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Tips and tricks to increase Facebook fans

Updated on December 13, 2013
Tips to get Fans
Tips to get Fans

Facebook Fan pages are now integral part of Facebook and has become very popular. A fan page usually shares information and fans receives them in their news feed. Facebook fan page are very popular for marketing purpose. People can promote about their business, products, web contents, information through their Facebook Fan page. The more fans they have the better it is. However getting lots of fans for a new page could be difficult unless you really know how to get fans within a short period of time. I have been running Fan pages for many years. Based on my experience I am going to share some wonderful tips to get Facebook fans fast!

  • There are some website which offer Facebook like exchange. In those websites basically you like other pages and they like yours. I strongly discourage to engage in such kind of activities because it's going to waste your time only. The Fans you are going to get through like exchange would never look into your page. That is why a single loyal genuine Facebook Fan worth more than thousands of fake fans.

Tricks to increase the fans of your Page

In this section I am going to give you ideas to boost your fan growth. This would be helpful for a new fan page. You always need some external force to establish your page. Once it is well established , it would grow automatically.

Create a like box for your website: Create a Facebook Like box of your page and put it inside the website.Your website visitors would like your page if they are interested on it. This would increase the number of highly relevant fans who are actually interested on your products/service or content. You can make a Facebook like box by using Facebook Developer feature.

Promote on relevant Facebook fan page: Talk with the owner of other relevant Fan page and make a mutual agreement. promote each other Facebook page to increase the number of fans. You should not spam other page by sharing links in the comment and wall of other page. Spamming is always a bad idea. But mutual agreement between other Fan page is an effective idea to increase the number of Fans.

Give a good relevant name: Your Fan page must have a good relevant name which is going to be displayed in search engine. You can get good amount of likes from Search engine search as well.

Invite you Friends: Facebook Fan page admins can invite their Friends in Facebook. So you better have admins with huge number of fans, and let them invite all their loyal friends to like your page. This is very important for a new Fan page.

Share your Facebook Page link: You can share your Facebook page link on your Facebook wall. You can also request your friends to share your Facebook page link on their Facebook link. You can also share the links in relevant groups. But as I said earlier , "Do not Spam too much".

Use your Facebook Page URL as your signature: You should use your Facebook page URL as your signature in a popular forum . If you are active in the forum you could bring a lot of fans in your Facebook page too.

Create Youtube Videos: Create interesting Youtube Videos and put the link of your page at the description. Youtube is a great place for reaching people fast. If your videos become popular, you can get good amount of likes from the link you used in the description.

Create Contests: It is possible to get lots of Fans by using a genuine contest in your page. To start a contest you must have good numbers of existing users and invest some money to reward the contest winners. There are many types of contest. The most popular contest is the photography contest. How should a contest work? Let me give an example. In a photography contest fans are supposed to submit their photos. The admins of the page are going to upload them in their contest album. Photo with the highest number of likes/share are going to win the contest. As a result Fans are going to request their friends and share their photo everywhere to get more likes/share. This is how your page is going to get maximum exposure. You can include a rule that, people who like/share the photo should also like your page in order to count the like as valid. This is surely going to increase the number of fans rapidly, but you must give good rewards to attract fans to participate in the contest. Note: Many people might use bots to get thousands of likes within an hour. It's your responsibility to eliminate such participants.

Share your Page URL in all of your profile: Just share the link of you page URl in all of your other profiles such as Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, website profile etc. to get few more fans.

Use your Blog/web subscriber: You can send an update to your Blog subscriber to like your page.

Create another page: Some people are smart and active enough to run multiple pages together. This helps them promote their own pages and maintain a steady growth.

Facebook Advertising: Facebook advertising is the last and most expensive suggestion to get likes in your Facebook fan page. Fan page of large companies are using Facebook advertising to get targeted Fans. But they have to spend a lot of money for that.

Tips to keep the steady growth and get more likes

Now I am going to start with some simple but very important suggestions to maintain the steady growth of your Page. The following tips are very important to keep steady growth of your Fan page.

Get more feedback to your post: Basically the more share, likes and comments your post receive the more people are going to see the post.The more people will see the post the more like your page is going to receive. For example, if I share a post of any specific fan page, some of my friends might like the post and like the page to get more similar post from that page. Usually this is the most common and easier way to get relevant fans.

Funny photos: Most of the people are using Facebook to get entertain in their boring time. So if you put a funny or interesting photo in your page, you are definitely going to attract them and get response. The more response (comment, like or share) you get from fans the more likes your page would receive. This why you would notice that, pages related to humor and troll are growing rapidly.

Avoid posting from too many Links: Do not post too many links to promote your products/service, content etc. If you do so, most of the fans would ignore the post, as a result Facebook would gradually stop featuring the post to the Fans news feed. You can promote your products but that should not exceed the limit.

Do not use any bot application: There are many application available which can automatically share the content of your website directly to your page without any work from the admins. I highly discourage you to use such kind of apps. It's because using these apps marks your page as spam and fans wouldn't see any post in their news feed. This would make the Fan page completely useless.

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