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top 5 Laptop Bags

Updated on July 15, 2012

Protecting your investment

Some people have a desktop computer and some people have a laptop,even luckier people have both but either way a laptop is essential in today's modern lifestyle,be it taking the laptop to your families and friends houses and showing photos,videos etc or taking it on public transport such as the train on the way to work and finishing some last minute reports so as you can hit your deadline,Laptops cost money, some from as little as a few hundred dollars and the better ones several thousand dollars,No matter what you personally spent on them they are worth protecting,i recently myself brought a Sony Vaio and am very pleased with it.I also purchased 5 year warranty and accidental damage cover but still i wanted to have a decent laptop bag to protect my investment,so i did some research into the best 5 laptop bags on the market and i am going to share my results with you

Crumpler the skivvy laptop bag

Crumpler the skivvy!!!

The one thing these range of laptop bags do, is to not look like laptop bags,They just look like lots of other messenger bags carrying lots of paperwork and such,so in that way they are ideal when travelling in busy areas such as airports where the likelihood of having your laptop stolen increases.As for its potential as a good protective bag it does tick the boxes,It provides good padding to protect your laptop.This bag also has one of the biggest Velcro straps i have ever seen in a laptop bag therefore giving me piece of mind about my laptop not flying out when I'm running for the train.The bag is made from a weatherproof material to protect from the rain and is available in a whole range of attractive colours.The one thing i will say is that if your the type of person who like to carry not only your laptop but perhaps the power pack and a spare hard drive and some paperwork I'm not sure you would manage to get it all in there,having said that it is one of the most attractive bags i have seen.

Targus Notebook BackPack

The Targus Notebook Backpack comes in a wide variety of styles and colours

This is a serious bag for those that need to travel a lot and need something comfy to keep their laptop in,It looks just like a normal rucksack therefore making it quite inconspicuous to thieves and has not only room for laptops with screens size up to 15.4 inches but also has plenty of other compartments for everything you may wish to take with you such as power packs,hard drives, mouse, mp3 players etc,it is fully cushioned and has a security fastener to keep your laptop in place and secure.


A wide range of secure safety conscious laptop bags made by pacsafe have hit the market and have safety features such as slash proof material and stainless steel incorporated into the shoulder strap to prevent it being cut by a knife as well as anchor clips and tamper proof zips.All these features and more would have you believing that these bags would have a significant price tag but strangely enough they don't.


Samsonite have long been the standard for cases that protect be they suitcases or briefcases so if you want ultimate protection then look no further,Samsonite have a wide range so you will find something you like that serves your needs.The proteo range offers formal and non formal bags with the usual range of Samsonite security and protection.

Solo Smart Strap Laptop Portfolio

The Solo Smart Strap laptop bag has a unique feature which is that, when not in use the smart strap shoulder strap automatically retracts into the case frame keeping the case looking neat and stylish yet when needed a shoulder strap is there at your convenience,The case also boasts of lots of space for extra accessories and extra pockets for storage of items.


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    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Samsonite do do the best laptop bags,no doubt

    • tommyur profile image

      tommyur 7 years ago

      I like the samsonite one, it looks really professional!