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How to trouble shoot computer if file missing window is shown

Updated on June 14, 2012

When the problem is displaying that some file is missing, there can be two cases,1. after the bios display it is shown 2.After booting up to windows desktop it is shown.

If booting process is stopped after bios display, showing that some file is missing

Now the solution is to recover windows, before that it is good to try to apply safe mode settings from advanced boot options. To recover windows, put the windows CD in CD Rom and select CD Rom as the first boot device. Then select the recover existing windows installation option. Try to install over existing installation only if you cannot recover old installation as in this case you will loose the installed applications and the data in the installation drive.

If the file missing display is after booting up to windows desktop

In most cases this problem will not be severe. ie you can work smoothly after closing the file missing window. If windows does not allow you to proceed after closing the file missing window, you have to recover or reinstall windows (Remember it is always good the try to apply safe mode settings).

If there is only a file missing window that can be closed (eg- something.dll missing), it can be due to incomplete uninstallation of some software, which can be removed by some registry cleaning softwares like CC cleaner. This problem can be due to viruses also (eg-KATHIRA.EXE missing). In this case scan the whole computer with different anti viruses untill success is obtained.


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