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What to Look for when Buying A Tablet?

Updated on December 7, 2012
Touch Screen Laptop
Touch Screen Laptop

Touch screen laptop or popularly known as 'tablet pc' (as most models can be converted into tablet) is still considered the latest creation in mobile computing. If you particularly favorite touch screen technology and if you are thinking of getting a new notebook, why not give the touch screen laptop a thought? For certain people, getting a tablet pc might be something that is going to the extreme but mind you, touch screen technology is very useful, regardless either for business or personal purpose

The first thing that came into my mind is about taking notes. Notes taking obviously happens in a student life but that does not discount that it won't happen in an adult life, particular when it is related to the job, for example sales representatives, business executives, lecturers and etc . Now, why would you want to jot down all those important stuffs onto a paper when you can take them on the screen.

With the special software installed in the touch screen laptop, it will transform your virtual handwriting into digital text that you can edit later on. This definitely cut short your work of having to retype it into your computer, should that ever needed.

Tips On Choosing The Right Touch Screen Laptop

Now that if you are ready to get yourself the latest technology in mobile computing, perhaps is time to learn about how to choose the good one. There are some factors that you should consider when choosing a good laptop computer system.

The first thing that you should pay attention is the sensitivity of the screen. It is pointless to get a system that does not respond well to touch input, which is the main feature of a table pc. Not all systems are created equal and it would be wise that you should conduct your research before deciding the model that you are going to buy.

However, unless that you are going to a laptop specialty store, you might find out that there are not much selections that you can choose from. And so it is particular helpful that you do some research on some of the models that you are interested and if the particular model received well reviews, you might just proceed with the purchase.

There are two types of touch screens in the industry. The first one is known as passive digitizing and the second one is called active digitizing. The difference between the two can be quite complex and technical and so most people have ignored this. However, for the purpose here, there is only one thing that you should know.

A passive digitizing screen allows you to use your finger or a styles pen to write on the screen and make selections. On the other hand, the active digitizing screen will need you to have an electronic digital styles that has its own power source. Older models of active digital stylus pens had a power cord that tethered them to the notebook while the newer ones are equipped with a small battery and so make the cord not necessary. Some digital stylus pens can even be turned over in the back (the opposite edge) and which that it functions like an eraser on a normal pencil. This feature is particular useful when you are taking fast notes.

The greatest benefit of the active digitizer has over the passive one is that it generally recognizes handwriting more accurately though you must always use the digital pen. Passive digitizer, on the hand, offer the flexibility of using your finger if you like but handwriting recognition might be the problem that you face later on. Moreover, if you accidentally dump the screen with your palm, that would interfere with the input; the system take that as an input although it isn't.

Some Recommended Touch Screen Laptop Models

There are few models of touch screen laptops that have received quite good reviews and here there are:

HP TX2-10020US TouchSmart Laptop
I personally quite like HP and indeed, I have two machines by HP. The HP TouchSmart touch screen laptop is a 12-inch notebook that can be converted into a tablet pc. What this means is that the screen can be twisted around and fold with the screen face outside. This machine is powered by a 2.2GHz Turion ZX2 professor (AMD fans will love this), 4GB Ram and a hard drive of 320 GB. This laptop weights around 4.6 pounds, with stylish glossy black casing and pattern designs (like those Celtic and flowery designs) on both the inside and outside.

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s
This particular touch screen laptop is specially designed for laptop users who are lead a busy life. It enhances and speeds up one's work productivity. A simple tap on the screen will open up a application while a double tap calls up the control panel. It has a bigger screen compares to the previous model, a 14.2 inch screen and this could probably be the laptop's best feature. To protect the notebook screen, Lenovo has included a fingerprint coating that specially made to endure prolong taps.

Asus T91MT Laptop
The biggest selling point about this touch screen laptop model is that it is probably one of the world's slimmest and tiniest touch screen tablet pc. The multi touch screen panel measures at 8.9". And the screen can be turned in any direction that you want and this is absolutely excellent for business presentations. This one comes loaded with Windows 7, the latest edition from Microsoft.

These touch screen laptops are quite amazing and if you are heading for the best technology, you should perhaps consider getting one. In the long run, touch screen laptop will be a good investment, particular for people who are looking for laptop that provides better functionality and enhances productivity. Touch screen panels are best for both business and personal use.


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