graphic, so if you hate blood and gore then I'd also avoid this challenge.

Familiarity with horror movies should help you when playing against other people.

1. Try Not to Look Away


Try Not to Look Away


You'll be watching some horrifying imagery and you can't turn your head or close your eyes while viewing it.

How to Play:

You'll be going through another round of videos but this time they are created to be as expressive or disturbing as possible. Videos may include things like phobias, gross-out images, and gory elements.

How to Win:

Whoever can avoid closing their eyes or turning their head away from the screen wins.

Helpful Tips:

This is easily the most disturbing of the "try not to" challenges and the intense nature of the videos may be similar to the popular Reddit 50/50 game where observers watch unknown videos not knowing whether the content will be pleasing or revolting.

I do not recommend this game to anyone who is squeamish or under the age of 15 (preferably 18) due to the contents of the videos although what is shown doesn't have to be overtly explicit.

Very hard to win unless you have the stomach for it and are fearless. A lot of the videos are either phobia-based (fear or spiders, insects, ext.) or meant to get under your skin.

These 10 try not to laugh challenges YouTube challenges each have their place and level or difficulty, but that's what makes them interesting.

Do you have what it takes to try all of them?

Your Turn!

What's the Best "Try Not to" YouTube Challenge?

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    • Chriswillman90 profile image

      Krzysztof Willman 9 months ago from Parlin, New Jersey

      I agree, there are so many different versions available.

    • jugglejack profile image

      Juggle Jack 9 months ago from Indonesia

      I think try not to laugh is the funniest after all

      but another methods are refreshing too because looks like fresh