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Updated on October 18, 2014

Youtube Channels for the Tech Geek In You

Like so many of us, I like to spend my free time surfing the internet. More specifically I like to geek-out and watch videos on Youtube. There are many different genres, but the one genre I have taken a liking to is tech video. I have compiled here the top 5 Youtube channels for technofiles like myself.


IGNentertainment will cure all of your video game cravings. This youtube channel provides its viewers with video game reviews on all platforms. They also provide in-depth interviews with the creators, they feature spotlights of popular titles, and provide previews of upcoming video games. I go to IGNentertainment for all I need to know on video games.

IGNentertainment Video


john4lakers, as his viewers know him has been talking tech for some time. He is a self confessed apple fanatic however that does not stop him from reviewing, discussing and playing with other tech toys out there. john4lakers is very often appreciative of his fan base and shows his admiration with tech giveaways.

joh4lakers has recently joined up with several other youtubers out there to create a world-dominating tech team under the name TechnoBuffalo, John has recently been interviewed as part of TechnoBuffalo on CNBC.

john4lakers Video


Noah Kravitz was the poster boy for phonedog prior to moving over to TechnoBuffalo. However, I can say the team at phonedog continues to do great work reviewing tech, talking tech and they tend to make it fun too! Phonedog dog fights tend to be my favorite clips to watch.

Phonedog Video


Mobilburn seems to be a much more subdued version of all the other tech review channels. They seem to be all business with their video reviews. They seem to cater to the older crowd of geeks out there who just want to get down to the specs of the device and how it performs. Nonetheless they provide great detail in all videos they provide.



Although he isn't all tech, I find that SxePhil does a great job of rounding out the top 5 tech channels. The reason being is he gives the viewer everything they have missed from the internet (or may have looked over rather). He provides commentary as only he can with shrewd and opinionated remarks as he details the topics he feels are the most important issues of the day.

SxePhil Video

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