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Top 5 Best Nedroid Comics

Updated on January 13, 2012

Every Nedroid Comic Rules, But Here're My 5 Favourites

Oh Beartato. From the moment you read his name, you know you're onto a special comic.

To be honest, I don't really know too much as to where the comic came from, but I'm sure Google can help you with finding an intricate Nedroid history lesson. All I know is that the creator is a genius who has created a comic with cute and ridiculous humour, which oftentimes gets lost on some. However, for the select few that appreciate the sheer madness and wonder of Reginald and Beartato's day to day life, Nedroid is a website that will have you returning every day to check for new comics like a needy lover.

For noobs and rookies to the comic, I'd say the closest likeness could be made to Spongebob with reference to the cutesy charm and shenanigans, but that's not to say that Nedroid is anything like Spongebob... It's just the best comparison I can muster. I'm sure you'll understand what I mean as you read through a couple'a comics.

Anyhow, enough with the fanboying and onto my 5 best Nedroid comics!

Best Nedroid Comic Number 5: Ghosts of Youth

Best Nedroid Comics Ghosts of Youth
Best Nedroid Comics Ghosts of Youth

So this is one of the many Christmas specials for 2011, and my favourite of the bunch by far. As a musician, this comic really hits home the painful reality that, eventually, you will reach a stage where you have too many violins. 3:

Just look at the way childhood Beartato is drawn standing up in the passenger seat looking out the window with his safety belt still attached... I challenge you to find something more adorable.

Best Nedroid Comic Number 4: Remember When

Best Nedroid Comic Remember When
Best Nedroid Comic Remember When

There's nothing like spending quality time out in the open, but usually hiking doesn't involve too many unfortunate discoveries. Reginald, on the other hand, has other ideas.

Doesn't it get you in the mood for some mountain air?

Best Nedroid Comic Number 3: Sunburn

Best Nedroid Comic Suburn
Best Nedroid Comic Suburn

We've all been there. Especially you British folk. Holidaying in the sun is a recipe for disaster for those of us with ginger hair in our lineage, and it seems that Reginald suffers from such problematic recessive alleles.

This summer you've gotta remember the sun screen.

Best Nedroid Comic Number 2: Pack It Up

Best Nedroid Comic Pack It Up
Best Nedroid Comic Pack It Up

Another holiday related theme from Nedroid, but one close to most of our hearts. Well, most forgetful folks' hearts anyhow.

If you're often forgetting things and having to turn the car around when you're already halfway there, I find that making a check list helps. Fortunately for Reginald, it's not something that he's forgotten.

The Best Nedroid Comic Of All: Bartholotwo

Best Nedroid Comic bartholomew
Best Nedroid Comic bartholomew

Okay, so these five may not be your favourites, and they probably aren't my favourites either. I mean, there're literally hundreds of these things on, so I might have missed some gold, but this comic stands proud of all as my favourite Nedroid comic.

This is certainly a lovehate comic, with the majority of people just wincing in disgust when I excitedly show them "the funniest comic ever", but for those of you that actually find even a glimmer of amusement from this, you are kickass.

I've never had a cat, but I can imagine that a kitten blockade would certainly be a major setback when you're trying to get any manner of tasks done, whether that's work, sleep or just attempting to leave the house. This is pure masterclass comic-writing, and brought to you by Reginald himself!

Oh brother.


You want more?

I hope you liked my selection, and obviously if you loved what you saw here you can find tonnes more of the same quality comic goodness at

Which Is Your Favourite Nedroid Comic?


Okay okay, so you're only allowed to choose from my top five, but whose article is this anyway!?

What's the best Nedroid comic?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      none of these are very good. My favorites are the ones from like 2008