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Best New PC and MAC Wireless Mouse 2015

Updated on January 14, 2015

Review of the Latest Wireless Mice for 2015

When looking at a wireless mouse, the first thing to keep in mind is to know what you will be using your mouse for. Will you be using it for work as a graphic designer?

Are you a gamer? Or do you just surf the web all day? No matter what the use, here is a list of some of the best wireless mice for 2015.

Best Rated Wireless Mouse for 2015 Top Rated Options Reviewed

Logitech Performance Mouse MX

This Logitech MX mouse receives very high reviews for its general use capabilities. It provides precise cursor control no matter what you're doing with your computer. This mouse allows you to move across almost any solid surface which includes clear glass!

It has hyper speed scrolling and even customizable buttons for more personal flexibility. This mouse is awarded "editor's choice" in both CNET and

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

This Logitech Gaming mouse is the gamer's dream! It has onboard memory and allows the user to store up to five player profiles and boasts 13 programmable buttons to access keystroke and macro commands with a single click of the button.

It is heavier than most gaming mice, but with its precise laser quick responses, its comfortable matte grip and dual mode scroll wheel, this mouse is sure to be the pick of the litter for gaming mice.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is unique in that it's portable and folds up to over half its size, making it a great laptop mouse. It runs off of two AA batteries and lasts for up to 6 months with normal use. Its USB device receiver snaps into the bottom for transport and works on almost any surface.

It's fairly basic with right click, left click, scroll, and back but with its sleek appearance and quiet click, the Microsoft Arc Mouse is a great economical choice.

Logitech MX Air

The Logitech MX Air is perfect for presenters or for those who use a mouse for controlling their home theater. This mouse truly is revolutionary with the new gyroscopic sensor technology. With the wave of an arm or flick of the wrist, you can control cursor movements for up to 30 feet away!

It has dedicated multimedia buttons and left or right hand use. A couple of downfalls with this mouse is it takes a while to get used to and it's also expensive, but very cool nonetheless.

Gaming and Mobile Wireless Mouse 2015 - Gaming Mice

Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Gaming Mouse

The Microsoft Sidewinder X8 is a great mouse both for everyday use and for gamer use. It has incredible tracking with 4000dpi and offers 7 programmable buttons.

It's not very comfortable for people with small hands, but great for those who find most mice uncomfortable from their hand being too big.

It offers BlueTrack Technology that allows the mouse to be used on carpet, granite and even wood!

Razer Mamba

The Razer Mamba mouse is a gamer grade mouse. With its dual mode wired/wireless function, it allows you to have the freedom of a wireless mouse but the security of being wired.

There's nothing like the feeling of your mouse running out of batteries at a pivotal moment during a game.

This mouse offers onboard memory and programmable buttons. It also has a sleek ergonomic design.

Logitech MX1100

This mouse boasts amazing comfort. It's a great everyday use mouse. The Logitech MX1100 size and speed have said to be unmatched. An amazing feature about this mouse is it's hidden thumb button. You can't see it, but its underneath the rubberized coating and feels natural to click.

It has software so can program each button and with its "free spinning" scrolling wheel, you can easily scroll as fast or as slow as you want without incremental stops. Battery life is said to not last very long (its rechargeable) and it isn't for left hand users.

Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3000

This is a basic wireless mouse that has great performance and control. You have four buttons to keep you productive and is comfortable.

There are numerous colors to choose from and has a sleek design.

The Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3000 is great for use with a laptop (the USB receiver snaps into the bottom) for transport and tends to be fast and efficient enough for light gaming.

Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500 Artist Edition

If you're looking for something with a little style and general use, this mouse is for you.

The has some amazing graphics on the mouse from artist Linn Olofsdotter. It works on almost any surface, can be used by both the right and left hander, has three programmable buttons and a long battery life. The 3500 comes in a variety of solid colors.

HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse (Espresso)

The HP Wireless Comfort Mobile Mouse is also very pleasing to the eye. It has a great design on it and works very well for the everyday user. It receives five stars in almost every category, including signal strength, comfort, features and ease of setup. It has programmable buttons and USB storage for transport.

So when looking at purchasing a mouse, the gamer has several options to choose from. Logitech seems to make the most sense as far as experience in creating gaming mice. Microsoft makes great average daily use mice and the Logitech MX Air seems like the perfect solution for presenters.

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